Fall of an airplane in South Africa filmed by a passenger

Shots with a burning engine were taken by a traveler who was sitting opposite the left wing of the plane. "It's getting worse. Everything is very bad, "the passenger said behind the scenes. After a few minutes of shooting, the screen turns black, then a smoky interior of the liner appears in the frame, which by that time had already fallen.

10 July it was reported that a passenger plane crashed near the city of Pretoria in South Africa. The police said that the plane was probably headed for Wonderbom airport and fell eight kilometers from it. As a result of the crash, 20 people were injured, two of them were killed.


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Yaroslav, before you are clever, learn how to write correctly!

So the pilot and landed the plane in an emergency. For all you will not notice. What do you always know that you will break down?

What kind of solitude for people's lives? It is not right! Pilot that does not see what's going on overboard? This is unacceptable! And people in business / first classes that do not see the situation? And there are cameras there! (Most airlines) well, yes, the camera was smoking over there, but it's also a sign that something is happening! Did not check the samalots after landing? (Before take-off) there were no pilots? And where do the shipping agents glide? They should have seen it too! This is either not the reliability of the aircraft or the lack of patience or the inability to fly an airplane so not honestly! This is personally my subjective opinion