The Karabakh army began to capitulate ?! Abandoned positions and vehicles


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what can I say? it should have been! Armane seized the land and now had to give.

Today is November 11th. Yerevan was blown away. Armenians flee from Karabakh. And who is it going to what counteroffensive?

Can't it be seen that fresh stickers with Azarbaydzhan symbols are pasted on them and that new owners are overtaking them.

Look at things realistically.

Yeah))) Cool .. they are exhausting them running))) They drove our city ... towards the village)) Our city front behind ((

I believe in Armenia
Exhaust Azeris and forward to Baku

ArmHiVans lost about 300 tanks

Yes, the tanks are definitely going, because the Azerbaijani army took them)))) thanks to them, we took so much equipment from them)))

Armenia has no chances, neither technique nor skill. The point is even that Azerbaijan spent more money on rearmament, and the fact that Turkey strongly supports it, and can do it legally, without breaking the laws.

intersky what do you want in a counteroffensive ... with slingshots and hunting weapons?)))

"The Karabakh army has begun to capitulate ?! Positions and equipment abandoned"
There are three tanks in the video. They have calculations (at least one tank went). Further, these (or maybe not) tanks are going somewhere. It doesn't look like abandoned positions. Perhaps they had just gone to take up their assigned positions after service? And you can’t say that they are abandoned. Maybe we just arrived for lunch, in a calm atmosphere.

Well, you give a damn, lost 3 tanks at once surrender will not wait for the Armenian army has not yet launched a counteroffensive, then we will see who is fighting how