Hispano HA 200 / -220 Saeta / Super Saeta. Photo. Characteristics.
Hispano HA 200 / -220 Saeta / Super Saeta. Photo. Characteristics.

Hispano HA 200 / -220 Saeta / Super Saeta. Photo. Characteristics.


A type: Twin-engine jet trainer and light attack aircraft

Crew: Two pilots, arranged one behind the other (in the airplane on-200) or only one pilot (by plane AT-220)

Built as a training aircraft for the Spanish Air Force, "Saetta» (Saetta - boom) Direct wing was equipped with the same small turbojets "Marbore" Company "Turbomeca", which were used on the plane "Mazhister" Company "Fugue". The production of this aircraft was going relatively slowly, to 1960, when work began on an improved modification of A. There were ten pre-production aircraft delivered ON-200. This modification had a significant success in the Air Force, 30 aircraft was built in the early 1960-ies to replace the aircraft T-6G Texan.

These aircraft were equipped with two weapons pylons for suspension under the wing and two machine gun 7,62 mm. More heavily armed modification of HA-200D was put into production at the end of the year 1965, 55 specimens were collected.Five years earlier, the Egyptian Air Force received its first airplane on-200V (armed 20-mm gun), prior to their licensed production in Helvane between 1961 on 1969 year was delivered 63 aircraft under the designation of "Al-Qahira» (Al-Kahira) . Features of the aircraft "Saetta" for ground attack ground targets were further developed in 1965 year, when the company has equipped Hispano HA-200D forced engines "Marbore» VI has doubled and the number of under-wing suspension points.

The success achieved by plane "Saetta" in this role, also came manufacturer to create special versions - single attack aircraft, known under the designation AT-220 «Super Saetta" (second chair was replaced by an additional fuel tank). Have better armor protection, machine guns M3 of "browning" and six suspension points, the plane "Super Saetta" was built in Spain in the number of copies 25 who participated in the fighting over the Sahara in 1974-1975 years. Aircrafts for last-220 were decommissioned in Spain in December 1981 years.

Basic data


  • Length: 8,97 m
  • Wingspan: 10,42 m
  • Height: 2,85 m

Weight (for the airplane on-200)

  • BLANK: 1830 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 3350 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 650 km / h
  • Range: 1500 km

Power point: Two turbojet engine "Marbore» II (on an airplane TO-200) or "Marbore» VI (by plane AT-220) of "Turbomeca"

Power: 15,5 9,42 kN thrust and thrust kN respectively

Date of first flight:

  • 12 August 1955 year

The surviving airworthy modifications: HA-200A / D and HA-220D