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Airline "RusLine" today is constantly progressing carrier providing services to regular, VIP and charter air transportation.


Features of the airline "RusLine"

The company RusLine at the moment is one of the leading Russian carriers of passengers by air. In addition to regular flights, the company provides charter services. The main airports of the company are Vnukovo and Domodedovo. The bulk of flights are directed to the cities of Russia and the CIS, long-distance flights are also carried out. Company charters can deliver a client to any corner of the planet. 

Airline RusLine was founded back in 1997, but the operator certificate was obtained in 2003. And permission to operate the first in the company of a Bombardier airliner type CRJ 100 / 200 was obtained only in 2007 year. Since 2009, a strategic development program has been launched for regional transportation. A year later, RusLine acquired Volga-Aviaexpress, which allowed two more hubs to be created in Volgograd and Yekaterinburg. Also in 2010, the integration into the international ticket sales system Amadeus was carried out, which allowed to simplify the purchase procedure for passengers. In 2011, the company's fleet was replenished with regional liners such as Embraer 120. A year later, they began using Airbus A 319 liners. All this allowed to achieve high quality service and loyal customer attitude. 

Airline RusLine has several subsidiaries that contribute to more efficient service and development. One of them is the RusLine Technic enterprise. This company is engaged in ensuring the overall safety of the company's airliners. Over the years, the branch in accordance with international requirements, she began to serve the aircraft and other companies. 

During the entire existence of the RusLine airline, one fairly tragic incident was recorded involving the company's aircraft. The incident occurred in June 2011 of the year with the Tu-134 device, which operated the Moscow-Petrozavodsk flight. It is worth noting that the 50 was installed on board instead of the 66 passenger seats. The tragedy happened due to difficult meteorological conditions. The car did not reach the runway 600 meters. Collision with the ground led to the destruction of the integrity of the body and fire. As a result, 47 people died. 

Despite the fact that the air fleet was composed primarily of small class aircraft Bombardier CRJ 200 120 and the Embraer, the airline route network is well developed - departures are carried out in more than 54 different directions excluding charter and VIP-flights. Among the main destinations highlights Russian cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ivanovo, Volgograd, etc., And as the main points of Registry uses the capital airport "Domodedovo" and "Vnukovo".



The carrier "RusLine" constantly offers its customers a variety of special offers, such as discounts on air, making air travel are the most beneficial and affordable.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engaged in the regional airlines in the Urals and Central Russia.

  • Year of occurrence: 1994;

  • IATA airline code: 7R;

  • ICAO airline code: RLU;

  • Internal airline code: RG;


Airline RusLine. Official site :

RusLine Airline (RusLine). Official site.


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27 June 2015, flying a flight 7R-425 RUSLINE company on the route Minvody - Ulyanovsk, witnessed the operational professional actions of the crew at the time of unforeseen circumstances that happened on board the aircraft. Suddenly the child became ill. The boy was on the verge of life and death, struggled in convulsions with the threat of stopping breathing. Unfortunately, among the passengers of the flight there was not a single medic. And only thanks to the clear and competent actions of the stewardess Catherine, who supplied the child with an oxygen mask and supported him with her skillful actions, managed not to lose the child during the flight. The crew of the aircraft in a timely manner received permission for an emergency landing at the airport in Volgograd, where all the services worked just as clearly. The medical team of the airport boarded aboard immediately after landing and provided the necessary medical assistance to the child on board. A reanimobile arrived in time from the city, and the child was transported from the plane to assist on the ground. Since all the actions taken by the doctors gave a positive result, the mother of the boy, who had another baby in her arms, refused to put her son in the hospital and decided to continue her flight under her own responsibility. The plane refueled, and we safely flew to the destination. The passengers were happy to see how my mother met the children at the Ulyanovsk airport with the children, and, most importantly, that the boy was alive and well. Leaving the side of the plane, all the passengers said words of gratitude to the crew and, in particular, flight attendant Catherine for saving the child's life, to which she heard from her a modest and noble answer that it was just her job. Admired by the preparation and coordination of the actions of the crew and all involved persons. We believe that they all deserve gratitude for saving the life of a small passenger.

The flight was just fine! The plane was well, very big and long. Never before flying on these ships I have not. Everywhere cleanliness, food, though standard, but rather, profuse. But the flight attendants did not like, not too friendly. But for the entire flight is the only significant disadvantage. Not the slightest flight delay was not!

Food is so unbearable that most passengers returned meal, virtually untouched. On board constantly lacking blankets, chairs very uncomfortable, with the success of most of the passengers could make the flight on wooden benches. As for me, to put it mildly outrageous attitude towards people flying in the third grade.

I do not know why most of the passengers were satisfied with the quality of aircraft. When I made the flight, everything was properly including not only the seats but also the lighting in the cabin. The aircraft in good condition, interior, of course, is not very new, but nothing fell off, the toilet is no foreign odors. Everywhere clean, very friendly atmosphere!

When designed the tour to rest, we have advance warning of possible delays of the airline, but that they are so big, silent. As a result, a few days off have been lost forever.

In our time a great rarity are the best of the flight attendants courteous and quality service. For the first time faced with this airline, browsing their official website before you go on vacation. I appreciate punctuality and responsibility, and I believe that the company is extremely honored all its obligations. I express my immense gratitude to the leadership, which has established such a good work. Thank you very much!

I liked just about anything. Staff really masters of their craft. Manages a few minutes gently put a huge machine. Thank you very much for punctuality and a loud warning about the cancellation or delay of flights! The staff is extremely polite and unobtrusive. Thanks to all the staff of this wonderful company. I would advise all his friends!

The other day I flew to Greece. Most of all, I probably liked the plane! Clean, well-groomed with soft chairs - like a picture. However, I would not say that the staff is particularly friendly. Stewardesses walk around the salon gloomy, and the food they offer, to put it mildly, rubber, for example, I did not dare to eat my portion. At the same time, RusLine is no worse than other airlines. I often have to make flights on duty, and I can accurately judge that the flight will be one of the most successful that I had during my long life. Especially it catches the eye when transplanting in the second airplane, the vibration was so strong that I flew all the flight with my ears stuffed, while during the whole flight I was offered water only once and it was in such heat! Tickets with this pleasure are not cheap, however, it seems to me better to overpay than then the whole day suffer from migraine. Of course, you could buy a ticket for the train, especially since it will cost several times cheaper, but the time spent on the road will increase significantly! Moreover, this company still does without any significant incidents, which guarantees relative safety of the flight.

Friends invited to visit. We advised the RusLine airline. I decided to use this airline "RusLine". When I saw the plane, I was amazed at its design. Very beautiful, comfortable and spacious inside. There is beauty inside, the staff is smiling and attentive. I liked the service from the staff. Stewardesses offered blankets, newspapers, food and drinks. The flight went smoothly. I liked everything very much. In the future, I will use this airline.

She flew by RusLine airline. I flew on a Ekaterinburg-Kazan flight. Flew only 1,5 hours. The flight was without delay. I flew on a CRJ-100 plane, outwardly the plane is quite beautiful, inside it is cozy. While flying, they offered drinks a couple of times. We flew calmly and well. Thank you so much for such a good airline.


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