The camera recorded the flash at the time of the crash of Tu-154


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The crash of TU 154 people did not believe in the mistake of the pilot, here is one more proof for you. Of course, the pilot can remember the easiest, there is no problem and there is nobody to punish.

For passengers and pilots: The number of landings still ups. To no one doubted Always, everywhere, everywhere and every takeoff to completing a soft landing on the ground (on the runway).

Forget about this engine. Even last century RotorWay motor better all the characteristics, can pokazat.Izuchite imported. There are French diesel, aviation. Buy. Learn and do better!

something recently that only so-154 and 3 fall over the last year !!!

The plane was oruzhie.Ono and detonated at displacement. Recognized in the military does not want.



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