Can the Russian fleet sink the US aircraft carrier?


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Guys first restore order in Russia 25 km from Moscow ... then you will sink an aircraft carrier

And the United States did not have protection and means of detecting submarines of the Russian Federation. That there is only one surfacing of the Russian submarine under the statue of "Liberty" in New York! The Russian submarine "accidentally" got lost there, and even on the American Independence Day, amazed and horrified by the public. And you are here about the protection of some American aircraft carrier powder your brains.

Previously, there was a chicken and an egg right away, if they were not there, how would you know both the chicken and the egg?

It is not the fleet that drowns, but the weapons that the fleet has, but the weapons in the Russian fleet will perfectly sink anything if ordered by those who take responsibility for destruction!

Can. But you have to use nuclear weapons. And this is a global war.

The tsunami is scary on the shore, you won’t even notice it in the sea. This is so by the way :-)

Maybe when the Americans write them off for scrap.

a hen. it is written in the covenant.

To destroy the entire concentrated group of US ships in one place, one nuclear warhead is enough to cause a tsunami, turning all of their ships into chips.

So we are simply obliged. They themselves came and we are not to blame.

in fact, the Russian fleet can sink all US carriers

author, and what happened before, a chicken or an egg?

I completely agree with Reader. Why drown an aircraft carrier? Successfully interrupt any wiring successful posting - and sho !! Airplanes will not take off ...

I still don't understand why this video is? Show that the US Navy is cooler? In general, the principle of "Elephant and Mouse" exists in life - this is when a small bolt can jam and ruin a large mechanism ...
In general, to destroy an aircraft carrier group it is enough:
a) a nuclear charge of several megatons, detonated above (near) this group. Even if not destroyed, it will disable electronics, without which modern technology is a lot of scrap metal. There’s even no need to aim hard
b) lead this group into minefields
These 2 examples cost 2-3 orders of magnitude less than AUG.