Ilyushin Il-103


IL-103 is a multi-purpose four-seater aircraft. He was the first among these categories received a certificate of the Interstate Aviation Committee of the Commonwealth countries.

In 1988, a competition was announced in the USSR to develop an initial training aircraft. For two years, the collective of L. Pupkov designed an air vehicle with a car engine VAZ. The project was successful, but after studying the global market, General Designer G. Novozhilov decided that it was necessary to install an aircraft type engine on the Il-103. At that time in the development of engines for light aircraft in the USSR was only M-14, but he did not like the technical characteristics. For help, we turned to foreign companies. Help to agree from the "Teleindain Continental Motors", installing on the IL-103 engine IO-360ES. He possessed the power in 210 hp.


Due to the new engine, the design of the aircraft was completely redesigned (the period from 1990 to 1993 year). As a result, the avionics and the appearance of the aircraft improved. His mock-up was demonstrated at the MAKS-93 airshow. 17 May 94 year, the first experienced Il-103 climbed to the sky. It was led by I. Gudkov. In September 1994, the aircraft was demonstrated in Farnborough. The plane immediately became interested in representatives of England, Russia, Ireland and other countries. The first demonstrations were very successful. Designers planned to complete certification in 1994 year and begin mass production, and in 95 to prepare deliveries to customers. The construction was decided to be organized at the Lukhovitsa machine-building plant.

However, the first production aircraft for reasons of poor funding rose in the sky only in late January 1995 years. Almost exactly one year later the aircraft was certified. Re-IL-103 demonstrated at MAKS-95.

The design of the aircraft IL-103

Air unit is made by a standard aerodynamic design, low located wings. Initially it was planned to construct it from aluminum, not composite materials. But now consider the possibility of adding to the material for certain components and mechanisms of composite materials.


Although the design is very simple, yet the flying qualities are quite good. The successfully designed wing arrangement provides large load-bearing properties in a cruising configuration. It also accompanies the preservation of static longitudinal stability equally regardless of whether the angle of attack is positive or negative. It should be noted that the increase in the bearing properties of the aircraft at positive angles is enhanced by the use of a single-sloping rotary flap. Compared with the cruising configuration during the flaps released, the critical angle of attack corresponds to the maximum positive value of the lift force calculation. At the same time, the static longitudinal stability of the device with the flaps released is preserved in a rather large range of angles of attack.

Control of the aircraft is very simple, because through the pedals and handles. Trigger to control the elevator is located on the control stick, which is very convenient for the pilot. On the left side of the cockpit is the handle extension and retraction of the flaps.

Maximum comfort is pilots also provided the possibility of adjusting the distance to the pedals. If necessary, according to the customer can be duplicated controls. A control handle itself can replace the wheel.

Regarding the fuel system designers using conventional tank layout and its components for this class of aircraft. First, fuel is placed in the wing tanks, compartments, and then it moves by gravity into the feed tank, from which the electric pump is supplied to the engine. Located on the tank 200 l can accommodate 150 kg of gasoline. The aircraft is charged through the wing filler neck.

At the heart of the power plant used American-made motor IO-36ES. On takeoff at 2800 revolutions per minute it develops capacity in 210 hp Cruising speed at revs per minute 2500 - 157 hp The engine six-cylinder with diameter and stroke 112,73h98,43 mm per hour, he will spend by up to 25 26 kg of fuel. The second unit is a two-blade propeller air HartzellPropeller 1,9-meter diameter.

Also optional on the plane you can set the Russian or Western piloting and navigation equipment.

IL-103 cabin

The microclimate in the cabin of the aircraft is supported by the installed air conditioning systems. It also prevents fogging of glasses lamp chimney. The system is designed for three operating modes: ventilation, heating, recycling. The first is supplying air from the air intake system on the front glass. The second heats the air and delivers it to the lantern or glass, or on the bottom of the feet of the pilot and the passenger. recirculation mode is associated with feeding unheated air to the lamp glass. In addition, we established 2 individual ventilation openings.

The spring fixed landing gear, tricycle, with the presence of a nasal support. This aircraft can be operated in the GDP with a solid and lasting ground. If you use the fork damper on the front foot, setting the wheels on the axis of the aircraft takes place.

Two versions of the flight-navigation equipment for the IL-103 aircraft were developed. The first is the domestic equipment: US-350, accelerometer, AGR-29, flashers, VR-30PB, ACHS-1, altitude indicator VBM-1PB, ITS9-1, VA-3, radio control board, fuel pressure indicators, oil temperature And cylinder heads. The second option includes similar foreign equipment of the firm "Bendix King": the horizon 305-2V, gyro-compass, digital horizon, transponder 1A, glide path indicator VOR / LOC, navigation multichannel system "Laurent", variometer P / N 7060, turn indicators, speed and Horizon.


On the main wheel hydraulic disc brakes installed. Also installed hydraulic braking system that has no overpressure source. In addition to the effective braking, it provides device control during taxiing on the runway.

Aircraft Electrical power supply system is provided with a voltage in 28 B. The main source of food it is a constant current generator. Also there is a backup power source. External radio provides a VHF radio, and internal discussions are due to internal telecommunication.

For the safety of the pilot and passengers meet established emergency rescue system. In the event of an air accident off the plane, you can use flaps lantern. The seatbacks parachutes deployed. Inside, there is a first aid kit.

IL-103 certified standards FAR-23 and AP-23 (IAC).

Features IL-103:

Modification   IL-103
Wingspan, m   10.56
Aircraft Length m   8.00
Height, m   3.135
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   765
  maximum take-off   1460
Internal fuel, kg   150
engine's type   1 PD Teledyne Continental Motors IO-360ES
Power, hp   X 1 210
Maximum speed km / h   250
Cruising speed, km / h   225
Practical range, km   1070
Practical ceiling, m  
Crew   1
Payload:   4 passenger or 395 kg of cargo


OKB Ilyushin Aircraft


Hello. A fly on the IL-103, as practice shows, it is possible to continue and will do with it without losing comfort. In addition, the giving of rest for many fans of the excessive weight of the device is not really such - aircraft designed for the foreign consumer. and therefore the characteristics were given a considerable margin.
The design of the Ila is more reliable and stronger than many overseas classmates. He and turbulence will suffer and a huge increase in MTOW. My very good acquaintance, test pilot, told me somehow - recently collected IL-103 for one foreign air show. After the charges, the pilots saw the aircraft loaded with all sorts of things (for the exhibition) and began to be horrified. They shouted at the mechanic and told to unload. He, in turn, also said something with a mat, but he began to unload. But so unloaded, that outwardly cargo as though became less, but by weight ... in short, they demanded to hang up the plane. The compiled report, it is clear that the weight of the cargo was understated. On it came 1800kg MTOW.
And now the dialogue mechanics and pilots: P - 1800, it's not too much? M - no, I flew a given takeoff 2000kg is permissible upon LTH. P - Come on, the flight with us, not scary? M - no.
The plane took a run for 1000m or so. This runway was Zhukovsky. Good soared. Also I landed there from foreigners. I believe IL-103 unique machine.

Where not to suck our glorious aviation, you just need to be an idiot to stuff the samalot with something superfluous, of course, it's better to add electronics to it, so it will be easier to control for example on one screen the navigation path, speed, altitude, and the rest of the map will be displayed. ..

Seriously approach the matter, then it is safe to assure that IL-103 - just a dream. Not more than an idealistic love.
Drawing a parallel with the SP-30 ... well, it's a work horse, purely practical. They are very similar and yet very different. IL-103, I would say to the soul, and the joint venture in the field need to drive well, or somewhere else.


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