Antonov An-140
Antonov An-140. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.

Antonov An-140. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.


Turboprop Antonov An-140, used for transportation of passengers and freight transport, and is designed for use in local and regional routes with heavy passenger congestion. Antonov An-140 can be operated as usual, and on the unprepared and unpaved airfields. An-140, is the first regional airliner with turboprop engines, designed in independent Ukraine, to ASTC "Antonov", after the collapse of the USSR. The first An-140, designed to replace obsolete turboprop passenger aircraft An-24.

Work on the new turboprop aircraft for regional airlines, was the beginning of the Scientific and Technical Complex named after Antonov, together with the Kharkov Aircraft Manufacturing Company in June 1993 years.

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Antonov An-140

The main objective in the design of the An-140, was to create the most reliable, cost-effective, convenient maintenance of the machine with the possibility of further modernization. In February 1994 years for the construction of the An-140 has received the status of the state program. 6 1997 June, the first version of the aircraft was ready and handed over to undergo flight tests and ground tests. The first flight of the new plane made 17 September 1997 years.

An 140 photos

Antonov An-140 22

By the end of the factory and certification tests 26 March 2000 year, was produced three An-140 aircraft, the total flight of which during all tests was more than 1200 hours. The aircraft was tested in different climatic zones, with various aerodrome covers - from ground to ice and snow. During the tests, the flight range of the basic model, An-140, was increased. The new version of the aircraft received the designation An-140-100. 25 April 2000 year the aircraft received the first flight certificate of the CIS countries. And in July 2002, the aircraft was presented to the general public at the Farnborough International 2002 air show. Starting from this year, An-140-100, began to flow to customers in the airline.

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Antonov An-140 23

An-140 has an all-metal structure, assembled according to the scheme of a twin-engine monoplane with a high wing. Two turboprop engines TVZ-117 VMA-SB2M with a capacity of 2500 hp are installed under the wing of the aircraft. or two American PW-127A engines manufactured by Pratt & Whitney. In addition, the aircraft has an additional power plant in the aft fuselage. The landing gear has a low pressure pneumatics for better cross-country ability and for operation on unpaved airfields.

Designed plane turned a reliable, easy to maintain and operate, designed for use in different climatic conditions and with excellent flight characteristics for turboprop aircraft. An-140 has a modern radio and navigation equipment, allowing it to make flights around the clock in any weather condition.

Antonov An-140 52 can carry up to passengers as standard cabin or up to six tonnes of payload at a distance of up to 2300 kilometers, with an average cruising speed of 510 kilometers per hour. Ferry same range of AN-140, more than three thousand kilometers.

An 140 interior layout

Antonov An-140 scheme

An-140 also has high performance in terms of fuel efficiency, the average consumption of which is 600 kilogram per hour. Certification of the turboprop An-140 also implies its use as a cargo and passenger variant. The aircraft manufacturers also offer An-140, with a cabin of increased comfort, which can be divided into three zones. This, the administrative version of the aircraft, is designed to carry up to 30 people. In addition, the aircraft can easily be upgraded to various options, both for civilian and military applications. It can be used as a geological prospecting, sanitary, search and rescue, military transport and patrol aircraft. For this reason, the AN-140 is also a multi-purpose aircraft.

The following common modification of the AN-140:

  • An-140 - the original, the basic model of the aircraft.

  • An-140-100 - a civilian version of the aircraft, with 52-seater layout of the passenger cabin.

  • An-140TK - cargo-passenger, convertible version of the aircraft

  • An-140T - military transport aircraft modification for the transport of military goods and technology.

Today An-140 is produced not only at the Kharkov State Aviation Enterprise, but also under license in Russia, at the Aviakor aircraft plant and in Iran at the HESA enterprise. From the start of production to September 2013, about 30 units of the An-140 aircraft were produced.


Technical characteristics of the AN-140-100:

  • The first flight of the An-140: 17 September 1997 years

  • Production Years: c 1997 years

  • Length: 22,60 m.

  • Height: 8,20 m.

  • Empty weight: 12810 kg.

  • Wing area: 51 sq.m.

  • Wingspan: 25,50 m

  • Cruising speed: 510 km / h..

  • Maximum speed: 540 km / h..

  • Ceiling: 7600 m.

  • Practical range: 2300 km.

  • Ferry range: 3650 km.

  • Length of takeoff: 880 m.

  • path length: 530 m.

  • Engines: 2 turboprop engines TVZ-117VMA-SBM1 or PW-127A

  • Crew: 2 people

  • Number of passenger seats: 52 passenger seats


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I think An-140 remarkable aircraft. I do not know why so many complain and write negative reviews. As for me so I could fly every day on this machine. Anyway, I always had a dream to become a pilot, and if it did, I would only fly on the AN-140.

I have not seen the worst of aircraft than the An-140. I flew on this plane once more, probably never fly. The noise in the cabin is simply intolerable, rattles, rumbles plastic. When we landed, I drank a few hours headache tablets, I felt that I was driving without a break for the horse's day. Well, in general, if I have to choose, I would never fly on the AN-140. Let the chief designer of the aircraft will try to fly a few days on this machine, not wearing headphones.

I personally flew to An-140 many times. I think that this car is beautiful, nothing flies when flying, the seats are very comfortable, comfortable and free in the cabin. In the toilet, of course was not, I did not want to, but probably everything is there as expected. Some say that An-140 is making a loud noise, and so, and I'll say that the hum is normal, so it's not particularly annoying. I've been sitting near the engines, I got the phone and measured the noise, for the entire flight the peak of the noise reached 72Db. Therefore, I believe that such a rumble does not hurt to listen to music or watch a movie. There is one disadvantage that I did not like once, or rather the landing is a bit harsh, when the plane touched the chassis, I felt a punch. Well, in general, everything is comfortable, in the process of flying, it did not make you sick, did not shake, except that you only experienced a little shaking when the car was down, but believe us on our cars it shakes a lot harder when you drive on broken roads. In general, the plane is simply a miracle!

Many people compare the An-140 with AN-24. But in fact, these aircraft are completely different. The first An-140 flies much quieter than the An-24. Moreover, An-140 emits less buzz, not only during takeoff and during the flight. And most interesting is that this machine can fly on one engine and take the dirt lane. That's why this aircraft none pales in comparison. Do not hurt people that car, better try it yourself to fly on this plane, to make sure its not right, if you're lucky!

I just landed in St. Petersburg. I'll write down my feelings. The salon is decorated with sound plastic, nothing rattles. Armchairs are soft, comfortable. I flew on Boeing - there is less space between the seats. About the toilet on board I can not say anything, tk. Did not go there. Noise insulation should say at a normal level, the noise does not bother. You can watch videos and listen to music if someone annoys him. I found the place 08, which is located opposite the driver. The take-off was excellent, there were no shakes, the plane quietly and calmly pulled away from the ground. I did not even have time to notice the moment when we took off. About landing good I can not say, in my opinion the landing was tough, Boeing sits gently. There was a sharp impact when it came into contact with the surface of the airport strip. This is not critical. The flight was excellent. Maybe just lucky that flew in good weather. Only during the landing a little shook, but those who ride the car on our roads swings more. :) In general, a good aircraft, you can fly on it.


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