F-20 «Tigershark»
F-20 «Tigershark»

F-20 "Tigershark" F-20 "Tigershark"


F-20 "Tigershark" - US tactical fighter entered service in 1985. The aircraft was designed on the basis of the F-5E aircraft.


F-20 «Tigershark» Photo

F-20 «Tigershark» Photo

F-20 served as a fighter and could hit the ground targets. By the beginning of the XXI century. This aircraft was not in service with the US or other countries.



F-20 «Tigershark» Photo

F-20 «Tigershark» Photo

Power plant: One turbojet F404-GE-100 50 kN thrust, with afterburner - 70 kN.

The performance characteristics of the fighter F-20



  • Span, m 8,5

  • Length, m 17,3

  • Height, m ​​4,22

  • Wing area, m2 17,28

  • Empty weight, kg 5090

  • Useful weight, kg 3750

  • Takeoff weight, kg 11 930

  • Flight speed at an altitude of 2M

  • Flight range, km 2800


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