The first flying aircraft carrier of the United States Air Force. The only real project of a flying colossus with an air group


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He's somehow small, unrepresentative. Why not a flying wing scheme? Flimsy, engines on snot to hold on, and the body should be as cast. It is clear, the converted Boeing, the old Boeings have nowhere to go, as once barges for aviation. Why is there no possibility of landing on water? Aircraft carriers travel around the world, and how much is this flying - 5000 km? For months he cannot fly on duty, and he cannot hold out for a day. For one flight. Air wing, judging by the size of 5, maximum 10 non-aircraft. How much fuel is there for the wing? How much ammunition? Of course, there is no nuclear reactor, it won't take much fuel even for itself. Why is he so needed? Yes, the speed is 10 times that of the sea. For a quick one-time jump between continents with a squadron of such Boeing? But it's not even supersonic.

and how will limited Russian aviation cope?

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The Soviet project "Link" is a really flying "aircraft carrier". And the "Zveno-SPB" was not just a flight, but was repeatedly used in the Great Patriotic War for military operations.



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