Ilyushin Il-8


Ilyushin Design Bureau in 1943 was given the task to develop a heavy-bomber attack. At the same time the project of the aircraft under the designation was created there IL-6 or CDB-60. The car was designed by 2 engine AM-38. The aircraft differed good infantry and artillery weapons, which was located in the nose, two gun-23 load cells, one HC-gun 37 or 20 ShVAK-and four machine guns ShKAS 12,7 mm. This project was not implemented. Designation Il-6 transferred to an experienced heavy bomber - IL-4.


The basis of the first version of the Il-8 was IL-2But had a longer fuselage (in 90 cm) and larger wing area, despite the fact that IL-of 2 14,6 was wingspan M. Armament as IL-2 for one difference - provided for the installation of guns NS-37. The aircraft could carry a ton of bombs and 1 8 132-PC or PC-82. Maximum speed with engine AM-42 (2 thousand hp.) - 470 kilometers per hour. Towards the year 1944 Ilyushin managed to create a more perfect in terms of aerodynamics of the aircraft of the same name, which is characterized by greater speed and appearance reminded enlarged version IL-10. In fact, he became mass-produced. IL-8 not entered in the series.

During the fighting disadvantages of Il-2 identified worsening its military value, which did not cause any surprises in principle for SV Ilyushin, and for the leadership and command NCAP AFRA.

SV Ilyushin in August 1942 was addressed to the government with a proposal to create 2-seat armored attack aircraft, which has a powerful motor in 2 thousand. Hp air-cooled M-71 instead of single.


The aircraft received the designation BSH M-71 and fully reflected the concept of a heavy armored ground-attack aircraft with powerful cannon and bomb weapons that allowed to provide improved integrated combat effectiveness of the machine in defeating difficult targets in severe heavy air defense conditions. As for weapons, it consisted of two 37-mm guns with 80 shells and four machine guns with 200 cartridges. 400 kg - normal bomb load, the maximum - up to 1000 kg. It was not planned to install missiles, since the main means of fighting heavily protected targets and tanks should be bombs and guns.

Despite these and all other perfection, in the Air Force Institute said that attack will not be created. Most likely, one of the reasons for this - a successful test of domestic 2-Su-6. And this is not surprising, because its flight characteristics were much better. The second reason, according to experts, may be difficulties associated with the launch of series production of engines M-71F and M-71 in war.


Ilyushin Design Bureau in May 1943 years built a heavy attack aircraft with the designation Il-AM-42, which later became known as Il-AM-8 42.

In the winter-spring period 1943 years in the bureau simultaneously developed two possible new aircraft: attack-bomber has flight range in 1100 kilometers, and reconnaissance spotter with less range and weight of flight, but with more sophisticated radio communication equipment. As for the rest, both cars almost nothing had differences.

To kick-start mass production of its attack aircraft wing area, layout diagrams and design of many units and units were exactly the same as on IL-2 AM 38F. And by design, and many geometrical parameters (tail area, the length of the fuselage, rudder, etc.) attack is a completely new aircraft.

IL-8 for unlike IL-2 AM 38F and IL-2 42 M AM is characterized by a few large dimensions. Compared to IL-2 external aerodynamics IL-8 was finalized: oil cooler placed in the air duct next to the water, which was made on the basis of IL-2. The new attack aircraft suction port is on the left side of the fuselage.

In order to increase and improve the manageability of the longitudinal stability of the wing has been pushed back. Installed flaps takeoff position.

IL-8 had increased bookings. The engine with aggregates, oil and radiator were covered with brooches 4-6 mm.


Armor cockpit - 4-8 mm. With the rear hemisphere pilot defended 8 mm armor plate and bulletproof glass in front transparent 62 mm. On top of the canopy installed 6 and 8 bronelisty mm.

To enter the cab arrow hatch was taken from the bottom of the fuselage. Boarding the plane - and dyuralyuminovaya lozhnerony - metal.

In the first instance the tail part was made of wood, of the second metal.

The first copy of the IL-8 had gunnery armament consisting of guns x-2 and 2-load cells x ShKAS machine guns.

The second instance was a metallic wing guns on me 2-NA-37 and two machine guns ShKAS.

New attack differed from the normal IL-2 and more rational deployment of guns. They were closer to the axis, it is in the place de Il-2 were guns ShKAS.

Machine guns, there were, where, as a rule, set the gun. Sami guns were in completely wing attack aircraft.

IL-8 scheme

After dropping bombs hatches with springs closed quickly. Thanks to the two outer holders could keep hanging bombs weighing up to 50 500 kilos.

But be that as it may, heavy Il-AM 8-48, in spite of the motor defects (shaking, oil smoke, wear of piston rings, carburetors clogged air valves, etc.) successfully forth to state tests during the period from February to 29 30 March 1940 years. PT Abroschenko - leading engineer, AK Dolgov - chief test pilot. The aircraft was recommended to move into mass production in two variations: the scout-spotter and a heavy ground attack bomber.

Due to its flight characteristics, the attack aircraft was generally light and simple to operate. Il-8 was superior to Il-2 in its flight-technical data, although it did not meet the modern requirements to the end. But in maneuverability in the horizontal and vertical planes, it was inferior to Il-2, which was not enough for combat operations taking place in the final period of the war. Then in the series he never came out. It was decided to improve aerodynamics, which will increase the main flight data. There was a lot of perfection of the aircraft, which allowed the aircraft still to go into mass production.

IL-8 has good development prospects. With the engine AM-43 its maximum speed will 640 km per hour with absolute safety of other data.

IL-8 in range, the number of bomb load, fire protection and reservation of power is an outstanding phenomenon of single-engine cars, which allows him to carry out combat operations in a wide range.

IL-8 - modification of IL-2 with saving all main dimensions. Half of the parts and the remains unchanged, while the other half rests undergo refinements.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the IL-8 has good stability, powerful armament, high payload, considerable speed and range, convenient to operate, which allows us to recommend it for mass production. 

IL-8 characteristics:

Modification   IL-8
Wingspan, m   14.60
Length m   12.93
Height, m   4.20
Wing area, m2   39.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   5245
  normal takeoff   7250
engine's type   Mikulin AM AP 1-42
Power, hp  
  nominal   X 1 1750
  breaking   X 1 2000
Maximum speed km / h  
  near the ground   435
  on high   470
Practical range, km   1180
Rate of climb, m / min   508
Practical ceiling, m   6800
Crew   2
Armament:   Two 23-mm guns VYa-23; Two 7.62-mm ShKAS machine guns (750 cartridges for a machine gun); one 12.7-mm UBT for firing back (150 cartridges) and 8-12 RO-132 and up to 1000 kg bombs



OKB Ilyushin Aircraft

In the course of the battles the shortcomings of the main attack aircraft of the Red Army IL2 were revealed, this entailed the appeal of Ilyushin S.V. The Government to include in the plan for pilot aircraft construction at 1942 year the creation of a two-seat armored ground-attack aircraft with an engine of increased power (2000 hp). The project of the new machine reflected the concept of a four-seat heavily armored aircraft with increased bomb and cannon armament, which significantly increased the efficiency of this aircraft at Attack difficult targets and targets in conditions of strong air defense. Also, in comparison with IL2, the protective characteristics of the aircraft also increased.
metal armor Weight increased 750kg and transparent to 102kg.
Plane promised to be a very high quality and reliable, but at the same time brilliantly passed the test SU5 attack, flight data which were slightly better than IL8.
Even despite the fact that he could make up for their shortcomings in front of the SU, it was decided not to produce IL solution standard installation on IL certain engine. However, the same fate befell his rival. This was because both machines to assemble the same engine, the serial production of which at that time was not sufficiently well established.
One can only regret about the planes that failed to start mass production. The appearance on the front of these machines clearly favorable impact on the effectiveness of action to attack aircraft.