Employees of traffic police suffered in the suburbs: the plane of rescuers poured them 40 tons of water


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You can not write what you did ... the water washed away with water ...

Where are you so clever? Firefly IL76 with 45 tons of water and 747-200 bib with almost 80 tons. And your BE200 is the most massive amphibian, able to draw water from reservoirs with a limited area of ​​flight.

Infa from the discharge of icteric press. What and how did the traffic cops suffer? And most importantly; in nature there is no such aircraft that could transport and discharge 40 tons of water. The biggest is the 12 tone BE-200 and its analogue Chinese AG-600. The first is launched into the series and "launched", like many other Soviet projects, the second is just undergoing tests and debugging, but has a larger take-off mass than the first, and a greater range, but lower speed and larger dimensions. So all the same; who poured traffic police 40 tons of water ??

washed, see the pilots hunted in revenge

Normally cheered the "guards of order"

And what exactly did they "suffer"? Is it wet? Or washed?

Employees of the road patrol service suffered. so would have written down already -
two were injured, three died in intensive care. seven were lost.

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