Morane-Saulnier MS.760. Photo. Characteristics.
Morane-Saulnier MS.760. Photo. Characteristics.

Morane-Saulnier MS.760. Photo. Characteristics. 



A type: Twin-engine primary trainer aircraft, airplane photography and coherent plane

CrewTwo pilots are arranged side by side, and two passengers

MS.760 was a direct descendant of one of the first light aircraft MS.755 «Flёre» (FLueret), which was an example of the jet thrust. Powered by two "Morbore» IIC of "Turbomeca" (as well as his peers - Aircraft "Mazhister" and "Saetta"), the plane "Paris» (Paris) was acquired by the French Air Force for use as a liaison aircraft. The first aircraft arrived in the Air Force at the end of the year 1958, designated MS.760A «Paris» I.

A small number of aircraft were also delivered to the French Navy aviation for the same task, at the same time the Paris I and the improved Paris II had an export success in Argentina and Brazil. The Argentine manufacturer RAMA assembled 48 Paris I for use as a trainer and co-aircraft, as well as a ground-attack aircraft. Neighboring Brazil acquired the same number of more powerful Paris II, which it used for the same purposes. Argentine aircraft were later equipped with engines "Marbore" VI, which modified them to the standard "Paris" II.


Total production of aircraft "Paris" was 150 copies MS.760A and 63 - MS.760V. Today, this aircraft taken out of service in France, although about 20 machines still perform different tasks in the Argentine Air Force. A small number of airplanes, served in the Air Force and the French Navy, has appeared in the civil register of France, and one or two in the civil register of the United States.

Basic data


Length: 10,24 m

Wingspan: 10,15 m

Height: 2,6 m

Power point: Two turbojet engine "Marbore» VI of "Turbomeca"

Power: 9,42 kN thrust

The weight:

Empty: 2067 kg

Maximum takeoff: 3920 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 695 km / h

Flight range: 1740 km

Date of first flight:

July 29, 1954

The surviving airworthy modifications: MS.760A «Paris» I