Yakovlev Yak-43


Yak-43, on the factory designation "product 201», a fighter project, capable of short takeoff and landing. This air unit designed in Yakovlev and a land version of the VTOL Yak-141. Design began in 1980 year, but due to lack of funding in 90-ies froze the project.

History and differences

At the height of the vertical development of the deck in the Yak-41 1980 year we started work on the Yak-43. Placing it planned to land aerodromes. According to the plan of its run should be no more than 120 meters and takeoff and landing should be shortened. This car brakes pretty much different from the basic version of the deck. The basis of the power plant had to be one engine NK-32 with rotary nozzle and maximum thrust in 25 000 kg. Exactly the same is used in the strategic bomber Tu-class-160.


By order of the planned to increase the range and the range of the aircraft application, which in turn will lead to an increase in wing area and the amount of fuel. fuselage design of a completely new, it is represented by one with the wing. Since the aircraft to be used on long-distance lines, it is further planned to install elements of reducing the visibility of the machine technology.

Exterminate calculated by a single pilot. Good speed and maneuverability would have provided the engine NK-32, which is a bypass turbojet with afterburner, and the presence of the thrust vector control.

Though the project was very promising, but due to the collapse of the USSR and the difficult economic situation of the development of the Yak-43 stopped in the early 90-ies.



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