Tupolev snowmobile amphibian A-3
Tupolev snowmobile amphibian A-3

Tupolev snowmobile amphibian A-3


Snowmobiling amphibian A-3 is a Soviet boat, which was made to move through the water, ice or snow-known designers Tupolev Design Bureau in the early 60-ies.

Snowmobiling A-3 were designed to transport goods and passengers on rivers with little depth. The main advantage of the device was that it could be used at any time of year. This machine is perfectly overcame snow, ice, and even off-road. In the spring, it is perfectly able to navigate the river, even on the melting or floating ice. Apparatus A-3 widely used for mail delivery or provision of medical care in remote regions, patrolling borders and conducting rescue operations difficult.

The history of the creation of the A-3 amphibious snowmobile 

The design of the machine was carried out by combining the inventors, which was controlled by the chief engineer G.V. Mahotkin. This group created a project of an aerosleigh in 1961 year. The apparatus was tested in the same year at the reservoir near Istrino. A year after the first test, the device was transferred for trial operation, in parallel with this, the A-3 was revised and improved. After the tests, the designers decided to equip the serial models with a redo, which greatly facilitated the output of the machine for gliding. Since 64, the serial production of this boat has been started, and for the first 6 months about one hundred copies have been built.

Tupolev snowmobile amphibian A-3

The establishment of this amphibian was observed with high state awards. Thus, in 1965 year the project won an award ENEA and chief designer was awarded a gold medal. It was also noted, and the Tupolev Design Bureau, which has received the diploma of the first degree. These awards have been obtained for the excellent quality of boats, namely for the fact that it can be operated at any time of the year.

Amphibian A-3 was presented at exhibitions in many countries, and then received orders for its manufacture. These snowmobile manufactured at two aviation enterprises, and for all time was released about 800 units. A boat-3 widely and actively used until 90-ies, but some machines work to this day.

design Features аerosani amphibian A-3 

Hull full metal and is connected by means of rivets, it has a streamlined shape. The hull is divided into three compartments. The bow compartment is equipped with a heating system of the cabin, and then stored anchor. Furthermore, in this compartment can be placed load. The second compartment is represented by logging in which the driver's seat and passenger seat. The back part is made as a passenger compartment, which can be four passengers, or it is possible to transport the goods.

Tupolev snowmobile amphibian A-3

Feed cutter was equipped with a star-shaped aircraft engine. This engine had a displacement of the air cooling system and is driven by a pusher propeller. oil tank was installed to lubricate parts of the engine, but the engine was fitted and the system, which was called the "dry sump". The first models had 160-hp engine model M-11FR and later a boat equipped with engine type AI-14, which gave power to 260 horsepower.

With regard to the fuel system, it was represented by two fuel tanks, in which you can fill with 350 liters of gasoline. The tanks were placed on both sides of the cabin. This stock of fuel was enough to cover the distance in 500km on snow with cargo on board or 650 kg 200 km on the water with a cargo of 300 kg.

Аerosani amphibian A-3 characteristics:

Number of places  6
Engine Gasoline, jet, piston-M 14B.
Power 350 hp
Length 6110 mm
Width 2160 mm
Weight 2100 kg
Maximum speed on water 80 km / h
Maximum speed on snow 100 km / h.