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Aviation portal Avia.pro - the most dynamically developing project in the field of aviation.

We offer only high-quality materials that will be interesting to any audience.

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  • - On the portal you can find any information in the field of aviation.

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In the world a huge number of people and businesses use aviation services. And our portal attracts avia.pro interested in this niche of people:

  • passenger flights;
  • owners of companies, embassies, large companies of the Russian Federation;
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Aviation (especially private) is one of the most expensive services in the world. It is possible to effectively use both multimillionaires, and top managers of established companies. All these people are smart, interesting and educated. The circle of their interests much broader fashion trends, popular parties, beautiful beaches, etc. These people are primarily interested in learning about how to invest in promising his plane, or how and where to learn how to manage air traffic.

Aviation is an extensive topic. There is always a place for status, romance, all the same gorgeous beaches, beautiful music and delicious food.

Portal avia.pro - one of the leading sites on the aircraft in the territory of the Russian Federation. Our main mission is to provide users with relevant information about the events and news of aviation, assistance in buying tickets, in promoting cognitive and learning materials on aviatematiku. If you suddenly interested in advertising in the air, then we recommend that you contact us and provide detailed information about your site.




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To learn about all the offers in more detail, please contact us by mail. [email protected] or call + 79258698722.

We will be glad to cooperate with new partners, and work together to popularize aviation.

Why advertise in aviation profitable book with us?

  • Nice and comfortable design
  • The portal is easy to find any information on Aviation
  • Daily updated articles and news

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