Military aircraft of Russia and the World. Combat aircraft.


Combat aircraft can sometimes affect not only their firepower in the battle, but their ideal forms, which have been assigned to these combat vehicles by their creators.

Currently there are several hundred a variety of combat aircraft, which were used, used or will be used in the near future. All combat aircraft have their own history, sometimes tragic, sometimes absurd, and sometimes simply fantastic.

military aircraft

You can appreciate the combat aircraft, the characteristics and properties of which the imagination, but the most important thing we can assume that they are all part of the history of world aviation, which so strongly attracted people dreaming again and again to climb into the sky.

The most popular passenger and cargo aircraft.


The most popular Russian planes (The list is filled):

Tupolev yak logo
Su-1 Raven MiG-1 EG PAK TA An-8
Su-2 Mi-3 MiG-1.44 Bumblebee-1 IL-2 An-12
Su-3 And-4 MiG-3 Bee-1T IL-4 An-26
Su-4 And-14 MiG-5 And-26 IL-6 An-32
Su-5 TB-1 MiG-8 And-30 IL-8 An-71
Su-6 A-3 MiG-9 Yak-1 IL-10 An-72
Su-7 Xian H-6 MiG-15 Yak-2 IL-16  
Su-8 ANT-3 MiG-17 Yak-3 IL-20  
Su-9 TB-3 (ANT-6) MiG-19 Yak-4 IL-22  
Su-10 ANT-7 (P-6) MiG-21 Yak-6 IL-28  
Su-11 ANT-8 (MDR-2) MiG-23 Yak-7 IL-30  
Su-12 PS-9 (ANT-9) MiG-25 Yak-7UTI IL-32  
Su-13 And-8 (ANT-13) MiG-27 Yak-9 IL-38  
Su-15 TB-4 (ANT-16) MiG-29 Yak-11 IL-40  
Su-17 ANT-20 MiG-31 Yak-12 IL-46  
Su-22 MK-1 (ANT-22) MiG-35 Yak-14 IL-54  
Su-24 And-12 (ANT-23) MiG-37 Yak-15 IL-78  
Su-25/Т/UGT ANT-25 MiG-AT Yak-17 IL-80  
Su-27/CM/М ANT-40   Yak-19 IL-102  
Su-28 ANT-44 (MTB-2)   Yak-21 IL-106  
Su-30 ANT-46 (CI-8)   Yak-23 IL-214  
Su-33 / UX Tu-2   Yak-24    
Su-34 Tu-4   Yak-25    
Su-35 Tu-14   Yak-26    
Su-37 Tu-16   Yak-27    
Su-39 Tu-22   Yak-28    
Su-47 Tu-22 M3   Yak-30    
Su-80 Tu-75   Yak-32    
P-42 Tu-80   Yak-35    
T-4 (Su-100) Tu-85   Yak-36    
T-50 (PAK FA)  Tu-89   Yak-38 / M / Y    
T-60 Tu-91   Yak-39    
  Tu-95   Yak-43    
  Tu-98   Yak-44    
  Tu-107   Yak-60    
  Tu-119   Yak-130    
  Tu-121   Yak-133BR    
  Tu-123   Yak-141    
  Tu-128   Yak-201    



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Aircraft of the World in chronological order:

Short description
? PAK TA PAK TA, flying at hypersonic speeds, able to reach any point of the Earth's 7 hours
2022 B-21 Raider US Air Force strategic bomber. The first 4th generation bomber and aircraft with a network-centric control system
2014 Yak-133BR Unmanned reconnaissance, created by the operating time combat training aircraft Yak-130
2014 IL-214 (MTS) Military transport tactical aircraft
Sredniy multipurpose fighter 4-generation, equipped with jet engines 2
2013 Airbus A400M Atlas Four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft
2012 MQ-4c Triton Unmanned aerial vehicle for reconnaissance over the marine area
2012 J-31 The aircraft type is J-31 5-unit generation.
2012 IL-112 The machine is made by the scheme monoplane in which highly placed wings straight form
2010 Dry T-50 PAK FA  This modern fighter military leadership wants to in the future oust Su-27
Chinese military fighter 5-generation of Western classification Chengdu J-20
2009 RQ-170 Sentinel Unmanned aerial vehicles, created with the use of American technology "Stealth"
2009 Sioux 27SM The aircraft is a relatively new and advanced vehicle, the more it can perform very complex flight maneuvers
2008 Su-35 As the basis for the new aircraft was the Su-27, much of it was used on the new fighter
2006 MiG-35 The aircraft was named the MiG-35 2006 in the end, after the start of commercial sales promising fighter
Multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation produced in the United States
Japanese combat fighter 5-generation Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin is the latest innovative development of military
2003 Dry T-60 The project is a supersonic bomber of Soviet medium-range range
2001 MQ-9 Reaper Reconnaissance and strike UAVs, which was established by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
1999 MiG-37 At the present time we found the raw data about where the project took MiG-37
1998 RQ-4 Global Hawk The strategic reconnaissance drones manufactured in the USA.
1997 F-22 Raptor This project was launched to replace an outdated fighter model. F-15 Eagle
1997 Bee-1T Of highly complex, which provides real-time, and species of intelligence information on the set of television equipment
1997 Su-47 The Russian carrier-based fighter promising as developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Sukhoi
1997 Su-39 A large part of the aircraft performs automatic
Multi-purpose combat aircraft JAS-39 Grippen company SAAB / British Aerospace
1996 MiG-AT Russian jet training aircraft built MiG Design Bureau
1996 Yak-130 Training and combat aircraft, developed by Yakovlev Design Bureau
1995 IL-106 Project heavy military transport aircraft unit
1994 Su-34 The Su-34 was created to defeat both terrestrial and aquatic enemy
1994 MQ-1 Predator American multi-purpose unmanned aircraft by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
Multipurpose fighter was created on the initiative of the Air Force of Western European countries
1993 Su-37 Fighter used as interceptor any air targets
1992 Su-30 The aircraft initially designated as T-10 5PU and was intended to test the engine
1991 Boeing C-17 Globemaster The strategic American military transport aircraft
1991 Yak-141 141 is a supersonic apparatus designed according to bazirovki on aircraft carriers of various types
1991 Tu-300 "Kite-U" is the Russian shock tactical unmanned aerial vehicle
1991 Su-29 Sports aircraft Su-29 model was developed based on the previous model Su-26
The plane is almost can not be seen devices detect air targets.
It refers to the tactical fighter with a vertical or short takeoff and landing
1987 MiG-1.44 The project is multi-functional front car of a new generation.
Plane X-AM is designed to solve problems of air defense, air reconnaissance
Su-33 built on an integrated aerodynamic configuration and added canards.
1987 Su-28 Su-28 represented a training version of the aircraft, created on the basis of the Su-25
1987 Tu-243 For the first time the UAV Tu-243 flew in July 1987 years
1987 Sioux 27M In 80-ies the idea to create a modified Model on the basis of the Su-27
1986 P-42 P-42 named as the Remembrance Day break in the Battle of Stalingrad, a perfect year in 1942
This is one of the largest aircraft of its class in the history of aviation
Dassault Rafale - Fifth generation French multirole fighter
1985 IL-80 Air Command Post, released at the end of the Ilyushin Design Bureau 1980-x
1985 Bumblebee-1 Unmanned aircraft short-range
Tactical Fighter UK is armed with 1985 city
Fighter-interceptor aircraft belongs to the fourth generation.
1985 Sioux 25T The product T-8M Sukhoi Design Bureau better known as Su-25T
1984 Su-26 Aircraft such as Su-26 is a sports car that is able to perform very complex aerobatics
1983 IL-78 Refueling aircraft developed on the basis of IL-76MD
Tactical fighter USA adopted on 1985 g. 
1982 IL-102 Experimental Soviet heavy attack, which is a deep modernization of the Il-40
1982 An-71 Apparatus for radar control
The aircraft had a deltoid wing, approximately 2 times larger than the F-16 wing
The world's first mass-produced low-profile tactical bomber made by technology "Stals"
In the decay of the Soviet Union Tu-160 were distributed among the republics
1980 Yak-201 The plane is only a sketch project.
1980 Su-25 This unit was created under the scheme vysokoplana, which is equipped with two engines, with the machine controls one pilot
Panavia Tornado - Fighter of joint production of Great Britain, Germany, Italy 
1979 Yak-44 The aircraft carrier-based, used for radar surveillance
1979 Yak-43 The project is a fighter, capable of short takeoff and landing
fighter-interceptor, attack aircraft, reconnaissance, can carry an atomic bomb
One of the main domestic front-line fighters
Undoubtedly, the MiG-29 is one of the most successful fighters of the Soviet era. 
1976 Yakovlev Yak-52 The Yak-52, created by Yakovlev in the middle of 1970-ies as a successor to the family of aircraft Yak-18.
The plane had a variable geometry wing.
1974 Tu-141 Reusable Soviet reconnaissance operational-tactical unmanned aircraft
Fighter of the Japanese Self-Defense Force is armed with 1974 city
1974 Yak-39 The project is multi-subsonic aircraft that can perform vertical takeoff and landing
1974 Yak-38 / Yak-38M Deck Soviet attack aircraft manufacturing
American multifunctional light fighter of the fourth generation
IAI Kfir (Lion) - Israeli Air Force fighter of its own production has been in service since 1974
Fighter Air France intended to conduct air combat
1973 Lockheed C-5 Galaxy Military transport aircraft aircraft equipped with four engines TRDD TF39-GE
One of the most effective and common fighter jets of the USAF. 
1972 Tu-148 In connection with the death of Commander of the Air Defense KP, the aircraft could not build
1972 T-4 In 70-ies in the Soviet Union was built heavy bomber, to compete in the speed with which he could not no fighter in the world
With 1993 years in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, almost all MiG-27 were decommissioned
1971 IL-76 Russian and Soviet military transport aircraft heavy
A tactical fighter-bomber based on the G-91
1971 Tupolev "The Raven" The plane "The Raven" is a version of the project reconnaissance aircraft Tupolev Design Bureau
1970 Tu-143 The Soviet unmanned reconnaissance vehicle (UAV)
The supersonic bomber of Soviet (Russian) BBC
Tu 22 M3 - multimode supersonic strategic missile - bomber
In 1970-ies. Israel carried out the work on the creation of his fighter.
The aircraft consumes an excessive amount of fuel (10 1 liters per km)
1968 IL-20 electronic surveillance aircraft and electronic warfare on based IL-18
Fighter SEPECAT Jaguar - «Jaguar" co-production in France and the UK
1968 Tu-142 Soviet long-range anti-submarine aircraft
Saab 37 «Viggen" - the Swedish multi-role fighter of third generation.
1967 Lockheed AC-130 Heavily armed aircraft ground units
One of the design features of a variable in terms of the geometry of the wing.
1967 British Aerospace BAC.167 Strikemaster To fulfill the role as a training aircraft and light attack
1967 Cavalier F-51D Mustang Mk 2 The plane "Mustang» Mk 2 (12 kW), respectively (to 2) of "Kevelir" was based on the classic American fighter of World War II. 
1966 Su-17 The aircraft showed the best flight characteristics and performance of landing and takeoff
1965 North American Rockwell OV-10D Bronco Bronco aircraft was specially constructed machine, created as a result of studies conducted by the Ministry of Defense in 1959-1965 years.
1964 An-30 The device is designed for aerial photography and observation of the terrain
1964 Yak-36 The first prototype of the Soviet Union, which has a system of vertical takeoff
Long-range two-seater tactical bomber
1964 SR-71 Blackbird The supersonic strategic reconnaissance
1964 Cessna O-2 Super Skymaster The company "Cessna" provided a solution in the form of a special "militarized" model aircraft modification 337 «Skymaster» (Skymaster- heavenly Master), known as "Super Skymaster» 0-2.
1963 Short Skyvan 3M The plane "Skayven» (Skyvan - heavenly wagon) of "Short» (Shorts) began its existence since the adoption in 1959, the decision to create a small general-purpose transport aircraft.
The Su-15 fighter was in service with the Soviet Air Force for a long time: the 1970-1980. 
1962 PZL-104 Wilga "Wilga» (Wilga) - a special general-purpose aircraft, designed by PZL.
1961 IL-38 Anti-Soviet aircraft Ilyushin Design Bureau
1961 Su-11 The machine is driven by a single pilot. The fuselage is designed semi-monocoque. 
The first Soviet supersonic heavy bomber design Myasishchev
According to the characteristics, combat capabilities, he did not yield to the aircraft in its class in all countries.
1961 Tu-126 A distinctive feature of the spy was a small probability of destruction during combat missions
1961 SOKO G-2A Galeb The plane "Galeb» (Galeb - Seagull) was the first Yugoslav jet development, has fallen into production.
1960 Yak-35 Bomber-missile project
1960 Tu-123 Tu-123 «Hawk" - the long-range supersonic unmanned reconnaissance Tupolev design
1960 Yak-32 Soviet jet training aircraft
1960 Cessna 185 Skywagon Model 185 «Skayvegen» (Skywagon - heaven van) was built as a low-cost in production and operation of multi-purpose aircraft.
1960 Iskra PZL TS-11 Bidder start 1960-ies to provide the Air Force.
1959 An-12 Military transport aircraft USSR created Antonov.
Supersonic twin-engine strategic bomber OKB A.N. Tupolev
1959 Aero L-29 Delfin Plane L-29 was designed to replace the air force of Czechoslovakia piston training aircraft.
1959 Folland Gnat T-1  The plane "Nat» (Gnat - mosquito), in contrast to his predecessor single, achieved success in the Royal Air Force.
1959 Xian H-6 Bomber Xian H-6 appeared a copy of the T-16
1959 Tu-119 On the basis of the Soviet Tu-95 was drafted first atomoleta
1959 Grumman OV-1 Mohawk Plane 0V-1 «Mohawk» (Mohawk - Indian-mohouk) of Grumman was built to meet the needs of the US Army felt.
1959 Northrop T-38 Talon / P-5 Freedom Fighter Airplane T-38 had considerable success and long career mostly in the US Air Force.
1958 Yak-28 Soviet jet multi-purpose military aircraft
1958 Tu-107 The Tu-107 has a fire protection system, which is represented by tanks filled with inert gas
1958 Tu-121 The Tu-121, he is the product "C" is a supersonic drone
The main fighter of NATO countries since the 1960s. was the F-4 Phantom.
Subsequent modification of the aircraft was "Bukanir S.2»
MiG-21 produced under license in the factories of Czechoslovakia, India and China
1958 YOU «Buccaneer» The plane "Bukkanir» (Buccaneer - Pirate) of "Blackburn" had a wonderful long operational career, mainly in the Royal Air Force.
1958 De Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou Aircraft DHC-4 was built in an attempt to combine the aircraft payload C-47 the characteristics STOL aircraft "Beaver" and "Otter".
1958 Lockheed P-3 Orion It is still widely used in military aircraft at the end of 1990-ies.
1958 McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II The most famous post-war fighter F-4 «phantom» (Phantom) II Company "McDonnell Douglas".
1958 North American Rockwell T-2 VusKeue Airplane T-2A "Buckeye» (Buckeye - born in Ohio) - transient aircraft designed for training pilots of carrier-based aircraft.
UK-weather supersonic fighter entered service in 1960 city
1957 Yak-30 Soviet jet training aircraft
Su-7 was the Air Force of the country for almost a quarter century.
1957 Aermacchi MB-326 Designed by engineer Ermanno Bazzochi in 1954, the aircraft CF-326 with straight wings.
Strategic Bomber US Air Force was in service from mid-1950-ies.
The main Italian Air Force fighter aircraft was in service in 1960-1970 years.
1956 Su-9 High flight characteristics allowed to install interceptor Su-9 several world records
1956 Tu-98 "Dorsal fin" - Soviet supersonic bomber developed in the OKB. Tupolev
A single-engine double Japanese fighter designed with the participation of "North America"
A single-engine single French fighter was in service at the beginning of the 1960-ies. 
French Air Force tactical fighter is in service for several decades
1956 Douglas C-133 Cargomaster Developed by "Douglas" aircraft C-133 the drawing board at once went into production. 
1955 Aero CF-105 Arrow Fighter Interceptor has design features a delta wing
The supersonic twin-engine bomber
Mass-produced versions of "pure" bomber, missile, long-range reconnaissance
Strategic Bomber US replaced "Boeing" in-29.
1955 Hispano HA 200 / -220 Saeta / Super Saeta Built as a training aircraft.
1955 MiG-21 MiG-21 today is still fighting about the Air Force tactical fighter 50 countries.
1955 Yak-26 Supersonic bomber small series production OKB-115
1955 Yak-27 Patrolling Soviet fighter-interceptor, developed Yakovlev
1955 SAAB J.35 Draken The plane "Draken» (Draken) with a radically new scheme has been designed in 1949-1951 years as a supersonic all-weather fighter.
1955 Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer Designed by experts in producing aircraft short takeoff and landing of "Scottish Aviation» (Scottish Aviation) at the beginning of 1950-x.
1954 Lockheed C-130 Hercules American military transport aircraft large and medium-range
1954 An-8 Military transport aircraft development Soviet OKB. Antonov mid 50-ies
F-104 fighter - one of the most common combat aircraft of the 1950's early 
1954 BAC Jet Provost. Developed by the company "Pesivel» (Percival - later Hunting Percival) as an inexpensive reactive modification of its piston aircraft "Provost» (Provost - Rector).
1954 Convair C-131 The C-131 was a modification of the transport for the Air Force / US Navy particularly successful twin-engine aircraft series 240 / 340 / 440 of "Convair".
1954 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk  A-4 company "Douglas" was the original idea of ​​the chief engineer Ed Heinemann.
1954 Fairchild C-123 Provider US Air Force expressed interest in its variant with engines, so the company has equipped a second prototype airframe with two engines "Double Wasp" and awarded him the designation XC-123 "Evitrak".
1954 Hispano HA-1112 Buchon This aircraft can still be valuable as a fighter-bomber.
1954 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter The plane was designed by Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson.
1954 King-plane (aka "Tsar Bomb" AN602 and erroneously, RN202 and RDS-202) - thermonuclear bomb aircraft
1954 Morane-Saulnier MS.760 MS.760 was a direct descendant of one of the first light aircraft MS.755 «Flёre» (FLueret).
1953 IL-40 Soviet jet attack aircraft developed by the Ilyushin Design Bureau at the beginning of the 50's 
Soviet strategic bomber EDO VM Myasishcheva been in service since the early 1960-ies.
1953 North American F-100 Super Sabre The natural heir to the aircraft F-86 - aircraft F-100.
1953 Piaggio P.149 D Initially, the company "Piaggio» (Piaggio) developed the aircraft as a civilian four.
Avro Vulcan bomber is one of the best aircraft in its class. 
1952 IL-54 Transonic bomber has excellent scheme chassis
1952 Tu-91 Soviet naval torpedo bomber. We managed to build only a prototype
The first Soviet bomber, on which a domestic turbojet engine was installed
1952 Douglas A-3 Skywarrior Another project of Ed Heinemann, designed and built at the company "Douglas" in El Segundo, California. 
1952 Fouga CM 170 Magister The plane "Mazhister» (Magister - MA) was the world's first jet training aircraft.
1952 Grumman S-2 Tracker / C-1 Trader The plane «Tracker» (Tracker - Filer) lived a long life in a combat operation, which has nearly four decades. 
1952 Max Holst M.N.1521M Broussard The plane M.N.1521 was created on their own initiative by Max Holst.
1952 Saab A / J 32 Lansen Aircraft type 32 «Lance» (Lansen - spear), built to replace the twin-engined piston medium bomber SAAB 18.
1951 IL-46 The bomber aircraft medium-range straight-wing
1951 MiG-19 Single Soviet jet fighter of the second generation
All were released 2 instance bomber.
1951 Tu-89 Frontline reconnaissance aircraft, developed in OKB. Tupolev
1951 Yak-14 Metal Assault Glider
1951 CAC CA-25 Winjeel It was developed by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) under the designation CA-22. 
1951 Hawker Hunter The most successful of the postwar British fighter plane "Hunter".
At one time it was one of the best light bombers.
1950 Hunting Percival Provost The answer of "Persivel» (Percival) to these demands became 0R.257 aircraft "Provost» (Provost - Rector). 
1949 Avro Shackleton This is the last chetyrehdvigatelny large aircraft companies AVRo.
1949 Cessna Model 0-1 Bird Dog It was based on the highly successful model of civil aircraft 170 company "Cessna" end 1940 and 1950-ies. 
1949 De Havilland Venom / Sea Venom Successor aircraft DH 100 «Vampire" aircraft DH 112 «Venom» (Venom - anger) used a more subtle wing and more powerful turbofan engine "guests". 
1949 IL-30 Bomber jet class
1949 Douglas R4D-8 It was the military version of this classic aircraft that revolutionized both the civil and the military air transport market.
1949  "English Electric" Canberra The plane "Canberra» (Canberra) distinguished himself as the most durable jet warplane UK.
1949 Fairey Gannet Designed to perform advanced technical requirements of the Navy GR.17 / 45.
1949 Yak-25 Double Soviet fighter-interceptor development Yakovlev
1949 MiG-17 MiG-17 has a new wing with three aerodynamic baffles on the upper surface.
1949 North American T-28 Trojan / Fennec Airplane T-28 was created by "North American" to meet the needs of the army aviation training aircraft to replace aircraft T-6 "Texan".
All-weather fighter-interceptor with a powerful weapon and the latest on-board radiolok. station
1948  Beech T-34 Mentor. Based on a particularly successful model of civil aircraft 35 «Bonanza» (Bonanza) airplane model 45 «Mentor» (Mentor - Mentor) was built in the year 1948.
And it seemed that everything was perfect, after the first flight was found about 80 defects.
1948  FIAT G. 46 It was designed by the same team that created all successful fighters of the company FIAT previous decade.
1948 IL-32 Airborne Glider cargo Ilyushin Design Bureau
1948  FIAT G.59 The last of the fighter aircraft G.59 company FIAT was established due to lack of rest after the war, the DB engine 603A company "Daimler-Benz".
1948 Lockheed T-33 / Canadair CL-30 The most widely used worldwide jet training aircraft.
1948 Percival Pembroke / Sea Prince Designed on the basis of a civil passenger aircraft to serve domestic airlines.
1948 Saab 29 Tunnan The first Western European fighter with swept wings, got into production.
1947 Yak-17 The basic model for its production served as the Yak-15
1947 Tu-80 Officially took up rebuild of the old Tu-4 a new Tu-80 1948 year in July
One of the most common bombers of the Air Force US 50-x.
1947 Yak-19 Experimental fighter Yakovlev Design Bureau
1947 Yak-23 With 1949, the Soviet industry produced 310 aircraft
It was built 9623 aircraft F-86 (its designation until June of 1948 - P-86).
1947 Su-13  The project of the fighter was developed in the design office of Pavel Sukhoi.
1947 Su-12 The aircraft is constructed according to the plan "frame" with two tail boom
1947 Su-10 Unfortunately, the car was not up in the air, since the project was closed in the year 48.
1947 Tu-14 Interesting was the fact that the creation of the Tu-14 conducted in fierce competition with the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Ilyushin
1947 Antonov An-2 As one of the last biplane being in production, the AN-2 still operated by the Air Force almost 30 countries.
1947 Dassault MD 311-312 Flamant One of the first post-war product of the reformed company "Bosch".
1947 De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver The big breakthrough aircraft "Beaver" 1951 occurred in the year, when the Army and the US Air Force chose it as a coherent plane.
1947  Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar Designed on the basis of the war with aircraft-82 «Pekit» (Packet - Packet) of "Fairchild".
1947 Fokker S11 Instructor S-11 was designed as a training aircraft for the initial training of military and civilian use. 
1947 Grumman F9F Panther Plane F9F - the first jet fighter of "Grumman".
1947 Hughes H-4 Hercules Wingspan boat was unheard of - 97,71 meters
1947 Cranemman Albatross Aircraft G-46 «Albatross" maintained contact with the previous amphibious company "Grumman".
1947  Hawker Sea Hawk The first jet fighter designed by Sir Sydney Kamm.
1947 MiG-15 / MiG-15UTI The first successful Soviet jet fighter MiG-15.
Cverhtyazhely bomber Air Force US
1946 Yak-15 This machine has been designed on the basis of pre-existing Yak-3
1946 Tu-75 The most interesting part of the design is at the lower ladder-hatch
1946 MiG-9 The first turbojet Soviet fighter
Four-engine bomber was developed in 1946, the aircraft was not made.
Aircraft Series F-84F could carry an atomic bomb
1946 Yak-21 Jet trainer with dual controls
1946 De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk It was established immediately after World War II to replace the aging aircraft "Tiger Moth" as the initial aircraft training. 
1946 Grumman AF-2 Guardian Built specifically to counter the growing threat from the Soviet submarine fleet.
1946 North American F-86 Sabre Single copies of the aircraft F-86 remain in the Air Force before starting a series of 1990-ies.
1946 North American L-17 Navion The aircraft was used as a coherent "workhorse."
1946 Yakovlev Yak-11 The Yak-11 designed for use in the Soviet Air Force as a training fighter.
1946 Yakovlev Yak-18 / Nanchang CJ-5 / 6 Designed on the basis of pre-war aircraft UT-2.
1945 Tu-4 The aircraft is all-metal cantilever monoplane normal scheme
1945 "Arista" AOP 6 / 9 / 11 Building on the highly successful family of Intelligence and Communication light aircraft.
1945 De Havilland Devon / Sea Devon The plane "Dove" became more attractive for both civil and military customers.
1945 Douglas A-1 Skyraider Dubbed the first "Dontless II», the plane XBT2D-1 had a reputation as a brilliant dive bomber of "Douglas".
1945 Lockheed P-2 Neptune It is designed to obtain an exceptional range and endurance.
1945 Martin JRM-3 Mars Initial aircraft "Mars» (Mars) of "Martin» (Martin) was commissioned by the US Navy in August 23 1938 years as a flying boat.
1945 IL-16 The Il-16 is a further development of the well-known aircraft IL-10
1945 Pilatus P-2 The plane "Pilatus» (Pilatus) P-2, specifically designed for use with high-altitude airfields Switzerland.
1945  Saab 91 Safir "Safir» (Safir), built as training aircraft and tourist aircraft for civil and military use.
1945 MiG-8 The development of the MiG-8 carried out to check the controllability and stability of aerodynamic configuration "duck"
1945 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVIII and Mk XIX Modification Mk XVIII and photo-reconnaissance modification of special PR XIX, representing a refinement of the original plane "Spitfire» (Spitfire).
1944 IL-10 The Soviet attack aircraft, released under the final stage of World War II
The creation of a jet fighter-interceptor with a gas turbine engine was on September 23, 1944.
American soldiers saw this car a few days before the end of World War II.
1944 Su-5 Su-5 had type design single metal monoplane, covered with thick duralumin sheets 1-2 mm
The plane was produced in several versions, each improved one or the other component (F-80C, XF-80, RF-80
1944 Boeing KC-97L Stratofreighter The C-97 «Stretofreyter» (Stretofreighter - stratospheric truck), built on the basis of bomber-29
1944 Grumman F8F Bearcat The last of a long series of piston aircraft company "Grumman".
1944 Hawker Fury / Sea Fury The last word in the design of single-engine piston British fighter - plane "Fury» (Fury - Fury) of "Hawker".
The German bomber (reconnaissance) with a gas turbine engine entered service in 1943.
Aircraft La-5-7 and La were among some of the best aircraft of the Second World War
F7F «Taygerket» (Tigercat - marsupial marten) began to come into operation when Japan after the atomic bombing in August.
1943 Su-8 Only in March 44 the aircraft was able to start full-scale flight tests
The Mk XIV, without a doubt, was exactly the Spitfire of the war, which demanded special treatment. 
Yakovlev Yak-SCT
Yak-9 appeared at the front end of 1942 years, was a lightweight version of the Yak-7, which in turn was a major fighter Air Force since the end of the year 1941.
1943 IL-8 Heavy attack bomber
1943 De Havilland DH.Vampire The plane "Vampire» (Vampire) was the second jet fighter to enter the service of the Royal Air Force.
1943 IL-6 Experienced bomber torpedo
1943 Yak-3 Fighter Soviet manufacture, which was equipped with a single engine
1943 Gloster Meteor Single of the allied planes, got to the front during World War II.
1943  Lockheed C-69 / C-121 Designed for companies TWA Howard Hughes.
Bell P-63 Kingcobra - a completely new design that has excellent speed qualities at all altitudes.
Weapons of victory
Aircraft for the Royal Air Force have been slightly modified compared with the civil. 
1942 Sche-2 The history of the development of the aircraft Sche-2 dates back to the Second World War
1942 Su-6 The last negative factor, which did not allow the Su-6 into production, it was the appearance of the IL-10
The company "Culver" has started work in the market of air targets in 1940 year, when her light aircraft LCA «Cadet" was selected for the US Air Force alteration in radio-controlled target.
1942 IL-4 Far twin-engine bomber
1942 Yak-6 Direct participant of the Second World War, designed Yakovlev
Plane F6F «Hellcat» (Hellcat - witch) combines the experience gained during the operation of the previous maritime fighter F4F «Uildket" in the Pacific, as well as highlights of the air war in Europe.
The plane was designed and built at the request of a number of senior army officers to the task post air surveillance.
As was explained in detail in the previous article, the flight performance of the Mustang I aircraft fell at high altitudes, at which air battles took place in Europe. 
1942 Yakovlev Yak-9UM Yak-9 appeared at the front end of 1942 years, was a lightweight version of the Yak-7, which in turn was a major fighter Air Force since the end of the year 1941. 
1941 And-30 This unit has been designed only Yakovlev Design Bureau in duplicate
1941 Yak-7 The new fighter was designed on the basis of already suschestvovashego training aircraft Yak-7UTI
In order to obtain light aircraft for reconnaissance and communications in the front line in the last months of peace in 1941, the US Army evaluated four ready designs from three reputable American companies.
1941 Yak-7UTI The aircraft, which is actively used during the Second World War, Soviet pilots
The first flight of the Me-262 with a piston engine was made in the spring of 1941.
1941 MiG-5 Far escort fighter
1941 Tu-2 Twin-engine, all-metal high having dvuhkilevoe plumage
1941 Su-4 The only copy of the Su-4 with motor M-90 was gathered in Omsk and flew 4 30 hours minutes test time.
1941 Su-3 Fighter, designed for active hostilities
Excellent heavy bomber of AVRo was speaking literary language, "phoenix rise from the ashes" adversity airplane program "Manchester» (Manchester) 1040-1941 years.
Developed by «Bell» (Bell), a P-39 introduced the concept of single-engine fighter with the installation of the engine in the center of the fuselage and tricycle landing gear.
The plane was built by Curtis-Wright as an attempt to return from Boeing, Douglas and Lockheed companies a part of the airliner market that was lost. 
Inspired by the success of the Royal Air Force aircraft "Hudson» (Hudson), the company "Lockheed" developed for the same consumers more advanced "twin bomb", based on the plane model 18 «Loudstar."


Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

Initially, the plane F-47 «Thunderbolt» (Thunderbolt - lightning strike) was built in response to the US Air Force requirement for a light interceptor, the same size aircraft "Spitfire" and Bf 109. 

1941  Fairey Firefly AS 5 / 6 The plane "Firefly» (Firefly - firefly) was established on the basis of "Fulmar» 1940 Navy fighter of the year (Fulmar). 
1941 Yak-1 Soviet fighter who actively used on the fronts of World War II
The plane "Mosquito» (Mosquito) wooden airframe in 1938 was rejected by the Ministry of Aviation for this reason.
The plane "Widgeon» (Widgeon - wigeon) developed by "Grumman" as a reduction in modification of its successful civil amphibious "Goose."
1940 MiG-3 The upgraded MiG-1. Development of the aircraft belong to OKB. Mikoyan and Gurevich
The company «Martin» (Martin) to a large extent rely on their previous experience, "the creator of the bombers" for the US Air Force when 1939 year presented its airplane model 179 on the Air Force conducted an open competition to establish a medium bomber.
The plane "Mustang» (Mustang) was the result of an agreement of the British company's procurement and of "North American" in April 1940 years on replacement fighter "Spitfire" of the new machine.
First designed and built by the Swedish company SAAB (Svenska Aeroplan AB - SAAB) V17 plane began its life in 1937 year as a two-seater reconnaissance monoplane L10. 
1940 Yak-4 Yak-4 a Soviet intelligence light bomber.
 Light reconnaissance aircraft of Stinson, the winner of the competition - the company Bellanca (Bellanca) with the aircraft Y0-50 and Ryan (aircraft Y0-51).
The aircraft was established on the basis of civil machines, proven USAF 1941 year, although the aircraft and did not participate in the trial in August that year.
1940 Chance Vought F4U Corsair Designed as a lightweight fighter based on the most powerful engine available at the time, it was commissioned by the US Navy.
The most popular training aircraft, being built in the US during World War II. The family of aircraft "Velient» (Valiant) allows us to trace their ancestry back to a military training aircraft Sun-3 company "Vulti» (Vultee).
1939 And-26 Single-seat fighter, which was developed under the guidance of A. Yakovleva
1939 Ar-2 The twin-engine Soviet dive bomber
1939 Su-1 The first prototype planned to create as a fighter capable of flying at high altitude
Plane RT first in the history of the US Army Air Force monoplane initial training (in its various guises) allows you to trace their ancestry back to the two-seater ST 1933-1934 years of "Ryan Aeronotikel Company» (Ryan Aeronautical Company).
Inexpensive fighter, created on the basis of the successful development of the company - training aircraft NA-16, has been designed for small air force.
Built by "Curtiss» (Curtiss) in accordance with the requirements of the US Army
With the lack of engine power the aircraft Bii 181 company "Byukker" proved that he is the ideal aircraft for the initial training of the Luftwaffe.
The aircraft served not only as training aircraft for initial training in the Royal Air Force of Australia during the Second World War, but also as istrebitelya- bomber.
The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was the primary fighter of the United States Air Force at the time of the surprise attack by the Japanese fleet of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
F-38 "Lightning» (Lightning - Lightning) was the first risky venture company «Lockheed» (Lockheed) in the world of military aircraft with high performance characteristics.
Aircraft model 18 «Loudstar» (Lodestar - guiding star) was largely increased by modifying the airplane Model 14, which also served as the basis for the creation of maritime patrol bomber "Hudson."
1939 MiG-1 Mig-1 was established as the first fighter known designers Mikoyan and Gurevich
1939 Yak-2 Soviet reconnaissance bomber type
The aircraft company "Mitsubishi» (Mitsubishi), has perfect proportions. He was quick and agile, armed with two 20-mm cannon and two machine gun 7,7 mm.
1939 ANT-44 (MTB-2) The aircraft type ANT-44 is a heavy type seaplane bomber. 


North American Texan / SNJ / Harvard

For decades, it is known simply as "the creator of the pilots' plane T-6 / SNJ /« rapBapfl »(Harvard) from the category of world uchebnotrenirovochnogo aircraft became the most popular historic military aircraft in the world.

It came in response to a request for pre-war US Air Force twin-engine fighter-bomber from a company that had no experience of creating multi-engine aircraft, bombers, or machines with high performance. 
"Procter» (Proctor - warder) has been modified according to the requirements of the Ministry of Aviation to the aircraft for training radio operators and liaison aircraft.
1938 IL-2 Sturmovik Fighting machine of World War II, which is very known for its military exploits
1938 UT-2 The aircraft UT-2 is a training machine of the Soviet manufacture
1938 Pe-2 Do not destined to see the success of his creation only Petlyakov. The creator of the aircraft died in the year 1942, in its PE-2
1938 Plane Frame The plane "Focke-Wulf» Fw 189, he same aircraft, "Rama"
One of the most widely used light / medium bombers in World War II, built to the 1938 US Air Force requirements for an attack aircraft.
Was created as a development owned by the US Air Force fighter jet F-35 1937 years and funded privately plane "Convoy Fighter» (Convoy Fighter) received from his creator 2RA designation.
"Dominie" (Dominie), military modification of the light aircraft "Dragon Rapid" 
1937 Su-2 The first prototype was ready in six months after the start of the project development
Initially developed on its own initiative for the civilian market in the late 1930s, the Grumman's G-21 Goose aroused immediate interest from the US military.
Messershmitt BF 109 was the main fighter aircraft of the Luftwaffe.
Beech Model 18 started life as a transport aircraft, aimed mainly at the end of the American civilian market 1930-ies.
The original aircraft not 111 company "Heinkel» (HeinkeL) was the main medium bomber of the Luftwaffe during World War II
The Grasshopper (Grasshopper) company Piper was widely used by the US Air Force as an artillery spotter and a communications aircraft. 
A third design of the double triumvirate civil aircraft tested by the US Army in August 1941 years.
1935 ANT-46 (CI-8) This aircraft was designed to cover the bombers
Aircraft SBD «Dontles» (Dauntless - Undaunted) has been a scourge for the Japanese Imperial Navy in the decisive years of the Pacific War. 
With the arrival of tactical aviation in December 1937, the plane "Hurricane» (Hurricane - Hurricane) RAF finally "displaced" from biplanes to monoplanes fighter.
The most numerous fighter of World War II was the backbone of the German Air Force on the Eastern and Western fronts, as well as in the Mediterranean and North Africa.
Externally neeffektno "workhorse", which was based on the pre-war Canadian project "Nurduin» (Noorduyn), the plane "Norsmen» (Norsman - Norway) was widespread use during the last years of World War II.
The Fairey Swordfish (Swordfish) remained a viable weapon in its original role as a torpedo bomber until mid-1942.
The only fighter UK, remained in production throughout the Second World War - was built just 22 500 24 aircraft modifications. 
1936 Westland Lysander This is the first purpose-built aircraft to communicate, which entered the Royal Air Force. He began to perform functions that were previously assigned to the modified bombers.
1934 ANT-40 Designers AH-20 never ceased to improve aircraft
The plane was designed by the Belgian agent of the company "De Havilland" Gene Stamp (Jean Stampe), it is not surprising that the plane SV4 over like a DH 82 «Tiger Moth» (Tiger Moth).
1933 And-14 Second after And-4 the plane that created the design team of Pavel Sukhoi
Single-engine amphibious biplane general purpose
Single-engine training biplane. Built on its own initiative by Stearman Aircraft K ° using model C.
1933 MK-1 (ANT-22) MK-1 became the third flying boat designed and built at TsAGI
Modest aircraft "Argus» (Argus - Argus) of Fairchild Aircraft Corporation could trace their ancestry back to civilian aircraft model tourist Triple 24S 1933 years.
The first planes paramilitary "Riliant» (Reliant - arrogant) were actually civilian aircraft, the US Air Force called to military service at the beginning of the war.
1932 ANT-25  It was created in TsAGI by the PO brigade. Sukhoi under the strict guidance of A.N. Tupolev in 1932 year.
Despite the normal appearance, the prototype proved to be very strict in piloting
1932 Mi-3 This is the first raising of the air of the Soviet aircraft with retractable landing gear.
It was the first aircraft, launched after Walter Beach (Walter Beech) left the company "Air Travel".
1931 TB-4 (ANT-16) In 30-ies after the establishment of TB-3, bomber, the Soviet Union announced the world its powerful air force military
1931 ANT-7 (P-6) P-6 - cantilever monoplane, having composed two engines
1931 MDR-2 (ANT-8) Far maritime reconnaissance, designed in Tupolev
1931 ANT-20 ANT-20 different from ANT-16 (TB-4) only in size and carrying capacity
1931 UT-1 The device is a cantilever monoplane, which had a mixed design structure
1931 ANT-14 ANT-14 originally designed for flights on the route Moscow - Vladivostok
Designed on the basis of a very successful commercial aircraft DH 60G «Gypsy Moth"
Plane D 26 was a special modification of a training
Three-engine aircraft Ju 52 of "Junkers" features a durable, mainly due to the company's proprietary technology that uses the corrugated paneling.
1931 And-8 (ANT-13) In August of the following year on a fighter changed the engine, the chassis and the horizontal tail
The aircraft was an advanced development of the original aircraft initial training "Consolidated"
1930 TB-3 (ANT-6) For basic model we have already had experience with the aircraft TB-1 with motors "Curtiss"
The first fighter - biplane Heinkel 1930 appeared in the year, at the insistence of Hitler
1929 And-12 (ANT-23) Construction began in 1931 year, but because of the poor results of the first car stopped further development
1929 PS-9 (ANT-9) A number of aircraft SS-9 long time was at the disposal of the country's civil airlines
Single-engine fighter biplane was built by on their own initiative in 1929 year.
1929 And-5 "A fighter a fifth," or I-5, presented as a fighter-Soviet production polutoraplana
Single-engine trainer biplane, built to replace veteran of the company aircraft 504K / N.
This aircraft is clearly reminiscent of the aircraft "Gellik» (Gallic)
Airplane On-2 was the military plane, which was produced in large quantities.
1927 And-4 Designing and fighter-4 engaged AGOS TsAGI Department, headed by Tupolev.
1925 ANT-3 Double gooseneck polutoraplan
1925 ANT-2 The fuselage has a triangular shape, which provides good stiffness with minimum weight
1924 TB-1 Soviet Air Force placed an order for more than 200 copies aircraft
1921 ANT-1 Single sport aircraft, which first took to the skies in October 21 1923 years
Based on the aircraft 1-1 / 2- «Strattera» (Strutter) of "Sopwith" significantly reduced single-seat aircraft.
Designed on the basis of a very successful aircraft SPAD 7 and released a limited number of aircraft SPAD 12.
Single single-engine biplane. Used as a fighter and training aircraft.
In 1916 the company «Royal Aircraft Factory" at Farnborough-based aircraft SE (Scout Experimental) 5 was established aircraft SE5a, which became one of the most successful fighters of the First World War.
The last fighter built by "Nieuport" and got to the front during the First World War.
Single single-engine fighter with a wing-type parasol
Builds on replacement aircraft "Dad," airplane "Triplane" due to its additional wing has excellent climb rate and significantly improved maneuverability.
Twin single-engine reconnaissance bomber biplane scheme 
The most successful training aircraft the United States during World War I
After the war F2B mainly used as a cohesive army and the training
First in a long line of successful fighters built by Newport. 
During the First World War and until 1924 was the main training aircraft of the RAF
The world's first bomber was designed precisely in the USSR


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