Fighter FC-31. A photo. Characteristics.
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Fighter FC-31

Fighter FC-31. A photo. Characteristics.


China introduced new development fighter FC-31, which was demonstrated at Airshou China in Zhuhai.
The Shenjang J-32 or FC-31 is a 4th generation medium multi-role fighter powered by 2 jet engines. The aircraft design is being developed by the Chinese company Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.


Design features


The first image fighter FC-31 appeared on the Internet in September 2011 years. Since July 2012, submissions to the technical description, photo and video images began to appear regularly in the media.
In order to promote the aircraft, and program of test flights for finishing blocks and control mechanisms, the Chinese Air Force Command, ordered the production of prototypes 2 FC-31 with different equipment and functions, to make a decision on further use of fighter planes in various tactical situations.


Fighter FC-31. Photo.


The development strategy of the fighter


The development of a new fighter experts China is twofold:

  • conduct re aviation units of the army and navy;
  • to achieve commercial success in the implementation of the FC-31 in the international aviation market.

Successful development and preparation for mass production of a new generation of fighter forces neighboring countries include plans for the purchase of new equipment fighter F-35 US production. China offers FC-31, as an alternative to

F-35, those countries that have limited resources to acquire arms.


Fighter FC-31. Photo. 2Fighter FC-31. Photo. 1


In early November, the 2014 fighter FC-31 was presented at the exhibition Airshou China Zhuhai (China), which will be conducted demonstration flights.


Design a fighter


FC-31 has a typical configuration, embodied in the models of other countries, including the Sukhoi T-50. Externally, strongly resembles a model fighter twin engine F-35C. Like the F-35, FC-31 has two internal weapons bays, each of which is located two medium-range missiles, as well as two nodes external suspension, and one on each wing hardpoint.

Experts note that the fighter FC-31. This is a well-designed and high-quality aircraft with high combat potential. We are improving the fighter's power plant. Chinese experts are trying to create an engine with the same characteristics as the Russian engine RD-93. The tests of the engine developed at the Chinese enterprise Suizhou WS-13, which has the same thrust as the Russian RD-93, are being conducted. It is necessary to reach the maximum possible duration of the engine mechanisms, thereby increasing the motor resource before the first repair. Active work is underway to create an improved version of the WS-13 A engine with a pulling force of 100 kN for further installation on the FC-31.

Unlike the F-35, where the fuselage is made of a special fiber material, designed with stealth. technology, the surface casing FC-31 coated with a special stealth material ensures invisibility to enemy radar.

Fighter FC-31 has a flat fuselage than the F-35, which should provide superior maneuverability FC-31 and improve aerodynamic drag.


Fighter FC-31. Photo. dashboardFighter FC-31


Performance characteristics FC-31


These data may vary due to the fact that the aircraft is under development and upgrading nodes periodically passes.
General characteristics:

  • the number of crew members. 1 people;
  • the length of the fuselage. 16.9 m;
  • the height of the fuselage. 11.5 m;
  • wing area. 40 square. m;
  • gross weight . 17600 kg;
  • powerplant: 1 2 version of the RD-93, turbofan with thrust indicator 84 kN; 2 option -2 engine WS 13A, turbofan with thrust indicator 100 kN;
  • maximum speed -1.8 max;
  • Combat Zone action. 1250 km;
  • 4000 km range.


  • 4 missiles PL-12 (located in the inner compartment).


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