Aviation plant. Aviation enterprises of Russia, Ukraine and the world.



A very useful and informative section for a certain circle of readers who associate their fate with the air transport industry and specifically with the beginning of the beginnings - their production.

It is divided by country for more convenient use, at any time, you can see you are interested in - country, city and company.

air plants

Each of those proposed by the pack tells in great detail both about the enterprises or factories themselves, and about the details of production, some historical moments associated with the activity itself or the products produced.

Often there are excursions about interesting people who work for the good of the country and have received awards for this. And, of course, about the models of winged and propeller-like machines themselves, which a couple of centuries ago would have been considered another miracle of the world and God's passing, but today they are calmly designed at the factories described here by ordinary people.


The head will be useful both for students and for the technical direction of graduates for the design and simulation of flying objects. For example, it helps in the creation of reference works on the topic of production in the learning process, or will allow monitoring of information in employment. So section (Air plants, aviation companies of Russia, Ukraine, World) Is presented below.

Aircraft Building Plant Russia

Komsomolsk-on-Amur Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association
Luhovitsy Production complex No. 1 of JSC Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG
Moscow Production complex No. 2 of JSC Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG
Moscow Engineering center of JSC "Russian Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation" MiG ""
Nizhny Novgorod
Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association named after V. P. Chkalova
Omsk Production Association "Flight"
Orenburg FSUE "Strela"
Rostov-on-Don "Rostvertol"
Samara JSC "Aviacor"
Samara JSC "Aviaagregat"
Saratov Saratov Aviation Plant
Smolensk Smolensk aircraft plant
Stupino Stupino Machine Production Plant
Taganrog Beriev
Ulan-Ude JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant"
Ulyanovsk "Aviastar-SP"


Engine Plant Russia

City Company
Kazan Kazan Motor-Building Production Association
Moscow Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"
Moscow FSUE «SPC Gas Turbine" Salute ""
Moscow MMP. Chernysheva ( "Red October")
Omsk "Omsk Engine-Building Production Association named after P. I. Baranov"
Permian "Perm Engine Industrial Association"
Rybinsk JSC "Rybinsk Motors"
Samara JSC "Kuznetsov" 
Samara Kuznetsov Design Bureau 
St. Petersburg JSC "Klimov"
Ufa JSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association"


Aircraft Plant in Ukraine

City Company
Zaporozhye PJSC Motor Sich
Lviv Lviv Aircraft Repair Plant
Vinnitsa Vinnitsa Aviation Plant
Zaporozhye Zaporozhye State Aircraft Repair Plant
Kiev Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex named after Antonov
Kiev Kiev Aviation Plant "Aviant"
Kiev Plant №410 civil aviation
Kharkiv Kharkiv State Aviation Production Enterprise
Kiev GP Research Institute "Buran"
Kharkiv SE "Kharkov aggregate design bureau"
Kharkiv Kharkov machine-building plant "FED"
Zaporozhye Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau "Progress". Academician Ivchenko "
Khmelnitsky "Novator" enterprise
Kiev "Radioizmeritel» Enterprise


Aircraft Plant World

City Company
Toulouse, France Toulouse Aviation Plant Airbus
Hamburg, Germany Hamburg Aviation Plant
Everett, WA, United States Plant "Boeing" in Everett
Seattle, United States Plant "Boeing" in Seattle
St. Louis, United States Plant "Boeing" in St. Louis
Canada Bombardier Aerospace
Savannah, USA Gulfstream Aerospace
Sao Paulo, Brazil Embraer
USA Boeing



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