Antonov An-178


An-178 is promising Ukrainian transport short-haul aircraft, created on the basis of AN-158, with a capacity of up to 20 tons.

To date, "Antonov" represented a major aviakontserna. Morally and physically obsolete An-12 requires replacement Antonovites therefore decided to design a new multipurpose cargo plane An-178.

Advantages of the Ukrainian apparatus An-178

According to the plans of engineers model will be equipped with two turbojet engines, whose task is to provide high-speed flight, noise reduction and an increase voyage performance. Among the features highlighted an increase in the size of the aircraft cargo compartment, which solves the problem with the ability to transport any cargo packaging type directly on pallets and shipping containers.


An-178, like all aircraft produced in the state enterprise "Antonov" will inherit the most important quality of transport aircraft machine: autonomy, vseaerodromnost (to exercise any kind of landing on the runway), ruggedness, high reliability and fault tolerance.

To reduce the cost of the transport aircraft, the aircraft was unified with the already created models. The main reason for this decision is the cost of the civil aircraft. In the case of a choice between two planes with similar characteristics, of course, the buyer will choose the one that is cheaper both in price and in operation. The composition of the airframe and equipment of the An-178 is 50-60% unified with the versions of the An-148 and An-158, which in practice have proved all the necessary qualities for aircraft of this type. Thanks to unification, not only the price will decrease, but also the construction time of the air vehicle. At the moment, work is being done very quickly. In 2014, the prototype fuselage was built.

The project designers decided to replace the standard four-engine turboprop diagram of a unique twin-engine turbojet. The fact that the design of the aircraft based on the requirements of the world. There have been conducted special calculations that showed that at the same hourly fuel consumption twin-engine turbojet instances have increased productivity. This is possible thanks to the increased cruising speed.


An-178 plan designed multipurpose transporter with the special opportunity, if necessary, as the conversion of a civilian and a military transport. The first order for the plane came from the Ministry of Defense, but the management of the SE is confident that soon there will be orders from civilian airlines.

Since 178-th has the unique ability to carry virtually all types of packaged goods, but he is a worthy replacement for the An-12, which, though created in 60-ies, yet is still widely used in many countries of Asia, Africa and the CIS . An also-178 be an excellent competition Franco-German "Transal" C-160.

An-178 appeared not on the program of the initiative, his idea largely originated in the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. It is also a major customer.

The history of the airplane An-178

At the end of February 2010 Antonov ANTK announced the beginning of the design of a new cargo aircraft type An-178. Under the project, thanks to two turbojet engines, the transporter will have a cruising speed of 800 km / h, and the practical ceiling will exceed the ceiling of the base unit at 3000 m. The completion of the prototype work was scheduled for the end of 2014. At the beginning of the year 15 planned to lift it into the air. In November, 2014-th ANTK started ground tests of the experimental car. The end of the tests was scheduled for March 2015. Also in November 2014-go started assembling the second prototype. Under preliminary agreements, in addition to the Ministry of Defense, the first customers of the aircraft will be the UAE airline MaximusAir.


Given the need for such aircraft for military and civilian structures, the lack of serious competition (the Russian IL-214 and Brazilian Embraer KC-390) and the relatively low market value of the An-178 (20-25mln dollars), the initial market for the aircraft will be about 800 units with worth more than 14 billion.

An-178 characteristics:

A type  transport aircraft
Developer ANTK "Antonov"  ASTC "Antonov"  
Status developed developed
The cost of the development program, mln. ~ 150
Unit cost, million.  ~ 20-25
Basic Model  An-158




Enterprise clearer what should be the aircraft that they create. If the AN-178 do as the transport for this purpose it made various structural adjustments to increase traction, climb, podemosposobnosti and more. The civilian version will be enough just to replace the cabin cargo compartment from the passenger seat. Therefore, if it comes out, it will be a fundamentally new car.

No, he did not fit the liner, which is too small, except to alter the VIP class and used as a corporate jet. These dimensions allow to remake it into specialized versions: for police officers, emergency, health services, etc.

And I think that for this aircraft based on its performance should be more economical to produce civilian modification. Airlines certainly would be interested in low-cost airliner. Considering the cost and speed of assembly, it could fairly quickly join the ranks of the airline's fleet of Ukraine and CIS countries, which is updated mostly due to Brazilian, American and British aircraft.

As they say, built, built, and finally built! His appearance waited all, and finally, the budget option transport aircraft sent to the test. Really great prospects for the project, given the lack of competition in terms of price. Enterprise Antonov now has to send a maximum of efforts for quality advertising their offspring and to try to attract customers to sell the An-178. Demand for this type of aircraft at the present time high, so I think all they did.

I saw recently the news about the first take-off of An-178. Well done designers! Smooth takeoff, soft landing, satisfied faces of pilots and accompanying. Immediately signed international contracts for the supply of several aircraft. Perhaps 178-th will really become that "wand-zashchalochkoj" which will lift ANTK Antonov from the crisis. Although taking into account the recent developments in the economy of the producer country and high corruption, state enterprises are having a hard time and the hopes for the former revival of the scale of production at the Antonov plant are minimal. Alas, in my assumptions, I see a share of truth.


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