The missile launched by Boeing in the Donbass was Ukrainian


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It became very clear after the last explosions in the warehouses of arsenals in Ukraine! The curators of Ukraine have not much calculated the situation after this crime ...

So it was clear before who organized the Boeing disaster.
But with the help of diplomacy can not prove anything. It is necessary to beat strongly and unequivocally.



Best in the world of aviation

Air carriers US film "The Day After Tomorrow" came to life.
The evaluation was conducted on the basis of nineteen thousands of canceled data and seventy six thousand delayed flights from the 1 6 for January.
After the flight to Beijing woman died of bird flu
January 9 2014. She died in the hospital of Alberta. Tests have confirmed that a woman's body has been infected with a virus H5N1.
The crisis of the airline "Transaero"?
Some analysts believe that this indicates the airline crisis, but in fact it is a normal process for any self-respecting airline.