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The new short-haul aircraft model Sukhoi Superjet 100 was manufactured in the Russian Federation with the support of the company Sukhoi foreign companies. This machine is specially designed for the carriage of passengers. For this purpose it was created two versions, which differ in the number of seats for passengers. One machine is capable of carrying passengers 75, and the second - 95. In addition, there are models that are designed for a long-distance flights.


Aircraft Design in the Middle-distance flight was launched in the year 2000, in the development of its regional aircraft called for Russia.

A brief chronology of the creation of the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100

In the spring of 2003 years on the project of aircraft competition winning project was tentatively called RRJ (№ 97 002). In 2006 year started assembling the prototype of this machine. Assembly machines produced in KnAAPO, and a year later the project was brought to the city of Zhukovsky for further tests in TsAGI Bureau. Transportation of goods in the city made with the help of aircraft "Ruslan".

The first prototype of the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 was submitted in September 2007 years. For the first time the model aircraft has made separation from the runway a year after the presentation, namely 2008-th May. But before the first flight designers have spent a lot of time to check all the major systems of the machine.


By the end of the year 2008 the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 completed factory testing, the process of state certification, with the participation of an international commission. Resource research aircraft took place in the Siberian Research Institute. The second car was completely ready by December 2008 years, when testing this machine showed excellent flight characteristics.

The general public, this unit was presented at the air show in Le Bourget summer 2009 years. The aircraft model Sukhoi Superjet 100 in the complete set of systems and a fully equipped passenger compartment made its first flight in the summer of the year 2009.

Aircraft Features

Creating this car took place in close partnership with foreign aviation companies. The main consultant for the creation of "Superjet" made the world-famous corporation "Boeing". In the manufacture of this machine it was involved in more than 30 company that supplies components for the aircraft.


The aircraft is equipped with a high-quality remote control system, which was supplied by Liebherr Aerospase. Onboard the machine equipment was provided by Thales Corporation. Even all the component parts of the passenger compartment have been designed and provided by Aerospase. Besides all this, systems such as landing gear, hydraulic system, fuel system, brake, electricity, too, have been provided by foreign companies. All this has allowed to equip new aircraft with the most modern digital control systems, which have helped to achieve high results.

The aircraft has a classic design scheme of the low-plan type, which is equipped with two turbojet engines of a new generation. The plumage of the machine has an arrow-shaped form with a single-circuit design. The power plant is represented by two engines like SaM146, which are attached to the pylons of the wings of the aircraft. Remote control system, which is equipped with this aircraft, can automatically control the vessel. In addition, there is the possibility of remote release of the chassis and control of the braking system. The control system is so high-quality and safe that it allows completely to remove the mechanical control of the device. With the help of this system it is possible to control the stabilizers.


For the first time the plane created in the design bureau Sukhoi, equipped with a system that protects the machine from the touch strip tail when landing or taking off even in the case of pilot error. On-board system produces a complete analysis of all aircraft systems and alerts pilots even the slightest faults.

As for the avionics, here it is also not without innovation and innovation. It is equipped with a triple-TEC quality communications system. It protects the machine from the mid-air collisions with other aircraft. The plane Sukhoi Superjet 100 is equipped with a system that enables landing with a minimum participation of pilots and belongs to the IIIA ICAO category. As for uniqueness among other aircraft Sukhoi Design Bureau, then there should be noted the fact that the aircraft model Sukhoi Superjet 100 95% to unique and almost has nothing to do with the previous models EDO.

At the beginning of the year it was made 2015 88 Sukhoi Superjet-type machines. Among them were prototypes 8 and 56 of them were handed over to customers.


With regard to commercial exploitation, it began in 2011, the first flight from Yerevan to Moscow. This mission was carried out by the Armenian who bought this airliner. Its uses and "Aeroflot", he acquired 10 machines. But these machines are available at a discount, as "Aeroflot" supposedly shared with the producers at risk of exploitation. In addition, this machine uses the Sukhoi Design Bureau in Yakutia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico and other regions of the globe.

In addition to numerous advantages, the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 has disadvantages. The standard machine is designed for mass take-off in 49,5 tons. But the majority of sales is focused on a model in which 95 seats, and thus he has a lot in 45,9 tons at take-off. This model had to improve and carry out reinforcement structure of the machine, which has led to an increase in weight, and as a result, large fuel expenses during the flight.

Despite everything, this aircraft is truly a breakthrough in the domestic aircraft industry and will be able to bring our aviation industry to the world markets.


Sukhoi Superjet 100-95 (abbreviated certification name of the RRJ aircraft family - SSJ 100, ICAO designation: SU95) is a short-haul Russian passenger aircraft developed bySukhoi Civil Aircraft»Together with a number of foreign companies.


Currently 28.05.2014 5 built pre-production, 38 series aircraft and one airframe for static testing and another one for the resource.


SSJ 100 side view




19.04.2011/100/95015 Armavia, an Armenian airline experiencing financial difficulties, purchased the first serial Sukhoi Superjet4 (tail number EK-45), and two days later operated its first flight from Yerevan to Moscow. This date marked the beginning of the commercial use of this type of aircraft. The flight arrived at Terminal C of Sheremetyevo airport at 90:XNUMX am Moscow time. More than XNUMX passengers were on board the aircraft.

Armavia Company in August 2012 year stated refusal to previously acquired aircraft Superjet.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 and MS-21 - Civil aviation Russia



For the first time, a commercial flight of an aircraft with tail number RA-89001 under the Aeroflot flag took place on June 16.06.2011, 09 along the route Terminal D, Sheremetyevo, Moscow (10:10 Moscow time) - Pulkovo, St. Petersburg (40:XNUMX Moscow time) ...

In "aeroflot"Delivery of aircraft estimated GSS clearly loss-making, since aircraft are purchased at a significantly lower price than their catalog value (23-24 million) due to the fact that Aeroflot, as a major first customer, shares certain risks associated with the introduction of the project life.

The first ten aircraft supplied to the airline (in the "light" configuration) SCAC wants to buy back in 2014 at an average price of $ 19 million. Along with this, instead of the redeemed ones, new ones (in “full” configuration) will be delivered to the aviation company, made taking into account the wishes of the carrier regarding the configuration, which have changed.



On January 23.01.2013, 100, the Sukhoi Superjet49 of Yakutia Airlines made its first passenger flight on the Khabarovsk - Yakutsk route. There were XNUMX passengers on board.


Photo salon SSJ 100

SSJ 100 Salon


Sky Aviation

Kommercheskoek use dry Superdzhet100 (tail number PK-ECL) in Indonesian Sky Aviation airline began 23.03.2013. The aircraft made a flight from Makassar to Sorong.


Lao Central Airlines

24.03.2013, the first commercial flight from Luang Prabang -Ventyan made Sukhoi Superdzhet100 (tail number RDPL-34195) air carrier Lao Central.



The first flight Tivat - Moscow was made on August 11.08.2013, 16.09 on an aircraft originally built for Armavia. From XNUMX a regular flight Moscow - Stavropol became.



On September 18.09.2013, 95023, the first commercial flights were made by the aircraft supplied to the Mexican airline. The first aircraft, serial number 95024, flew to Torreon from Mexico City. The second plane, serial number XNUMX, is to Aguascalientes from Mexico City.


Most of the aircraft cabin space Sukhoi Superjet 100-95V - Aeroflot


Driving interior SSJ 100

SSJ 100 scheme salon


Specifications ssj-100:

  • Length: 29,94 m.

  • Height: 10,28 m.

  • Wingspan: 27,80 m.

  • Cruising speed: 830 km / h (0,78M).

  • Maximum speed: 860 km / h (0,81M).

  • Flight range: 3048 km (for SuperJet100-95LR 4578 kilometers).

  • Service ceiling: 12200 m (FL400).

  • Takeoff run: 1731 m. (For SuperJet100-95LR 2052 meters).

  • Number of passenger seats: 98 people in the basic configuration.

  • Crew: 3 person (flight attendants and two pilots).

  • Maximum landing weight: 41000 kg.

  • Powerplant: SaM146 - 1S17 (two copies) (for SuperJet100-95LR SaM146 - 1S18 (two copies)).

  • The diameter of the fuselage: 3,24 meters;

  • Wing area: 77 sq.m.

  • Passenger doors: 4 pieces.

  • The volume of baggage compartments: 21,7 cub

  • Takeoff gross weight: 45880 kg (for SuperJet100-95LR 49450 kg);

  • Paid load: 12245 kg.

  • Empty weight kg 24250.

  • Weight of fuel in the tanks: 15805 l.

  • Power assist installation: Honeywell RE220.

  • path length: 1630 m.

  • The first flight; 19.05.2008/100/95 (for SuperJet12.02.2013-XNUMXLR XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX).


Sukhoi Superjet 100. Gallery.

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Super Jet 100-95LR video

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The brutal hodgepodge and not the plane, now they don’t know who to blame for this unfortunate project. Their production must be renewed and under their own names.

SSJ-100 really SUPER

cruising speed 278 ... this is a mistake

Federal ??? ssj 100 273 km cr speed but not so bad

Best in class in terms of passenger. The width and pitch of the chairs allow you to sit very comfortably, unlike the B-737, in which you sit (with my absolutely modest dimensions) clamped like in a locksmith's vice. The noise level is slightly higher than in Boeing "New Generation"


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