Outrageous aerobatics Su-57 showed on video


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I would explain to you what’s what, but if a person needs to explain something, then you don’t need to explain anything, in the sense of being late and useless. Fershtein, a humanoid?

And for sure ... Something flew by.

Barrels, coups and other ostentatious scum. This plane, apparently specially created for such a bride. It remains to perform figure skating, but slalom.

Yes, I am also proud of 28 percent of minors living below the poverty line. 22 percent of the poor. etc. there is something to be proud of. Well, the pilots and the plane 5 points.

It’s just breathtaking, the skill of the pilots is off the charts, it’s simply not realistic to imagine what kind of overload pilots are experiencing. There are no best air design bureaus in the world, our pilots are the best in the world! Great URA !!!

I can’t meet him. He sees beyond any

And what kind of UFO flew at the 26-27 second of the video ?????

it’s something — a ballet in the sky, a turn in place on the 360, it’s a super plane, there is something to be proud of, and even take off and landing is short, you don’t need a parachute when landing. In short, it’s super. I do not envy the enemy. who will meet him the sky, beware the enemies of Russia, it will not seem enough !!!