Ilyushin Il-4


IL-4, which NATO reporting name was Bob, - long-range twin-engine bomber, which is actively used by Soviet forces in World War II. It built on the basis of long-range bomber aircraft DB-3.

Unlike its predecessor, the plane got a new cabin mate, a new fuselage (similar to Li-2), a new wing design and pneumatic retractable landing gear.


The aircraft became known as Il-4 in the course of the war, from March 1942 years. In total in the history of mass production of long-range bombers released over 6883 copies. The assembly was carried out taking into account the wartime so fast that produced aviation units offset the loss of front-line aircraft. Produces IL-4 four plants: № 18 (Voronezh), № 126 (Komsomolsk-on-Amur), № 39 (Moscow and Irkutsk), № 23 (Moscow). These aircraft at the beginning of the Great Patriotic broke into a deep behind enemy lines until Berlin and struck industrial strategic assets.

Combat application

In December 1938 was held a conference between representatives of the country's air force, which raised the question about the results of the first two years of use of aircraft DB-3.


They were disappointing. The plane had a huge number of design flaws: often show cracks in the fuel tanks, gasoline leaks, sometimes refused brakes, landing gear collapsed and the engines of the M-87 military expects more reliability and dependability. And this is not a complete list. This should include more large cars on the run-off, a tendency to turn right and complexity of the steering. This is due to the fact that the plane was back alignment, due to which the pilot could not release the steering wheel from his hands.


During the Soviet-Finnish war, which preceded the Great Patriotic War, the Finnish military in DB-3 found a "dead zone" from below the fuselage. Therefore here it was necessary to equip an additional turret for the shooter. Before the war with Germany, it was not possible to re-equip all the planes with improved weapons and could not be completed. The introduction of the 4 crew member into the crew led to an even greater displacement of the center of gravity towards the tail, and the bomber's ground stability deteriorated even more. Due to the saving of duralumin in wartime, many elements in the design of the aircraft were replaced by wooden ones, which often collapsed during landing.

In the words of the pilots, the most severe on the plane was about to take off, even carrying weapons, IL-4 had very poor stability and require constant "steer" the pilot for passage of a predetermined rate. The autopilot was absent.

It was difficult and the process of landing. The exaggerated pulling trim led to pitch up. That is a danger to the life of the crew members was present even after a combat mission. Nevertheless, experienced pilots quickly prilovchilis to control IL-4.

IL-4 video

Improperly organized combat missions at the beginning of the war gave rise to a strong loss of Soviet aviation. Only in the second half as a turning point and the forces of the USSR went to the counter-attack, IL-4 began to use for its intended purpose, namely for surgical strikes in deep behind enemy lines. Long-range bombers could carry up to 2,5 tons total weight of bombs, but it completely is almost never charged.

Total produced units of the IL 6883-4 different modifications. Most of them were destroyed by enemy fighters and air defense weapons. Another part of the aircraft smashed in accidents and disasters. Cheating from combat duty in the Air Force long-range bombers IL-4 1947 began in the city


IL-4 characteristics:

Modification   IL-4
Wingspan, m   21.44
Length m   14.76
Height, m   4.10
Wing area, m2   66.70
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   6421
  normal takeoff   10055
  maximum take-off   12120
engine's type   2 PD M-88B
Power, hp   X 2 1100
Maximum speed km / h  
  near the ground   332
  on high   398
Practical range, km   4000
The maximum rate of climb, m / min   264
Practical ceiling, m   8300
Crew   3-4
Armament:   one 12.7 mm BT machine gun, two 7.62 mm ShKAS machine guns
  Bomb load normal - 1000 kg, limit - 2500 kg



OKB Ilyushin Aircraft

IL 4 was designed Ilyushin Design Bureau as a long-range bomber, on the basis of which was created by torpedo IL 4T. Among IL4 used as bombers, long-range reconnaissance, minelayer, and as a high-altitude and low-altitude torpedo.
IL4, having long range and high speed at that time, was able in a short time to survey large areas of terrain and immediately reports the discovery purposes.
IL4 equipped with torpedo option, usually one torpedo, but more experienced pilots doubled its military arsenal.
IL 4 as mine layer could use aerial mines of various types, including weighing up 1000kg. Mines were placed on the fairways, in the straits near enemy ports and bases. The enemy carried significant losses from mined supplies and fences made aircraft IL4.
In addition, marine modification IL4 had on his arms and missiles 6 fragmentation - explosive shells PC 132, located under the wings, and can suppress the fire of anti-aircraft guns torpediruemyh ships resist escort ships, torpedo boats and seaplanes.


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