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Popular planes of the world 
(By manufacturer)

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Adam Aircraft, Inc - Colorado, United States adamdzhet logo


 Aerospatiale - Paris, France.


James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Aerion - Reno, USA.


 Aero Boero - Cordoba, Argentina.


James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Aero Designs - San Antonio, USA.


James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Ahrens Aircraft, Inc. - California, USA.

Ahrens AR 404


 Airbus (Airbus) - France, Toulouse.  Airbus logo

 Antonov - Kharkov Aviation Plant. Antonov logo

 ATR (ATP) - France, Toulouse.ATR logo

 AVIC I / II (China Aviation Industry)  - China avic logo

 BAE Systems (BAE Systems) - Farnborough, UK. BAE Systems logo

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Boeing (Boeing) - USA, Chicago Boeing logo
Boeing 767 - 767 Boeing 
Boeing 767-200 - Boeing 767-200      Boeing 767-300 - Boeing 767-300
                                                      Boeing 767-400 - Boeing 767-400
 Bombardier (Bombardier) - Canada, Montreal  Bombardier logo
 Britten-Norman (Britten-RќRѕSЂRјR ° neous PS) - United Kingdom Britten-Norman logo

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Cessna (R|RμSЃSЃRЅR °) - USA, Kansas Cessna logo

 Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) - China 

 Dassault Aviation - Paris, France Dassault Aviation logo

 Dornier (Dornier)  - Germany, Friedrichshafen Dornier logo

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Eclipse Aviation (Eclipse) - US eclipse logo

 Embraer (Embraer) - Brazil: Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo Embraer logo

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Fairchild Aerospace (Fairchild) - Texas, USA Fairchild Aerospace lofo

 Fokker (Fokker) - Amsterdam, Netherlands Fokker logo

Grob Aerospace - Tussenhausen, Germany Grob Aircraft - Tussenhausen, Germany


James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Hawker Beechcraft (Hawker Beechcraft) - Kansas, United States. Hawker Beechcraft logo

Hawker Siddeley (Hawker Siddley) - England Hawker Siddeley logo

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Honda Aircraft Company (Honda Eirkraft) - USA, Japan. Honda Aircraft Company logo

 Indonesian Aerospace (Indonezian) - Indonesia Indonesian Aerospace logo

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Lockheed Martin (Lockheed Martin) - Maryland, USA. Lockheed Martin logo

 LZ Aeronautical Industries (LET) - Austria Vienna. LZ Aeronautical Industries (LET) logo

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 McDonnell Douglas (Douglas) - St. Louis, USA. McDonnell Douglas logo

 NAMC - Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (NAMK) - Japan NAMC logo

 Piaggio Aero Industries SPA -  Genoa, Italy piaggio aero

 Pilatus (Pilatus) - Stans, Switzerland Pilatus logo

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Piper Aircraft (Piper) Florida, United States Piper Aircraft logo

Saab (Saab) - Stockholm, Sweden Saab logo aircraft

Socata (socat) - Tarbes, France SOCATA

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Shorts (Shorts) - Milwaukee, United States Shorts logo aicraft

 Dry - Moscow Dry logo

 Tupolev  - Moscow Tupolev logo

 Yakovlev - Moscow Yakovlev logo

 JSC "Financial-industrial group Rosaviakonsortsium" - Moscow JSC "Financial-industrial group Rosaviakonsortsium"



This list is not complete and constantly updated.


 Ukraine Aircraft


 Historically, Russian, European and American aircraft dominate the aircraft manufacturing market.


Passenger planes of the world are divided into:


widebody Narrowbody
wide-body aircraft
regional local


Aircraft designed to move in the air. Another name for the aircraft is airplane. The plane flies with the help of a special power plant, as well as wings. The power plant, with the help of which the plane flies, creates thrust, without which the flight will be impossible. And the two wings create a special lift that keeps the plane high.

Modern aircraft world appeared relatively recently, but aircraft, with the help of which it was possible to move through the air, are mentioned in the literature of the ancient world. Many scientists argue that in the ancient world people possessed serious technologies with the help of which they built aircraft and moved them through the air, but these are just theories, and this is not confirmed by facts. The first aircraft, which was built on the territory of Russia, appeared in 1864. The aircraft was invented by the Russian Nikolai Teleshev.  

The main elements of the aircraft are: wing, fuselage, empennage, landing gear, aircraft power plant and avionics systems. Thanks to the wing, a special lift is generated, which is necessary for the aircraft to take off. The fuselage is needed so that there is where to place passengers, pilots, the necessary cargo and so on. Also, wings, engines, landing gear and other important things for flight are attached to the fuselage. The empennage is used to provide the aircraft with stability, balance and controllability. Another name for the plumage is aerodynamic surfaces. A support system, which is necessary for the aircraft to take off during takeoff, as well as for the aircraft to be able to move on the ground. The power plant consists of two elements - the engine and the propeller. It is designed to create a special thrust, which allows the aircraft to move forward. And onboard equipment systems are a wide variety of equipment with which an aircraft can fly under any conditions.


Planes world are divided into a huge number of types. They differ in purpose, design, engine type, and so on. There are fighter planes, passenger planes, firefighting planes that are used to extinguish fires, sport planes, training planes and many others. These planes differ in many ways, but they have the same goal - to move by air.


What planes?


Everyone knows that the airplane is a flying machine with the engine and wings, which is able to move through the air faster than birds and transported thousands of kilograms of cargo. But few understand how it works.

Why this heavy machine can with such great speed rush through the air? If a bird or a fly would not have wings, they could never fly and rock would fall to the ground. All because their weight is heavier than air because of the muscles that result in the movement of their wings. The aircraft is heavier than air, and it is a lot like a bird. Here are just wings it is not waving, they remain motionless. At the same time, the strong muscles of the aircraft, which acts as the engine that drives the propeller.

What planes?

So, what plane and why he did not like a bird to such a machine is also able to flap their wings?

In the past, the inventors tried to build something like that, but their plans were doomed to failure. And perhaps they have a point? For fixed-wing aircraft has been for many years flying birds much faster. It remains only to improve the air unit and make it available to everyone. On our website you can learn more about what the planes, why do they fly, how they work, how is the flight itself, and a lot of other useful information.

Fixed wing aircraft are distinguished from the helicopter, and the ornithopter (maholeta), and the presence in it of the engine - from the glider. Aerodynamic method of creating lift distinguishes him from the airship. In relation to the perspective and modern developments in aviation engineering (variable thrust vector, and integrated hypersonic aerodynamic layout, etc.) the term "aircraft" needs to be clarified.

The plane - air unit for flights in the atmosphere, uses aerodynamic lift to keep themselves in the air and thrust propulsion system for maneuvering and compensation drag on the mechanical energy losses.

Nowadays, there are many types of aircraft, which differ not only in size, shape and weight, but also by many other characteristics. Aircraft, depending on the destination, is divided into civil and military.

What planes? 2

The main types of modern models of military aircraft - see the section Military aviation or military aircraft

Fighters are designed for air combat, so they have the maneuverability and high speed.

Attack aircraft - the planes that attacked from the air on artillery, troops and enemy tanks. They are armored and heavily armed.

Bombers are planes that drop bomb cargo onto fortifications, troops, airfields, railway junctions, military industrial enterprises behind enemy lines. Depending on the purpose, they are two-, four- or even six-engine. Stormtroopers and fighters create one- and two-engine. As for civil aviation aircraft, they are designed to transport mail, passengers and cargo. They are effective in controlling pests of agricultural crops, they are used for aerial photography, forest fire extinguishing and other purposes. Civil aviation belongs to sports.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the division of aviation for military and civilian, it is the sea and land. Seaplane equipped hulls of boats or floats, allowing them to land on water.

Plane with two wings, one above the other, is the name of a biplane; with one wing - monoplane.

The plane - a complex machine made up of a large number of parts, which are well harmoniously with each other. If you are interested in aviation theme, we recommend you to become regular readers of our website

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