Crash A321: the ill-fated flight brought on board dozens of incredible stories of love


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I express my condolences to the relatives of the deceased, I want to say that a few days before the upcoming tragedy, through a dream, I received information about the impending disaster. Saw two scenes: 1-th - was the acquisition of 4-x blocks of seats, located as in an airplane. 2-oh-fly on an airplane whose wings fall off. There was no name for the place and time, but according to the sensations, the dream was clearly prophetic, as it was not the first time I encountered prophetic dreams. In this connection, one can only say that God has his own views on people's lives and on the further destiny of human souls. Through the threshold of death, everyone is destined to cross, but to get a worthy life of the soul next to the Lord is a difficult matter. In this case, I believe that God forgave all 224 souls and did not reject it, that's why the flight collected so many love stories. The kingdom of Heaven and eternal rest.