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MiG-29. History.

Aircraft MiG-29. A photo. Characteristics. History.


Despite the skeptical attitude to this plane, he established himself with the best hand. MiG-29 was released in great numbers, and sold very well abroad.
Undoubtedly, the MiG-29 is one of the most successful fighters of the Soviet era. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can fly at high angles of attack. In order to hit the rocket, or go up sharply, the pilot can pull the levers beyond the limits of the limiters, which is inaccessible to the western counterparts of the fighter. 

The first flight of the fighter took place in October 6 1977 1983 Since, he began to enter into combat units.


The power plant MiG-29 SMT: two turbojet dual-circuit 

In the early 70-ies actively conducted to develop the latest fighter planes, one of them was the MiG-29, which was created by the design bureau to them. AI Mikoyan. MiG-29 became the fourth generation of lightweight fighters. At that time the car had excellent flight characteristics, and not inferior in quality to any fighter in the world.


The story of the MiG-29


Design Bureau in the early 70-ies started to develop two qualitatively new fighters, difference between the two has been the weight of the machine. Projected heavy fighter had the name TPFI and lightweight model had the name LPFI. As a result of these design models came two magnificent fighter. From heavy TPFI left Su-27, and the model of a light fighter turned LPFI MiG-29.

MiG-29 back

The main task of the designers was to create a new and high-quality fighter who would not yield to the characteristics of the American counterparts Series F, namely the famous F-15 and F-16. such tasks were put before the new aircraft: the conquest of leadership in the air above the place of fighting, attacks using unguided weapons against ground targets. But this task could only be carried out in the presence of different weather conditions.


This generation of fighters was manufactured not according to the old principle of speed increase and maximum climb. This model aircraft received excellent maneuverability in the vertical plane, this could be achieved with the help of high thrust engines. According to the designers, the new fighter had to have two engines. The final model of the aircraft, which was put into production, is quite different from the first design models. This aircraft was classified under the KB classification as "Product No. 9" and very different from previous MiG models. In parallel with mikoyanovtsami to design a similar project came and designers of the bureau Sukhoi, which was named Su-27. Both fighter planes were constructed on the principle of integrated layout.

MiG-29 on deck

All design innovation give the article number 9 high maneuverability and powerful new engines - a high thrust-weight ratio, which was at a qualitatively new level - 1,1. To date, the value of such aircraft thrust is very high. MiG-29 at the moment is the thrust-fighter on the planet. At the time, an elite unit of the pilot "Swifts", which used this fighter, had his business card, namely the execution of the loop with Zrazy takeoff.


Design development and experiments


The peak of the new fighter design and experiments fell on 1974-1977 years. Before the test was allowed 19 new experimental models, among which was a double machine. The first prototype under the name «9-01» was lifted into the air as a test pilot AV Fedotov October 77 years. Models «9-02» and «9-04» were designed to test the performance and capabilities of the new fighter engine. Unfortunately, both the prototype crashed, but the pilots managed to eject in time and survive.

MiG-29 side

The aircraft under the working name "9-03" became the prototype of the MiG-29 fighter. Other models prototypes used for testing and improving aircraft systems. During the tests, a defect of insufficient stability of the aircraft was installed. This problem was solved by the installation of the ventral keels, and afterwards on the serial models, beginning with the fourth, this problem was eliminated by increasing the rudders of the direction, and the keels were no longer used. Design Bureau planned full and complex testing of all 19 prototypes, during this time these aircraft have made about 2 thousand sorties.


Full-scale production of fighter aircraft MiG-29 82 year began with one of the oldest aircraft factories in our country, namely the factory "Banner of Labor", which is located in the capital of our country. Final collation of aircraft took place in Lukhovitsy, immediately produced and manufactured vehicles circled.

MiG-29 US

With the mass production of this model fighter was shot in 1990 year, over the years 8 manufacturing was released more than a thousand combat vehicles, and 300 units were exported to other countries. Number of 29-x MiGs could be much larger, but 90-ies advantage given the better, as did the designers, fighter Su-27. Despite this, in 90-2000 and early-ies continued release of MiGs, but in small quantities. For all the time it was designed and released into the sky 1,5 thousand MiG-29.


Description of fighter aircraft MiG-29


The main task of the new generation of aircraft would effectively destroy the enemy forces both in the air and on the ground. To create a fighter of such claims, the designers had to use the latest developments in the field of avionics, as well as to resort to the use of advances in aerodynamics. New innovations have aircraft in the fuselage and, since it was formed from an alloy of aluminum and lithium, and all riveted connections, as in the previous aircraft have been replaced by welds.


New materials used in the manufacture of fighter aircraft contributed to a significant reduction in weight. Also new alloy and welding connections allowed to avoid overlapping joints that facilitate sealing of compartments with fuel. When you create a MiG-29 was decided to reduce the visibility of the aircraft on radar. To do this, first we used materials that can absorb radio waves.

MiG-29 exhibitionMiG-29 bottom

Make innovations and adjustments in the aerodynamic characteristics of the new fighter. Wings decided to make more acute, resulting in improved quality control of the aircraft, even at low speeds. Also, the system has been changed, which protects the motor from external objects. Changes were made, and other systems. Innovation took place in the parachute brake and landing gear system.

First fully, it was decided to use the concept of instability, which may in the future be used to improve maneuverability of an aircraft and its flight range. This may be done by balancing the losses that occur at cruising speed. To achieve improvements fighter was equipped with a by-wire system, with which it would be possible to fly a plane.


Change and qualitative improvement was planned to expose arms and avionics. Pilots, who have experienced for the first time the new fighter MiG-29, pointed out that the car is very maneuverable and has excellent handling. Experienced testers believed that this is the war machine, which lacked our army.


MiG-29 has modifications that are able to perform more specific missions and tasks. In 1988 year specifically for carriers it has been designed and manufactured fighter aircraft MiG-29K, a feature which has the ability to fold the wings for a compact placement of the aircraft on board the ship. Also, this model has been equipped with a hook, and had strengthened landing gear for landing on the deck of the ship. The first MiG-29K taken off from an aircraft carrier deck in 1989 year.

MiG-29 back at night

This fighter has a great popularity in many countries of the world due to its reliability and excellent flight characteristics. To date, the model aircraft is in service with 25 the world, but the largest number of such cars guarding the sky Russia.


The Russian model of fighter aircraft called the MiG-29 in many ways superior to their foreign counterparts aircraft, even nicely-known American aircraft model F. The biggest advantage is great aerodynamics, the aircraft is different to a small radius bends. The advantage of this machine can be called a large angular speed turns, she can easily maneuver that run at high accelerations.


The aircraft is able to lead an active fight with guns, active at the same time to carry out maneuvers. MiG-29 can perform interception reconnaissance aircraft and attack aircraft, even those that fly very low. The uniqueness of this aircraft model is the fact that it can produce the rise and the gap from the ground on one working engine, and then run the second flight. This advantage is very good saves time, especially during the fighting.


Fighting MiG-29 used in a variety of military operations and has established himself as a great defender of the sky.


Mig-29 cockpit

Mig-29 cockpit

The MiG-29 can maneuver directly next to the air target, and its longitudinal axis, and its weapon, may not be aimed directly at the target. With the aid of a helmet-mounted sight or an infrared guidance system, the pilot selects a target located outside the axis of flight. 

Fighter is designed so that it can serve for a short time between departures. He take off and land on unprepared airfields can with underdeveloped infrastructure for operations.


Mig-29 photo

MiG-29 2

Although the aircraft and is considered the best fighter in the world, but he, like any machine has its drawbacks. According to the concept of the Soviet era, there was a special look at the role fighter aircraft. It expresses the ability of aircraft - fighters as quickly as possible to detect and destroy the target, leaving them more dependent on terrestrial platforms early warning and surveillance.

Although the MiG-29 was an independent combat unit when performing a combat mission, its radar and displays in the cockpit did not provide the pilot with the necessary information and deprived him of the ability to independently assess the situation in the air. 


Mig-29 scheme

Mig 29 drawing

Armament MiG-29 for close combat is considered almost perfect, but the means of hitting targets out of sight is mediocre. Another drawback of the aircraft is a small radius of action and a short flight duration. This problem stemmed from the fact that it was equipped with internal fuel tanks of a small size, and it could not carry combat duty over long distances. 


Mig-29 characteristics

  • Crew - 1 people
  • Maximum flight speedat the ground - 1500 km / h
  • Maximum flight speed: at high altitude - 2400 km / h
  • The ceiling is a practical - 18000 m
  • Climb - 330 m / s
  • Overload operating - 9
  • The range of the maximum single outboard fuel tank - 2100 km
  • Takeoff weight: normal - 14750 kg
  • Takeoff weight: maximum - 17720 kg
  • Maximum payload mass - 3000 kg
  • Aircraft length - 17,32 m
  • Aircraft height - 4,73 m
  • Wingspan - 11,36 m


Armament MiG-29:

  • cannon installation TKB-687 (gun GSH-301);

  • two guided missiles "air - air" medium-range missiles;

  • guided short-range missiles

  • P-73, or six units of R-60 M.


In 1990-ies he was ready to release a new long-range multi-purpose MiG-29M that all parameters suited to detect and engage targets at long distances, but because of the underfunding of all projects Mikoyan have remained on paper.

For the MiG-29 for an additional six-placed missiles R-27 T.

There the use of unguided weapons: On-8 (40-80 80 mm caliber rockets), or four rockets C-24 B (240 mm); svobodnopadayuschie bomb caliber 250, 500 kg.

MiG-29 is in service in many countries, including in the countries - the former Soviet republics.


Mig-29 video


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a great fighter! Kudos to our designers!

All right, but why in the publication Photo Eurofighter Typhoon?

Light single-engine MiG LMFS 5 generation will show in a few months. Hopefully fighter 5 light generation can be compared with the Chinese J-31, can be up to F-35 does not make it, but at the level of the other competitors will not be lost.

The "MiG-29" is an excellent combat vehicle that is still in service with a number of countries, even being produced in them. For example in China. Unfortunately, due to the chaos in the 90s, it was not modernized and therefore outdated. Why not upgrade this machine today? It probably doesn't make sense. Small changes will not give any positive effect. A major upgrade is like rebuilding an airplane. The fighter is not a locomotive. It takes 10 years from the first test takeoff to serial production of the car. During this time, the new aircraft on paper has already become obsolete, since there are already new projects that meet the new requirements. Is it worth spending time and money on reworking the old MiG-29? It's easier to launch a new fighter.
So we can only admire the ingenious mind of the MiG-29 designers and this, at one time, the best fighter in the world.


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