The Su-3. A photo. History. Characteristics.


The history of the speed of the Su-3

According to the rules of the new resolution "about the new fighter aircraft" Designer PO Packed together with the director of the plant №135 had to create two new variants maneuverable aircraft. These options differ in different motors. At first it was planned to establish OP motor M 105P with the presence of the TC-2, and the second - M-106P with TC-2. This unit had to have a higher flight characteristics: height 6000 m - 580-600 km / h, the height of 8000-10 000 m - 620-640 km / h. In addition to standard equipment, further planned to equip the aircraft with new types of coaxial machine guns - "UltraShKAS."

Su-3 scheme

The first copy of the prototype was called like-135 (later designated Su-1), the second prototype was renamed Su-3. The plant №135 under the leadership of PD Grushin future improvements were Su-3. Earlier it was planned motor M 106P absent, so it established the M-105P. In January, the aircraft was sent to the factory №289 painting and refining oil cooler.

In April, the plane is fully prepared for flight tests. However, production tests were not carried out because of the decision of SNK and the Central Committee of the CPSU Su and Su-1-3 were not appropriate for mass production, as a fighter Yakovlev proved himself better. By early May, the Su-1 has made several flights, and his twin brother Su-3 was mothballed.

At the beginning of World War II, decided to evacuate the aircraft. Su-1 was badly damaged when loading. About his future almost unknown. Su-3 lucky a little more, he was transported to Novosibirsk. There's a branch of FRI NCAP conducted research on the rational use of TK on the fighters.

Technical characteristics of the project prototype Su-3

Su-3 - fighter, designed for active combat operations as an interceptor. The design of a mixed type, single-seat monoplane.

The fuselage - semi-monocoque oval cross section, made of wood. Technical connectors available. The power represented by four frame spars variable section, stringers, frames and glued veneer paneling. Frame truss is attached to the front bulkhead. She put the engine M-105P (planned M-106P). The cockpit is located in the central part of the fuselage under the transparent canopy. The fuel tank installed under the floor. Channel radiator water and working equipment placed in the tail.

Su-3 photo

All-metal cantilever wing consists of two consoles weaned. The back wall, steel spar, sheathing and ribs were power frame. Trimmer have built on the left aileron. The tail unit consists of a fin rudder and stabilizer and elevator. Stabilizer founded three free walls, a set of stringers and paneling made of aluminum. Kiel gelled integrally with the fuselage, keeping 2 spar.

The main pillars concerned tricycle landing gear, it retracts into the center section. Tail wheel - in the fuselage. For cleaning and landing gear hydraulic system responded.

The plane managed in a mixed mode. For control elevator and ailerons meet the stringent thrust and rudder - Lanyard.

The basis of the power plant was liquid-cooled aircraft engine M-105P. Its capacity is 1100 horsepower. In addition, says a three-bladed propeller VISH-61. Cooling was carried out with water under pressure in a closed system. Vodoradiator placed in the rear part in a special channel. Air cooled water using ventral air intake. Heat exits at the top of the fuselage. Adjusting the radiator cooling is performed using mechanical shutters control.

Oil cooler placed under the front of the engine. Above the engine in the engine compartment mounted a fiber engineered oil tank. Adjust the temperature of the oil regime was involved in two ways: manual and automatic.

For increasing altitude engine turbocharger TC responded 2-2 and CPS (centrifugal blower drive). Fibre tank engineered type was able to carry 250 kg of fuel. Additionally provided for the installation of the tank on the outboard 150 kg under the left wing.

Weapons and armor protection of the aircraft

The aircraft was equipped with a motor-gun ShVAK (caliber 20 mm) ammunition cartridges 190. Attach it to the collapse of the cylinders. ShVAK was shooting through the hollow shaft of the gearbox. Also set ShKAS - synchronous machine guns with ammunition cartridges 1800. In addition, Su-3 could carry bombs weighing 100 kg.

Su-3 2 photo

To protect the rear armor is installed on the pilot's chair and a water cooler.

Features Su-3:

Modification   Su-3
Wingspan, m   10.10
Length m   8.42
Height, m   2.71
Wing area, m2   18.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   2496
  maximum take-off   2992
engine's type   1 PD Klimov M-105P
Power, hp   X 1 1100
Maximum speed km / h  
  near the ground   500
  on high   638
Cruising speed, km / h   570
Practical range, km   700
The maximum rate of climb, m / min   910
Practical ceiling, m   11900
Crew   1
Armament:   one 20-mm SHVAK cannon and two 7.62-mm ShKAS machine guns


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