The Su-13. A photo. History. Characteristics.


The Su-13 is a project of fighter jet engines, which was developed in the design office of Pavel Sukhoi.

The history of the Su-13

On the history of the emergence of this project very much to say I do not have to, because this is an upgrade of the previous airplane Su-11. Designers planned to build a new car, which was to serve as a front-line fighter and fighter-interceptor. Two models of the Su-13 planned to produce in the factory number 381. Despite the fact that all the drawings and diagrams are completely ready planes and not collected.

This project was developed in 1947 year. In the car were going to install the engines of the British production of RD-500, horizontal tail swept shape. From the initial design of the machine it is also characterized by a large wing area and significantly thinner profile. In addition, the plane had planned to equip the so-called air brakes submitted parachutes, which were installed in the rear fuselage. In designing these two planes, they have differences in their structure.

The front car Su-13

This machine had its own cipher, and designated it as "KD", the design of this device was ready in the summer of 47. It was on this machine that they planned to install a British engine of the Dervent V model. In addition, the car had a large wing area in comparison with the Su-11 airplane. This machine was to be equipped with three guns of the type H-37, which could produce 120 shots. As for the hull and other units, they were the same as in the Su-11. The design of this unit was approved, and the manufacturers planned to create at least three copies for testing. But this remained only in the plans, since the project was closed in the summer of 1948.

The interceptor Su-13

This machine is designated in the drawings as a project of "TK". Work on the creation of the drawings was completed in the early spring of 1948 years. On this machine designers planned to install engines domestically produced brand RD-500. The design of the fuselage, wings and all the other units was completely the same as that of the front-line unit Su-13. The main external difference was that this car had a longer nose of the body, which was placed radar system called the "Tory".


The cockpit was completely sealed and had ventilation. As for the weapons, this machine was equipped with two guns of the type H-37S. They could produce only 80 shots. The project was ready, but he was not even submitted for approval.

Innovations that were not in previous models of fighters:

  • The Su-13 was equipped with a high-quality and efficient ejection seat, which was a great rate sorties, while designers have been considered admissible overload for the pilot.

  • It was installed brake pads, which are called "crocodiles."

  • The aircraft was equipped with the latest system braking parachute.

  • Su-13 was equipped with starting solid propellant boosters, which has reduced the distance takeoff.

  • On the control channels of the machine have been installed boosters, which allowed to significantly reduce the force applied by the pilot to control the device.

  • For efficient use of space on the plane were set at the time the new soft tanks for fuel. This allowed significantly reduce the overall weight of the machine design.

Features Su-13

To control this unit only needed one pilot, who controlled all the processes of the flight and thus could produce an effective combat activity. The plane was supposed to accelerate to high speeds, namely more than 900 km / h. At the same time the plane was supposed to climb to a height of 13 kilometers and produce flight without refueling at a distance in kilometers 1500. But the mass of the aircraft still remained quite high and amounted to more than 4,6 tons, and an empty car. Besides the standard cannon armament, the plane could carry bombs such as FAB-250.

But as mentioned earlier, the project Su-13 was never finished. The main reason for failure of this machine was that at the time of design in 1948, the speed that could reach the Su-13, was insufficient in comparison with foreign analogues.

Su-13 characteristics:

  • Crew: 1 people
  • Length: 11,9 m
  • Wingspan: 11,8 m


  • Wing area: 24,8 m²
  • Empty weight: 4464 kg

Curb weight:

  • Normal take-off weight: 6757 kg
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 7473 kg
  • Engines: 2 × RD-500



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