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Yakutia Airlines

Airline Yakutia (Yakutia Airlines). Official site.


Airline "Yakutia" is a dynamically developing airline flights be executed throughout the territory of the Republic of Sakha, in a number of Russian regions, as well as outside the country.

In addition, the airline will also organize and execute charter flights to the United States, Western Europe, China, South Korea, etc.



One of the main principles of the airline "Yakutia" is to create a secure environment for air travel that fully complies with universally recognized international standards.

Airline "Yakutia" transmit large forces on its development, as evidenced regularly updated and expanded aircraft fleet. However, the airline is trying to develop new in routing, that allows you to extend its sphere of influence, and as a result attract new passengers.

In addition to civilian passenger traffic, the airline "Yakutia" also produces and freight, carrying it as on domestic routes and international in routing.



An equally important aspect of the development of the airline "Yakutia" is also taking care of the passengers, which include not only the most comfortable conditions for the implementation of air travel, but also regularly conducted special promotions and rates offered that allows you to fly beneficial in almost any region of the Russian Federation

In April 2014 years, the airline "Yakutia" was awarded a special prize "Wings of Russia", as the most effective regional airline in Group II at the end of the year 2013.

Since 2014 years, the airline "Yakutia" offers its passengers flights in Simferopol - the fastest and cheapest way to get to the Crimea. The cost of air travel is quite low and that's what attracts us more and more customers.



As of July 2014 years, the airline "Yakutia" 21 fleet consists of one aircraft and air carrier does not intend to stop there, intending to shortly increase it. It should be noted that the routing of airline "Yakutia" network includes about 60 destinations, and services provided by the company are so attractive to passengers, that every year the airline passenger traffic is constantly increasing.

Passenger services

Passengers of the airline "Yakutia" can choose one of three classes of service:

• Economy class - located in the tail and middle parts of the liner. Passengers who have bought seats in this class will receive board games and warm blankets. Passenger meals depend on the route and duration of the flight. Among the drinks free coffee, tea, juices, mineral water are served. For alcoholic drinks you will have to pay a separate surcharge. Champagne, beer, wine and cognac are offered. You can buy confectionery products in the same way.

• Comfort class. Some passengers do not want to pay much for Business Class, but they need an increased degree of comfort. A ticket to this class solves the problem. Seating in the front of the cabin, just behind Business Class. Seating here is more comfortable than in economy class, and meals are fully consistent with the business class menu.

• Business Class. Placed at the front of the aircraft. It features a very varied menu, consisting of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages; during long flights, passengers receive amenity kits. Some aircraft are equipped with high-quality audio and video systems that will make the flight not only practical, but also interesting. Each passenger receives headphones as a gift. On the routes that are often used by adults with children, children are presented with backpacks with puzzles, paints and pencils. 

Regulations for the carriage of animals and baggage

Airline "Yakutia" has developed the following rules regarding standards unpaid baggage: the weight of hand baggage may not exceed 5 kg and dimensions 55x40x20 see.

Passenger economy can download on the board in the luggage compartment to 20 kg of cargo. One place the luggage compartment is designed for the size of luggage to 50x50x100 see.

Bonus program

Passengers who often use the services of the airline "Yakutia" are given special discounts. You can get them by buying a ticket to any class: for presenting three tickets, the discount will be 30%, five - 50%, seven - 70%, nine - 90%. Anyone who has reached the age of 16 can become a member. 

Problems in connection with the crisis

During the 2014 period of the year, the Yakutia air carrier was forced to reduce its own staff to 120 employees and this year continues the downward trend. 
Based on the words of the general director Olga Fedorova, such measures were forced to take in connection with the conduct of anti-crisis cost optimization. In the future, the company's orientation will be mainly focused on the Far Eastern market, therefore some of the directions are closed today (Moscow-Krasnodar). Only profitable routes will remain. 

In January of this year, in Yakutia, the fleet was cleaned - two Boeing 737-700, previously used for scheduled and charter flights, were removed from it. It was also decided to abandon the operation of the Dash8-400Q cargo aircraft. Last year, Yakutia was not able to make full lease payments, as a result of which five SSJ-100 were withdrawn. Today, negotiations are underway on the possibility of paying debts on leasing in ruble terms. 

According to some experts, save the airlines can only attract private investment.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engage in regular and charter flights from Moscow, Yakutsk and Krasnodar.

  • Year of occurrence: 2002;

  • IATA airline code: R3;

  • ICAO airline code: SYL;

  • Internal airline code: YAK;


For more information about the company on the

official website: http://www.yakutia.aero/

Airline Yakutia (Yakutia Airlines). Official site.


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Hello Good Company Yakutia all advise

Arriving at the airport much earlier than the appointed time on my ticket. Just I wanted to insure the first time, flying this airline. Registration began somewhere behind 30 minutes from the time indicated on the ticket do not even know whether the plane had arrived for the people 5-10 minutes before the appointed time.

Especially looking for a company that will not put an inflated price for their tickets, and of course, would like to see the plane flew on time and God forbid not broken on the road! At some, the site came across the pictures of people who flew oud Yakutia and decided to try it. Very pleased, something that I saw when landing, almost no different from what was in the picture - a nice, neat aircraft pleasing look.

We flew a lot of fun and passengers and steward were very smiley and sociable. I had a great time. Be sure to try on a similar flight pospast again!

Long could not get on board the aircraft and when at last - that our flight was announced it became clear that my place to say the least broken, and fly on it will be very difficult without the risk of injury, but the girl who worked in the salon quickly solved my problem.

how to register for the flight?

Planting was carried out at night so that when took their seats in places, did not notice anything, but in the morning I was in shock! Aircraft tacky, dirty upholstery on the seats, under the seats of paper! But flight attendants fellows, very polite, constantly communicate with people, trying to somehow distract from domestic squalor! Landing the perfect, in general, experience no matter what remained positive.

Fly very afraid. Since this company had not previously encountered and to be honest there was some bias, probably after the reviews been reading, but everything went on schedule. Not a single harsh word from the staff for the whole trip did not hear all of the flight attendants very attentive. The commander spoke constantly for the way in this, that surprised - it is a clear. How many did not fly on airplanes, never understood what the pilots say! The only drawback there was already at the airport, we waited an hour in line to get the luggage, and everything is super!

The first time flying this airline by coincidence, my flight was canceled and I had to buy tickets to the company of Yakutia. Now I fly only with them. I never regretted it! For the first time the plane flew late in 10 minutes, which is not critical, just the delivery of luggage was delayed. The salon is not very - old shabby, but still quite cozy. In Domodedovo landed only on the second lap, but this is not the fault of the pilots, it's just the airport was heavily loaded. Even on the first flight I decided for myself that pilots are real professionals, now I always try to buy tickets of this company.

She flew with the Yakutia airline. Everything was very good. I liked it all very much. It was clean and beautiful on board, the flight attendants are lovely, kind and sociable. The whole flight went off with a bang. They gave out blankets, the press (newspapers and magazines), drinks and food, as needed. The chairs are very comfortable and soft. The flight attendants were interested in the well-being of each passenger. All liked it. The landing was successful, quiet and calm. Thanks to Yakutia airline for a successful flight.

Good evening, I would like to share my impressions of the Yakutia airline. I flew on a flight Simferopol-Moscow, on a Boeing 737. I was glad that there is a TV on the plane. Cold drinks, blankets and sweets were offered during the flight. The flight attendants are polite, the flight was not delayed. The luggage remained intact. There is only a good impression of the Yakutia airline.

The worst company! He comes up with its own rules, which do not meet the company's requirements

The owner company has the right to demand that the passenger comply with the rules of flight and behavior in accordance with the rules adopted at this enterprise and its Charter (this is written on the back of the ticket. Have you read it?) Your review is clearly a custom-made type of "fly in the ointment" You yourself read - what you wrote ...


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