Saab A / J 32 Lansen. Photo. Characteristics.
Saab A / J 32 Lansen. Photo. Characteristics.

Saab A / J 32 Lansen. Photo. Characteristics.



Airplane Saab A / J 32 Lansen (Lansen - spear) - Swedish fighter and attack aircraft, built to replace the twin-engined piston medium bomber SAAB 18. Design began in 1946 year and was calculated by two turbojet English production. At the design stage it was considered a lot of aerodynamic configurations, with one of the most promising is considered a "flying wing" scheme.


Saab A / J 32 Lansen. A photo. 

Saab A / J 32 Lansen1


"Lansen" began to develop only in December 1948, already as a project "type 32". At the same time, work was underway on the single-seat version of the day fighter-interceptor. 


Photo Saab A / J 32 Lansen.

Saab A / J 32 Lansen2


The principal of pripyatsvy in the progress of the project was the powerplant. Initially expected that the "type of 32" will be equipped with an engine of Swedish design "Pan" (RM 4) manufactured by STAL thrust 3300 kg. Delays in the development of its forced to change the decision and set the plane English turbojet "Evon" 100 series.


Saab A / J 32 Lansen runway.

Saab A / J 32 Lansen3


The first flight of the prototype took place on the 1952 of the year. The plane was piloted by the chief pilot, test pilot Bent Olafo (Bengt Olow). The flight was successful, followed by tests. October 25 1953, the plane broke the sound barrier by plane. 


Saab A / J 32 Lansen in flight.

Saab A / J 32 Lansen4


After the tests have been connected, all instances of experimental machines and parallel occurred preparation of serial production.


Among the major variants of this aircraft should be made version:

  • Saab A 32A - Stormtrooper, able to attack ground and sea targets. Replaced as such Saab B 18. Since 1955 1958 year for Swedish Air Force aircraft were transferred 287 this modification, where they remained in service until the year 1978.

  • Saab S 32C - The aircraft reconnaissance. Originally planned to replace the Saab S 18 as a maritime patrol aircraft, but was used as a fotorazvedchika. Swedish Air Force ordered 44 aircraft of this modification, which were put in 1958 - 1959 years and used to 1978 years.

  • Saab J 32B - All-weather fighter. Mainly used at night and in bad weather conditions, as the other fighters, which consisted then in service with the Swedish Air Force, were not suitable for this purpose.

  • Saab J 32D - Towing targets. Since 1972, six J 32B been refitting for towing targets. Planes of this modification were retired in 1997 year.

  • Saab J 32E - The aircraft electronic warfare (EW) and training. 15 planes washed J 32B modified for this purpose since 1972 years. Removed from service in 1997 year.


Specifications Saab A / J 32 Lansen.

  • Crew: 2 person;

  • aircraft Length: 14,94 m;

  • Wingspan: 13,00 m;

  • Plane Height: 4,65 m;

  • Weight of empty aircraft: 7438 kg;

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 13600 kg;

  • Cruising speed: 860 km / h;

  • Maximum flight speed: 1114 km / h;

  • Maximum flight distance: 3220 km;

  • Maximum flight height: 14000 m;

  • aircraft engine Type: Svenska Flygmotor RM-6A;

  • Powerplant: 1's Rolls-Royce Avon RV.90 Mk.47A.



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