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Today, games take a certain percentage of time, especially for the more representative of the stronger sex. It is bad when games do not carry with them any developmental functions and it is good when this goal is pursued by the creators.

The games connected with planes just fall under the category of developing, because they are often created by real events, with real models of flying machines. In them situations are played out that had a place to be or could be real, i.e. more or less close to reality. Artistic drawing is no less accurate than the event series.

other games

You can explore the model of aircraft, their technical capabilities, historical events and thanks to the latest technology, in fact, to visit the helm.

Perhaps this kind of games that are associated with airplanes and air maneuvers, battles, were created specifically for those who wanted, but for some reason I could not devote my life to the profession of a pilot or a designer of aircraft. Through the descriptions of various games provided in this section, you will get to know both the novelties and the games of the past years. Here are provided high-quality photos and videos for a full acquaintance with the material. So section (air guns, simulators, online games as well as description to them), refer to this section.

Year Name Description
The game was released in May 2013, is a volatile mix of helicopter simulator with action game.
Spectacular action on the theme of the heroic struggle of the American pilots with the "bad guys"
World of Warplanes - aviasimulator from the Belarusian company Wargaming
An interesting feature is the most realistic of each aircraft
2013 Heroes in the Sky Great mix of arcade and flight simulator, where you have to kill tens or hundreds of enemies in the air, on land and water
2012 WarBirds Excellent flight simulator on the aircraft during the Second World War
2012 Microsoft Flight (MSFS) Microsoft Flight - is a series of flight simulators, which is dedicated to civil aviation.
The game is proposed to control the aircraft of the Second World War. close to this technique.
2011 DCS: A-10C Warthog Wonderful simulator allows you to plunge into the world of flight on a combat attack aircraft A-10C Thunderbolt
2011 Take on Helicopters One of the best of its kind in the civil flight simulation flight helicopters have excellent graphics and physics
The game is a simulator. Released in 2011 and is a continuation of the cult game - IL-2.
2010 Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2 You have to manage not only the best combat aircraft, but also learn how to do it professionally
Realistic graphics and physics of flight simulator X-Plane 10 fully immerse you in the game universe