IAI Kfir
IAI Kfir

IAI Kfir 


IAI Kfir (Lion) - Fighter of the Israeli Air Force of its own production has been in service since 1974. In 2002, there were 6 aircraft of this type in service. The C-2 fighter was replaced by new, more advanced C-7s; there are 20 of them plus 120 reserve ones in service. The fighter "Kfir" is designed to combat air targets and strike at ground targets.


IAI Kfir photo

IAI Kfir photo

Power plant: One turbojet thrust 8120 kg.


IAI Kfir photo 2

IAI Kfir photo


The performance characteristics of a fighter "Kfir" C-2


  • Wingspan, m 8,22
  • Length, m 15,50
  • Height, m ​​4,25
  • Launch weight, kg 14 600
  • Flight speed at an altitude of 11 000 m, km / h 2450
  • Flight range, km 4000
  • Ceiling, m 17
  • Crew, people 1



  • cannons 2x30 mm
  • guided missiles 2x "Shafrir",
  • "Luz," "Maverick," "The Shrike"
  • unguided rockets 36x70 mm,
  • 8 h127 mm
  • Bomb load, kg 4000


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