Ilyushin Design Bureau
Ilyushin Design Bureau

Aviation Complex named after Ilyushin S.V.

The SV Ilyushin Aviation Complex is one of the leading enterprises in Russia in the field of aircraft engineering. Full name - Open Joint-Stock Company “SV Ilyushin Aviation Complex”. Previously called plant number 240. Located in Moscow.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex SV

Designer General, who is also CEO Viktor Livanov ,: - laureate of state prize of the Russian Federation.

JSC "Ilyushin Aviation Complex" was opened in the year 1933. According to the order of Chief of the aviation industry, PI Baranov on the basis of the plant. Menzhinsky formed the Central Bureau of experimental aircraft military aircraft and a series of light aircraft.

Ilyushin Design Bureau

Chief of the Central Clinical Hospital was entrusted Sergey Ilyushin. Under his leadership, KB began to occupy a leading position in the construction of complex aircraft among similar enterprises of the USSR.

The results of this KB are impressive. For 80 years of its existence more than 200 has been developed within its walls and more than 120 different types of aircraft have been created. The factories engaged in the production of Ilyushinsky cars produced during this time over 60 000 units of aircraft equipment of the brand "IL". The main features that distinguish the products of this brand are a high degree of reliability, manufacturability of production, simplicity of design, convenient maintenance and piloting, a great resource. The enterprise produced aircraft of various purposes at different times. They were also planes of assault, bomber aviation, special purpose, military transport, passenger and others.

Ilyushin Design Bureau

Bureau named. Ilyushin its developments frontline assault fighters and bombers made a significant contribution to the Soviet victory in World War II.

The navy of the country during the Great Patriotic War on 30% consisted of stormtroopers IL-10 и IL-2, Long-range bombers IL-4. In the postwar period IL-28 It became the first mass model of the Soviet Air Force jet bomber.


History of the Design Bureau. Ilyushin (now - Aviation Complex. Ilyushin) can be viewed on his work.

  • • Mid-1940-s - the first domestic mass passenger aircraft were launched, which marked the beginning of the creation of air transport aviation in the USSR. IL-18 turboprop powerplant was cheap and unpretentious in operation, making flights affordable type of movement for Soviet citizens on domestic air routes. Also, it was sold abroad.

  • • Long-haul turbojet aircraft IL-62 together with the modification of the Il-62M became the flagship of "Aeroflot". It is characterized by high safety during flight and comfort for passengers. Through his creation of an increasing number of international airlines. Passenger traffic began in 1967, and continued to this day.

  • • One of the peculiarities of the Ilyushin school was a good practice in creating special purpose aircraft, which played a significant role in the Air Force of the country. First of all, we are talking about anti-submarine apparatus. IL-38, Special reconnaissance planes IL-20, Refueling aircraft IL-78 and etc.

  • • In 1970, the post of chief designer, on the recommendation of S.V. Ilyushin, by resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers took G.V. Novozhilov. It was under his leadership that the most common civil and military transport aircraft Il-76 with D30-KP engines were developed and built. It was put into service in the Air Force in 1974. Since the middle of the 1970-s, the IL-76 and its modified versions are the main military transport aircraft of the country.

  • • Millions of tons of various cargoes and over one hundred million passengers were transported by such planes as IL – 86, IL – 62M, IL – 62, IL – 18, IL – 14, IL – 12. Currently, IL – 96 – 400T, IL – 96 – 300, IL – 114 – 100 are being exploited. The variant Il – 96 – 300 “control point” transports high-ranking Russian officials.

  • • Constantly replenishing the model range of the IL brand with new aircraft. IL – 96T and IL – 103 were first certified to the FAA airworthiness standards in the United States. Also a significant step towards the expansion of international cooperation was the serial production and certification of IL-114-100.

Ilyushin Design Bureau

Recent developments and awards

In 1990-ies with the collapse of the Union of the company had to start work in difficult economic conditions.

With 2005, the position of chief designer of the aviation transferred to VV Livanov, which in combination with 1995 of the General Director of the enterprise, and before that he headed a 1988 plant.

Ilyushin Design Bureau

At the present time, the priorities in the work of "Il" - is the development of military transport and cargo aircraft.

In early autumn, the 2012 began testing deeply modernized version of the Il-76MD-90A. The serial production of the aircraft takes place in Russia taking advantage of the technology of digital three-dimensional design. Structures and Systems unit is significantly improved compared to the base case. For the development of the aviation aircraft received the National Award in the category "Golden Idea".

In 2012, the cooperation has been established with India by HAL and JSC "UAC-TA" to develop a new multi-purpose transport aircraft.

Aviation Complex. SV Ilyushin was awarded the Merit of the following orders:

  • Lenin - in 1942 year;

  • Red Banner - 1944 g .;

  • Red Banner of Labor - 1969 g .;

  • October Revolution - in 1983 year.

Many employees of the company at different times awarded medals and orders. In particular, the title of "Hero of Socialist Labor" received six. The title of "Hero of the Soviet Union" and "Hero of the Russian Federation" are ten test pilots. Among them VK Kokkinaki was the only test pilot who received this title twice.

Ilyushin Design Bureau

For the development of IL-96-300, IL-86, IL-76, IL-62, IL-38, IL-18, IL-28, IL-2 at different times employees ILYUSHIN KB received Lenin Prize and State.

Today ILYUSHIN built strong cooperative ties with major manufacturers of aircraft components, research centers and airlines. The company performs development, modernization, testing, training, maintenance sample preparation and maintenance of operational aircraft airworthiness previously produced aircraft "IL".

Ilyushin Design Bureau

Aviation Complex. Ilyushin has a negative figure income, but this does not prevent him from continuing to operate, hold the highest position in the global and domestic aviation market.

Service after sales service brand "IL"

In addition to the development and serial production, JSC "Aviation Complex. Ilyushin ”is engaged in after-sales service of its aircraft.

The range of his works include:

  • • warranty service;

  • • performance of routine maintenance;

  • • repair, refurbishment, interior renovation, modifications to technical documentation, the creation of modifications;

  • • creation of special repair and project documentation;

  • • search for solutions in the detection and elimination of defects;

  • • supervision of the technical condition of aircraft;

  • • development of appropriate documentation for the elimination of operational damage to aircraft;

  • • extension of the service life and life of the devices of its production;

  • • bringing the “IL” aircraft to flight status after prolonged (over one year) storage or haul according to the instructions of the chief designer;

  • • determining the assessment of the technical condition of their aircraft, including documentation and troubleshooting of the aircraft or its individual parts;

  • • delivery of spare parts, auxiliary equipment and units by the usual and urgent orders of the operator, repair of components;

  • • development of the necessary maintenance documentation for customers, which applies to devices operated in harsh climatic conditions;

  • • training of engineering and flight personnel, including advanced training and retraining levels.

Training facilities

Training Centre on the basis of "IL" began its existence 1.04.1998. Refresher courses when it passed over 3200 people. Lectures themselves constructors of aircraft "IL", thus achieving high quality learning outcomes. All master training future employees to confirm their qualification by the relevant certificate.

Ilyushin Design Bureau

On the training base of "IL" there are funds for training airline personnel:

  • • training classes;

  • • stand aerobatic control system;

  • • chassis stand;

  • • automatic training system;

  • • simulator simulator cabin procedures;

  • • a library including operational and technical documentation, educational and methodical literature and a reading room;

  • • development and flight test facilities of the company in the city of Zhukovsky and in the cities where the representative offices of the airline customers are located.

Aircraft Design Bureau "IL"


OKB Ilyushin contacts

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  • Phone: + 7 (499) 943-81-17; (499) 943-81-21 (reception).

  • Fax: + 7 (495) 612-21-32.

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