Vnukovo Airport (Moscow)
Vnukovo Airport (Moscow)

Vnukovo Airport (Moscow). Official site. 



Vnukovo International Airport - One of the oldest airports of the capital, Europe's largest business aviation center, located within the boundaries of Moscow.

The first phase of the airport was put into operation in the summer of 1941 In WWII Vnukovo airport was the base for transportation of senior management of the Soviet Union. At the end of the war in 1945, the Vnukovo airport moved a civil airfield on Khodynka Field.

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Today, the airport is the largest in Russia on the occupied area (270 thousand. M²) combining three-1 Vnukovo airport complex Vnukovo-2, 3-Vnukovo.

  • AVK Vnukovo-1 It combines three passenger terminals. One serves domestic and international flights with international advantage. Another specializes in international agreements and regular flights of low cost airlines in the Central Asian states. Profile of the third - domestic flights.

  • Vnukovo-2 - AVC with a special status. It serves flights of the President and Prime Minister, the heads of governments of other countries. Flights of aircraft with the highest officials of the country and foreign countries on board are made of Vnukovo almost 60 years.

  • Vnukovo-3 It serves private planes, official delegations, the special status of the passengers. It consists of three terminals.

Vnukovo 3


  • The terminal for domestic flights caters to charter planes, lease individual flights, special flights of civil servants of high status.


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  • The terminal of international flights It is engaged in urgent transportation business passengers. Every year in September, organized by the highly specialized exhibition of business aviation.

  • "Space" Terminal owned airline of the same name. Airline "Space", which owns its own fleet of aircraft, specializes in flights related primarily to the transportation of special cargo, as well as the VIP-charter flights and flights of business aviation. fly geography begins and ends at the borders of Russia the most distant continents.


The airport has a tolerance to the use of all types of domestic cars and major world-class aircraft.

The area of ​​the airport apron allows you to place the car park more than 100 aircraft of various types - from small cars to business aviation class «B-747» or aircraft "AN-124" ( "Ruslan").

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  • В airport Vnukovo based specialized flight group "Russia", which transports all the official mission. Charter flights are operated by companies «Red Wings», «Transaero». «I fly».


On the territory of the international airport is located three main airport complex:

  • Vnukovo 1.

It has three passenger terminals:

   - Terminal A (domestic and international flights);

   - Terminal B (international regular and charter flights);

   - Terminal D (at the moment it is practically not in use, but at the same time it takes absolutely all flights from the republics of the North Caucasus).

  • Vnukovo 2.

It is spetsterminalom. Serves board №1, which flies the Russian President and the Government of the country and planes flying foreign governments.

  • Vnukovo 3.

It combines several terminals serving the VIP-flights. They also include "Cosmos" - a terminal that belongs RRKK "Energy". Also Vnukovo 3 serves flights measure and the Moscow government.


Vnukovo following hotels are located near the international airport:

  • - 7-th Floor;

  • - Arch Hotel;

  • - Hotel Salute;

  • - Inside Hotel.



the following transfers between the airport and Moscow Vnukovo:

  • 1) car.

Prior to Vnukovo can be reached by Borovsky, Kiev and Minsk highway.

  • 2) Taxi.

You can use the service as "privateers" and the official taxi companies. Order machine can be on a special rack. The fare is fixed.

  • 3) Buses and taxi.

Depending on the destination and direction of movement of the ticket price can vary from up to 30 100 rubles and travel time by up to 15 30 minutes.

  • 4) Electric.

Express trains run between Vnukovo and Kiev Train Station. The train runs every hour.

  • 5) Aeroexpress.

As well as the train goes to the Kiev railway station. Visits are carried out every half hour.


At the international airport Vnukovo to you the following services can be provided:

  • - Services on booking hotels,

  • - Shop of souvenirs;

  • - Access to a Wi-Fi connection (free of charge in the cafe);

  • - cafes and restaurants;

  • - pharmacy;

  • - A large number of airline offices;

  • - Mother and child room, and much more.



Basic data:

  • International airport in the south of Moscow, business aviation center and UTair airline hub.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 55.59, longitude 37.26.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 4 / + 4.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Number of airport terminals: 3.

  • IATA airport code: VKO.

  • ICAO airport code: UUWW.

  • Internal code: VNK.

  • Based airlines: I Fly (Eye Fly), Barkol (Barkol), Bylina (bylina), Gazpromavia Aviation (Gazpromavia), Grozny-Avia (Grozny-Avia), Kosmos Air Enterprise (Kosmos ), Meridian (Meridian), Red Wings (Red Wings), RusJet (RusDzhet), RusLine (RusLine), Severstal Airlines (Severstal), Sirius-Aero (Sirius-Aero), Transaero (Transaero), UTair (UTair), UTair-Express (UTair-Express), Yakutia Airlines (Yakutia).


Vnukovo Airport on the map:


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport Fax: +74954367848.

  • Airport management phone: +74954362207.

  • Airport information phone: +74954362813.

  • The mailing address of the airport: 1-ya Reisovaya st., 12, Moscow, Russia, 119027.


Vnukovo Airport official site:

The international Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg). Official site.

Vnukovo Airport schedule:


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Work with staff to prevent similar situations. Dreadful and simply boorish attitude towards passengers! Dear Vnukovo airport management, pay attention to your employees, more precisely to the cleaners. When visiting the toilet room (female) 15.11.2018 on 10: 50 in the waiting room (green zone) near the 15 exit, there was a conflict with the cleaning lady because of the cleaning of the toilet, while the informing full house was out of the way and not informed about the cleaning. The employee who cleans the toilet, rudely and obscenely pointed to the exit, saying that before that she had come into conflict with another visitor. I ask the administration to take measures to prevent similar situations with insults from the cleaners, to take measures to the conflicting employees. After all, one could simply politely say: “Sorry, cleaning is in progress, check back later!” Instead: "There is a cleaning up, that blind (foul language)." At the same time, the full house was not visible!

On September 3, my husband and I flew from Kaliningrad to Moscow and further to Vladivostok. since my husband is a disabled person, we ordered an escort service. no one met us upon arrival. having received the luggage, we turned to the airport worker. she called the room for passengers with limited mobility and they sent us an employee with a chair. we checked in with him to Vladivostok, everything was fine. left us in the hall where similar passengers are waiting for boarding. an hour later another employee came to escort us to boarding. already without a chair. to my question, "where is the seat" replied that it was not far away. my husband recently got on a prosthesis legs, it's still hard to walk far.we somehow got to the my indignation, the airport employee said that we have the best service in our country, but in Germany they tie tape to a chair with tape.Just wonderful comments for a person who works with disabled people ! I would like the airport management to explain to the employees why people turn to them for help! and I wish everyone good health so that, God forbid, turn to such people!

16.09.18 flight 561 flew from Vnukovo to Grozny. In my ticket, one luggage space was declared and a bag with hand luggage. Behind the 066 counter there was a girl who demanded to hand baggage and hand luggage. As a result, I paid 2500 more rubles to the ticket, which was already worth a lot and handed over the hand luggage to the luggage. But the most interesting is that one of my bag was lost! And no one is to blame. And the girl who sat for 066 in 14: 00, you need to give the bonus in 10-a multiple of the amount, although the service is limping on all four legs, but the passengers are cutting perfectly!

Good health to everyone! But not the airport administration Vnukovo. Points are not recharged, if a person is not traveling in transit, they are not looking, although yesterday they went through the inspection, departed for 15 minutes. Score two at the beginning and at the end, a mess on a mess. Where authorities look! I did not see a worse service !!!!!!!!! Today 24.08 from South Sakhalin called to find out whether I will be on the flight or not, after my explanation, they said that please upon arrival will be put on the nearest one. What can not be said about this airport, which is not something to call, but also declare that the late arrivals arrive late. I do not know, it is necessary to the very head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to complain that he paid attention.

Tagiyev Timur and co-workers, who did not come up with an urgent request to name the family, today took two vials for make-up removal. They justified it in no way. Precisely such means are sold already in the departure hall and without problems can be carried into the plane. The unceremonious and rude attitude towards the passengers of the above-named persons also angered each other's passengers. Tagiyev and the employee, who was always yelling and did not name herself, even switched to nationality in a very offensive tone. I very much ask you to deal with this situation and report it. On request to draw up a seizure report, the employee replied with a refusal and said that she was taking it. Tagiyev asked to pay.

It's a horror but not an airport, people I've heard a lot about this airport, avoid it .... no words! All good.

7 September bought a ticket to Chelyabinsk, the flight was only from Sheremetyevo, it was just time to get there, I was served by cashier Aksima for the ticket took 7500. I was accustomed to trusting people, therefore I checked only my data on the ticket price
paid attention as hurried on the flight, apparently this was the calculation and only when registering found that the cost of the ticket4045 rubles. Apparently for her this is not the first case, because she behaved very confidently.People be vigilant how much we have still such Axim.

My wife and child can not fly to Greece. The flight is delayed for six hours - a nightmare! They gave them food to garbage, they do not break into your mouth. Who gives, he then tried this food ....

30 June was flying Moscow-Baku flight. I did not see such ugliness at any airport. Registration lasted a very long time. Girls registering, worked very slowly, as a result of a small queue had to stand for more than an hour. Passport control is the same. The flight barely had time, although the airport arrived with a time reserve.

In January, flew from the airport to Vienna, our flight did not arrive until changed and tickets Aerope building.

Hello. I am writing here on what occasion, I flew to Norilsk from Vnukovo 1, flight 101 to 22: 25. Already on arrival home, I found that on my suitcase there is no lock that closes the above mentioned suitcase. I found the lock inside the suitcase, things seemed to be all in place, and besides that inside, I found a pack of tablets (Amlodipine), which precisely there should not have been !!! Disgusted by the fact, despite the castle, airport workers had the nerve to break it, and climb on other people's things! Apparently in search of values! Then trust your stuff in the hands of the airport workers ...


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