The Su-5. A photo. History. Characteristics.


Because of underestimating the development prospects of the military command of the shock reactive Soviet aircraft by mid-40-ies of XX century began to lag behind its main competitors. The work aimed at the creation of new jet aircraft engines, were in 30-ies, but most of them were abandoned at half performance, before reaching the test phase and installation on the aircraft. After the introduction of jet engines in the propulsion systems of enemy aircraft Soviet Union resumed work on the improvement of its combat aircraft.

History Su-5

February 1944 of the year. At a scheduled meeting of the State Defense Committee, it was decided to establish an aircraft engine center on the basis of the aviation industry (NKAP). The committee’s plans were to receive the first draft samples of jet aircraft engines and airplanes in a month. 

Su-5 photo

Targets for the development of aircraft with jet engines have received design bureau SA Lavochkin, AI Mikoyan, NN Polikarpov and PO Dry.

Before brigade Paul Osipovich put two problems at once:

  • 1) to develop a design and build an experimental single-seat version equipped with VK-107A and VRDK engines;
  • 2) to develop a project and build a modification of the Su-6, on which the RD-1 engine, developed by designer V.P. Glushko.

Run first mission failed in the early 1944 Sukhoi fighter introduced sketch that was equipped with a piston engine M-105A and additional compressor air-breathing engine.

Actuated VRDK occurred by switching torque from the motor shaft M 105A on a two-speed transmission.

This preliminary design was designated "And-107» and has been submitted to the State Committee of Defense in July 1944 years.


Adoption of the mock draft coincided with the completion of static testing. Release of the first prototype flight was delayed due to violation of terms of delivery of the engines.

The aircraft received index Su-5. For the first time it was flown by test pilot plant Sukhovsky GN Komarov. It happened 6.04.1945. Factory tests lasted until October. Done 42 flight in 11 of which involved the inclusion VRDK.

Fighter has not met expectations, the maximum speed was 20% less than predicted. Therefore, it was decided to send the next instance in the wind tunnel T-101 TsAGI.

November 1946 of government regulations Exit USSR, which cuts maintenance work on the "irrelevant" aircraft projects. Su-5 fell under this category and series production was never started.

The design of the Su-5

Su-5 had a single construction type metal monoplane, covered with duralumin sheets 1-2 mm thick.

Su-5 military photos

Aircraft Wings single-spar, dual console. Joint console with the fuselage, which is removed under the fairing, passes through the tail ribs.

The package includes Su-5 ailerons with the wind and the weight compensation. Managed trimmer is on the left aileron.

The armament of the fighter planned to include H-23 100 gun with ammunition shells. Also in the plans of designers had placed two machine guns UBS caliber mm 12,7, 200 with ammunition cartridges.

Aircraft cabin was protected by armor 1 cm thick bulletproof glass.

The fuselage of the Su-5 monokoknogo type, made of duralumin. Along the fuselage stretches air channel, which has consistently placed the compressor, water cooler and the nozzle chamber. Tail portion of the channel fills the combustion chamber, which is made of heat-resistant steel and has double wall, through which air passes to cool.

The oil cooler is located in the tunnel console left wing. Fuel tank, the fuel that feed the main engine and VRDK, located in the front part of the fuselage behind the cockpit.

Metal unregulated cantilever stabilizer and fin located above the fuselage. Steering is provided with a metal-controlled trimmers.


Chassis Su-5 retractable type. The assembled landing gear doors are closed. Spike wheel in flight mode under the combustion chamber.

The upper part of the fighter turns green, the bottom - in light blue.

Su-5 characteristics:

Modification   Su-5
Wingspan, m   10.56
Length m   8.51
Height, m   2.97
Wing area, m2   17.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   2954
  maximum take-off   3604
engine's type   1 PD VK-107A + VRKK
Power, hp   X 1 1650
Maximum speed km / h   830
Cruising speed, km / h   640
Practical range, km   600
Ckoropodemnost m / min   880
Practical ceiling, m   12000
Crew   1
Armament:   one 23 mm HC-23 gun (100 shells) and
  two 12.7-mm machine guns UBS (400 shells)


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