Ilyushin Il-80


IL-80 is an airborne command post, released at the end of the Ilyushin Design Bureau 1980-x on the basis of the Il-86.


29 May 1985, the aircraft made its first flight from the airfield bargain. They are managed by an experienced test pilot Stanislav Bliznyuk.


In the case of an armed conflict with the use of nuclear weapons the aircraft will be at the disposal of the Armed Forces. When you create a model, measures were taken to reduce the impact of a nuclear explosion, for example, the minimum number of hatches, the lack of windows.


Visually from its prototype aircraft is distinguished by the presence of a large overhead compartment located in the forward part of the fuselage, which houses various electronic equipment. The choice of the initial type of aircraft is due to the large internal volumes of the passenger cabin of IL-86, which easily accommodated special equipment. Illuminators in the IL-80 are absent, and on the wing there are doppylons with electrical equipment. Some of the aircraft have a bar for the possibility of refueling in the air. The final cable antenna is in the tail part, its length is about 8 kilometers. It is used for communication with submarines. Measures have been taken to protect the aircraft from a nuclear strike, as has already been indicated above. Among other design features a reduced amount in the fuselage of the access hatches.


Total produced four such aircraft. All of them are in a separate aviation squadron relay and management 8 Air Division, and was transferred to the 1997 3-in th air squadron in / h 15650.


The aircraft with the number 93645 (86147) took part in the aerial part of the parade in Moscow in honor of 65-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

IL-80 video

IL-80 involved in the passage of Zhukovsky 12 2012 August in honor of the celebration of 100-anniversary of Russian Air Force.


A huge humpback whale, with a strong roar floated in the sky, can cause adrenaline everyone lucky enough to observe his flight. The appearance of this machine performs the hallmark of the Chkalovsky airfield. As for the interior, then we can say that they hold the real state secret, many mysteries remain unsolved. Airborne command post - 4 IL-86VKP - basically have a civic model and today remains one of the enclosed samples of domestic aircraft.


The model used in the IL-86 144-m scale from "Stars".


Despite the apparent similarity of all four IL-86VKP, they can not be called twins. In addition to the absence or presence of the refueling boom, they differ in the number, shape and arrangement of the various antennas.


As has already been said, the model does not have windows. As a prototype of the 5 8 no doors and the cargo hatch, the designers removed them too. But there was a hump, which was made of epoxy resin. Behind added stegozavrovye plate antenna characteristic side 86147. They were cut from plastic travel. Antenna gargrotovogo type extending from the keel is ground off up to half of the gate. Two such antenna by a resin, in turn, are on the lower part of the aircraft fuselage, landing gear for an average.

IL-80 cabin

Creating hanging gondolas turbogenerator - the most difficult stage of assembling model aircraft. For their creation was searched geometric framework, which concluded with a set of deep outer plastic surgery toplivovodov from ST-97A Stratofreighter. The basis of the pylons fragments taken from the track his model Su-27.


The boom refueling tube and the other antenna are composed of drawn LDPE sprues different diameters and shapes. Model stained enamel revellovskoy: all white surfaces were it blow. The rest is as beautiful acrylic. Along the sides were coated hand blue band using masks. The inscription "Aeroflot" and numbers to make homemade decal.


As a result, the production model have spent more than a year of work, we are regularly interrupted by the construction of other models.

IL-80 characteristics:

Modification   IL-80
Wingspan, m   48.06
Aircraft Length m   59.54
Height, m   15.81
Wing area, m2   320.0
Weight, kg  
  normal takeoff   208000
engine's type   4 TVD Kuznetsov NK-86
Thrust, kgf   X 4 13000
Maximum cruising speed, km / h   850
Practical range, km   3600
Crew   5



OKB Ilyushin Aircraft

During the appearance of the aircraft I particularly like a large consignment compartment which encloses various electronic equipment. In general, IL-80 distinguished for their reliability and good performance characteristics.


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