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World Airports welcome new passengers daily. Each plane flight starts and ends at the airport. He first sees us off, and then meets again, and, wishing us a happy flight, we are met by another, with the words "welcome."

Airport - the person of the country, the city, not just in each country try to make the airport as soon as possible the beauty, grandeur and charm, to create all possible and not possible comfort, while maintaining the capacity without disturbing the balance of speed passenger service.

World Airports

Let's consider in detail all the airports in the world. This section presents all the airports of Russia, Europe, CIS countries, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Africa, North and South America and Antarctica.


List and description of the world's airports:


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airports in the CIS

Airports in Europe

Airports Asia

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Popular airports of Russia and the World


Airports Russian

       World Airports
 Domodedovo - Moscow
 Sheremetyevo - Moscow
 Beijing Capital - Peking
 Pulkovo - St. Petersburg
 Vnukovo - Moscow
 O'Hara - Chicago
 Koltsovo - Ekaterinburg
 Tokyo - Tokyo
 Tolmachevo - Novosibirsk
 Los Angeles - Los Angeles
 Paszkowski - Krasnodar
 Sochi - Sochi
 Dallas-Fort Worth - Dallas
 Ufa - Ufa
 Frankfurt - Frankfurt am Main
 Emelyanovo - Krasnoyarsk
 Hong Kong - Hong Kong
 Kurumoch - Samara
 Denver - Denver
 Khabarovsk - Khabarovsk
 Soekarno-Hatta - Jakarta
 Rostov-on-Don - Rostov-on-Don
 Dubai - Dubai
 Knevichi - Vladivostok  Schiphol - Amsterdam
 Kazan - Kazan
 Madrid Barajas - Madrid
 Irkutsk - Irkutsk
 Suvarnabhumi - Bangkok
 Mineral water - Min. Water
 Roshchino - Tyumen
 Changi - Singapore
 Khrabrovo - Kaliningrad
 Guangzhou Baiyun - Guangzhou
 Surgut - Surgut
 McCarran - Las Vegas, NV
 Chelyabinsk - Chelyabinsk
 Pudong - Shanghai
 Bolshoye Savino - Permian
 San Francisco - San Francisco
 Omsk-Central - Omsk
 Phoenix - Phoenix
 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
 Airport George Bush - Houston
 Strigino - Nizhny Novgorod
 Yakutsk - Yakutsk
 Miami - Miami
 Talagi - Arkhangelsk
 Munich - Munich
 New Urengoy - New Urengoy
 Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur
 Nizhnevartovsk - Nizhnevartovsk
 Ataturk Airport - Istanbul


  Counting on the fact that the services of air travel are used by people, mostly having a reserve of money with them, there are shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants with a significant margin on products, counting on the generosity of passengers. International airports, usually outside the border control area, have tax-free shops, usually «Duty free»Where to look very much like the passengers and the staff of airport services.


By themselves, World Airports, and the territory adjacent to them, are considered secure facilities, so everyone tries to use maximum efforts to ensure the safety of passengers, as well as aviation equipment. A variety of services support the life of the airport, and each of them serves on its designated area. 

Perhaps we should consider all of the services separately, for a clear idea how they're organized:

Aviation Security Service. This service is presented everywhere, it has the right to control passengers, baggage, as well as all the goods being sent. They also monitor compliance with public order. Basically, the control produced by this service is carried out visually, and if necessary, other services are involved. 


Service security - This is the security service of the state where the airport is located; the value of this service cannot be explained as it is clear. 

Customs. The customs authorities represented at the airport monitor the movement of property, goods and baggage that are prohibited from importing, exporting goods, financial flows, and the movement of cultural and historical values. 

Border Agency. It consists mainly of military special units. Border guards conduct passport control of passengers, monitor the compliance with the visa and immigration laws of the country. These services will never allow the penetration of a person declared persona non grata, and may, without explaining the reasons, deport the flown person by the same flight. 

Police... Responsible for maintaining public order. Provide assistance to all airport services if necessary. 

Veterinary and phytosanitary controls. Keep an eye on the import and export of animals and plants, the production processing of livestock, poultry, fisheries. Particular attention is given to flights arriving from countries where outbreaks of epizootic spread of infectious diseases of animals and birds.
Health care services. It has all the necessary first aid to passengers, accompanied by ill passengers.


Reference Service - Provides all necessary information about flying, delays in arrivals and departures.

The service organization of passenger transportations - Carries out registration of passengers and baggage, accompanying passengers on board the plane as well. reception and support for arriving passengers.

Baggage tracing service. Conducts applications from passengers whose baggage has not arrived, or is lost somewhere. Reports arrival of wanted baggage. 


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