Comparison of aircraft


How is the comparison of the aircraft?

  1. To begin with you need to select from a list of those planes or helicopters, which should be compared.

  2. Then click on the "Add a comparison."

  3. Compare avitehniki will be carried out on the following parameters: the country, the manufacturer, the name of the aircraft / helicopter, modification, the start of production, height, length, diameter of the rotor, the maximum take-off weight, empty weight, maximum range and speed, cruising speed, the bottom stream, powerful engine, propulsion system, the crew made, weapons. At the same time, you can compare the four representatives of aircraft.

  4. The result will be presented in the table after a few seconds.


Aviation equipment - two different aircraft, which are mainly intended for flight in the atmosphere of the Earth, their engines, avionics, simulators, aviation means of salvation, ground-based traffic control, embarkation and communication, navigation, aviation armament and ground support equipment. For the production of aircraft meets the aviation industry, the development of which is different in different countries.

Each state has its own army, which is armed with a different aircraft. In many countries, this technique is represented by the old model, and those who can afford to allocate sufficient funds for the defense industry, technology is the most powerful and modern. On the characteristics far ahead of the old patterns. Our portal offers users a convenient comparison aircraft, namely the combat and civilian aircraft and helicopters.


The aircraft - a helicopter, aircraft, aerospace missiles, airships, balloons, gyroplanes, gliders, hang gliders and other types of aircraft. They may be civil, military and experimental.


Trends in the development of aviation technology in the world show that the comparative assessment of its level of quality is performed by the criterion of "faster - higher - further - more intelligent." This applies to all types of aviation equipment - both civil and military.


Considering the possibility of the aviation industry, it should be noted that it requires state support for its effective development.


The state program support aircraft - the principled position aimed at strengthening its competitiveness. Public administration should ensure that risks are separate partnerships across the spectrum of the aviation industry.


For a fair assessment of the competitiveness of aircraft it is advisable to use all the methods of investigation, based on the goals, objectives, efficiency obtain data in order to improve the level of specificity and reliability for conditions of economic development.


Comparison of aircraft is carried out on the economic and technical indicators by estimating the relative and absolute values. With regard to the attractiveness of the price, it is specified through the structure of the full costs and Quality Score. Conducting such research involves a certain sequence of actions that involve the logical chain. Aviation Our portal offers you to make a comparison of aircraft in just a few clicks, that will significantly reduce your time for analysis.


Using our proposed algorithm comparison, you can easily assess the competitiveness of any model of civil or military aircraft / helicopters, highlighting the advantages of one over the other.

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