The plane "SwissAir" almost crashed while landing in Amsterdam


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And at what point he almost crashed?

We have so it was also with the Swiss, often in Zurich fly. In severe bad weather and poor visibility, not sat, and sat down with 2 circle. Established situation as turbulence. No yelling, engines not denied at the height of 10 thousand)

So hchetsya write "author, drink yadu". Where is he "almost broke"? What kind of nonsense only titles not write zheltushnik to attract attention. The situation was certainly inconvenient for planting, but certainly not fatal, if the pilot - not only flight school freshman, in the second round are always sent in such circumstances, nothing ekstraordinaronogo, what's the problem?

The pilots did everything exactly like the textbook, hardly there was a risk of a crash. Do not immediately sat down, go to the second round, if necessary, and on the third, or to another airport. If the pilots are experienced, there will be no panic among the crew.

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I think that if they had a chance to get into a situation that we must not fall into panic and just pray and take proper decisions pilot before landing but certainly not the pilot will have to read the prayer and the passengers and the pilot only have time to cross and take the lane ...