The Su-8. A photo. Characteristics. History.


Aircraft such as Su-8 is an armored attack, which has two seats for the pilots. This machine has an excellent flight characteristics and combat. She also remembered in history as one of the largest attack aircraft of the time. All tests took place on this machine is great, but in mass production, it was not hit by the fact that the war was coming to an end and the need for this class of machine disappeared by itself.

The chronology of the creation of the Su-8

Sukhoi Design Bureau in the spring of the year 1942 was delivered task to develop a new, more qualitative attack aircraft with two engines. Before you start designing the designers took into account all the wishes of the new car, which comes directly from the front of the combat pilots. From these comments, the designers realized that a new car should have a greater speed and range, as well as more powerful weapons.


Design Su-8 went very active, and in the early autumn of the same year all the drawings were ready machines. The very construction of ground attack was launched in August 42 years 4 and once manufactured machine. Two from them would be used for the flight test, and two more for static within the plant. Manufacturer engaged in Perm plant, on which there were the first machines Su-8 43 at the beginning of the year.

In winter, 43 years, the project was approved by the commander of the Air Force. The new car had planned to use as a high-altitude reconnaissance bomber or medium heights.

In the summer of the year 1943 Sukhoi has been moved to the Tushino airfield there and ended up finishing the Su-8. Here, the car was equipped with more powerful engines of the M-71F.

His first flight of the Su-made winter 8 43, after the designers of flight saw a lot of inaccuracies and defects that have begun to eliminate. Only in March 44, the plane was able to begin full-scale flight tests. But, as mentioned earlier, this machine did not get into mass production due to the fact that she did not want a war.

Design features Su-8

The plane is made by a mixed housing construction system. All parts of the aircraft are made of different materials. Thus, the front part of the case was fully armored, and the middle part of duralumin. As for the rear part, it is represented by a wooden monocoque. The entire center section of the machine is made of duralumin and also equipped with additional steel spars. This metal is fully implemented and empennage unit.

Su-8 scheme

The power plant was represented by two propeller engines, which provide a large capacity machine. They were mounted on the machine's wings.

Wings mixed structure as made of metal and wood. Wooden console fastened to the center section by means of metal spars. For better stability in flight wings were fitted with slats. In addition, the wings are installed flaps.

With regard to the fuel system, it is represented by a single fuel tank, which is located directly behind the cockpit. Oil unit blocks located in nacelles and radiators took place in each of the nose wings.

Chassis in Su-8 was clean, with all three racks. The tail wheel served as the change in direction at the airport, as it was smaller than the other two. The chassis is equipped with an aircraft braking system during landing.


The pilots of the Su-8 were excellent review due to the fact that the cockpit was placed pretty high, and had a large glass area. The lower part of the cabin had planned to equip the additional glazing.

With regard to the arms of the machine, it was powerful enough, and is represented by large-caliber cannons and machine guns, which were attached to the bottom of the airframe. On the wings of the aircraft were machine guns on the rotary carriage, and they could make a turn at an angle of up to 10 degrees. With this weapon the pilot managed machine.

In addition, the plane was carrying weapons mass bombing in 400 kg, which is attached to the inside of the suspension, placed in the center section of the wing. If necessary, a lot of bombs could be increased up to 600 kg, the wings also have fasteners for bombs. The total weight of bombs that could carry the aircraft was about 1 tons. For certain military operations, the aircraft could carry one high-explosive bombs, which weight is 1000 kilos.

The plane was thought out well enough in the first place was to protect pilots from enemy shells. That is why a large number of armor were used in the cabin to protect the pilots. Ahead pilots sheet-metal and armored glass has been placed behind the pilots had armored back their chairs. Armor plate were installed on both sides of the pilot and the bottom of the housing.

Due to his size and armor aircraft had a large enough mass, which was more than 10 tons.


Designers Sukhoi achieved their task. They have created a machine that could effectively bombing the entire depth of the location of enemy troops and provide fire support to troops during the offensive. And most importantly, that the Su-8 to carry out military operations far from its airfield.

Su-8 characteristics:

Modification   Su-8
Wingspan, m   20.50
Length m   13.58
Height, m   5.09
Wing area, m2   60.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   9170
  normal takeoff   12410
engine's type   2 PD M-71F
Power, hp   X 2 2200
Maximum speed km / h  
  near the ground   485
  on high   552
Cruising speed, km / h   525
Ferry range, km   1500
Practical range, km   600
Rate of climb, m / min   411
Practical ceiling, m   9000
Crew   2
Armament:   four 45-mm or 37-mm guns under the fuselage
  four 7.62-mm ShKAS machine guns in the wing consoles
  One 12.7-mm UBT machine gun in the upper installation and
  one 7.62-mm ShKAS machine gun in the hatch.
  bomb load - 600 kg, with overload - 1400 kg.


The Su-8. Gallery.

Su-8 side view of the aircraftSu-8 photo airplane on the groundSu-8 photo airplane in flight

Su-8 airplane on runwaySu-8 aircraft schemeSu-8 the plane from the rear view on the ground

Su-8 aircraft before flightDriving Su-8Su -8 photo in the sky




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