Fairey Firefly AS 5 / 6. A photo. Characteristics.
Fairey Firefly AS 5 / 6. A photo. Characteristics.

Fairey Firefly AS 5 / 6. A photo. Characteristics.

United Kingdom

A type: Single-engine naval fighter aircraft and aircraft for anti-submarine warfare

Crew: The pilot and observer, arranged one behind the other

Having the longest production release in comparison with all other naval fighters, the Firefly (Firefly) aircraft was created on the basis of the FNMX Fulmar fighter of the year. Although the latter was already outdated by the time it was put into operation, it formed the basis for the fleet's fighter forces for the period of 1940-1941. Soon after the first serial copies arrived in the fleet, Fairey began working on a modified design equipped with the Griffon engine, which was later called Firefly. Aircraft Firefly hit the fleet aircraft carriers in the summer of 1942. By 1943, eight "squadrons" were equipped with the "Firefly" I aircraft.

Despite the more powerful Cyclone engine, the Firefly aircraft could not increase its speed above 464 km / h (290 mph) (its equivalent in the US Navy - the F4U Corsair was almost 320 km / h (200) Mph) faster!), So the design was revised again, and the Mk 5 aircraft with the cut wing and the Griffon engine 74 was created. Realizing that the days of this aircraft as a pure fighter passed, the Navy used 5's Firefly as a fighter-bomber, a night fighter, an armed scout and an airplane to fight submarines and ordered 352 copies. A lot of fire fighting in Korea, the Firefly, was also purchased by the Navy of Denmark, Canada and Australia.

The last two versions of AS and b 7 were specialized anti-submarine aircraft, built them in the amount of 284 copies. In 1950-400 years of more aircraft, "Firefly" was converted into a trainer aircraft and towing targets, and after decommissioning in the number of Navy aircraft continued to serve as towing targets, but under the control of civil society organizations.

Basic data


  • Length: 11,58 m
  • Wingspan: 12,49 m
  • Height: 4,24 m

The weight:

  • BLANK: 4472 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 7076 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 509 km / h
  • Range: 1722 km

Power point: "Griffon" 74 company "Rolls-Royce"

Power: 2245 l. from. (1674 kW)

Date of first flight:

  • December 22 1941 years (plane "Firefly» I) and December 12 1947 years (the first production aircraft "Firefly» 5)

The surviving airworthy modifications: AS 5 (TT 5) and AS 6 (TT 6)