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Formed back in Aeroflot 1923 year. By 1930, the company has occupied a leading position in air travel passengers. These days Aeroflot is not losing ground and is one of the largest airlines not only in our country but around the world.

The company is based at the airport "Sheremetyevo" in the capital. Besides 4 has branches in the cities of Russia. This St. Petersburg, Perm, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad.

Aeroflot is constantly working to increase and improve its aircraft. The largest Mission Control Center in Eastern Europe belongs to this airline.

Aeroflot is preparing professional pilots in private aviation school.

Aeroflot plane

In the future, Aeroflot plans to work on a constant increase in passengers using the services of this particular airline. Aeroflot aircraft equipped with the latest technology. Equipped with the most modern flight safety management systems. All this guarantees passengers comfortable and safe flights.

Currently, "Aeroflot" airline is trying not only to cover the majority of the largest regional cities of the Russian Federation, thus trying to increase its capacity in the domestic air transportation, but also has the immediate prospects of development, the opening of additional flights to far abroad the city, communication with whom currently absent.

In addition, the airline "Aeroflot" doing its utmost to reduce the prices of their services, offering in addition to the seasonal decline in prices for air travel, and various types of stocks and prices, that really proves once again that this airline is the largest in the Russian Federation , and also the most promising.

"Aeroflot" airline has offices in more than 50 the world, which once again proves the popularity and influence of this air carrier in the world arena of civil aviation. Currently, work is underway to expand the sphere of influence of the flights shedule, and it is possible that in the near future the airline "Aeroflot" will achieve new successes in their activity.

Employees of Aeroflot understand their responsibility to passengers who have given them preference in organizing flights, and strive to comply with their status. In recent years, the company's policy is aimed not only at organizing comfortable flights, but also at maximizing the negative impact of airline operations on the environment. Under this policy, Aeroflot implements a lot of activities.

Aeroflot stewardess

Aeroflot Company is actively involved in social policy, providing assistance to various charitable entities.

Perfect long-term work of the company has been repeatedly awarded with awards and prizes, including international ones.

The brand of the company is known worldwide. The company carries out flights to any corner of the globe. Helps ordinary people to fulfill their dreams. Allows you to keep in touch with family and friends who live far from them. The activities of all company employees are aimed at continuous improvement of the quality of service. Passengers who once used the services of Aeroflot come back here again and again.

The company's staff will serve you in the best traditions of Russian hospitality. You will be met here with a smile and will do everything possible to ensure that your flight takes place in a comfortable atmosphere.

You can book a ticket for the flight you are interested in through the Internet. Mobile registration is also available in many areas. You can get all the details by visiting Aeroflot official website.

Aeroflot - Russian Airlines (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines)

Basic data:

  • The country of the airline is Russia;

  • It is the largest airline in Russia, it has a wide network of international and domestic routes from Moscow.

  • Year of occurrence: 1923;

  • IATA airline code: SU;

  • ICAO airline code: AFL;

  • Domestic airline code: SU;

  • Is a member of SkyTeam;

Aeroflot official site

Contact details:

  • Postal address of the airline: st. Arbat, d. 10, Moscow, Russia, 119002,

  • City Airline Phone: + 78004445555;

  • Airline Fax: + 7495752 9016;

  • E-mail Airlines:;

  • JSC "Aeroflot"

Aeroflot official site

Aeroflot official site

Base airport airport: Moscow Sheremetyevo

Domestic flightsAnapa, Abakan, Barnaul, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg, Gelendzhik, Kazan, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, Magadan, Krasnoyarsk, Mineralnye Vody, Magnitogorsk, Nizhnekamsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Novokuznetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Petropavlovsk -Kamchatsky, Perm, St. Petersburg, Samara, Surgut, Sochi, Tyumen, Tomsk, Khabarovsk, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yakutsk ..

The CIS flights: Bishkek, Baku, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Yerevan, Odessa, Minsk, Tashkent, Simferopol, Kharkov.

International flights: Antalya, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Athens, Beirut, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Belgrade, Brussels, Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Washington, Warsaw, Venice, Vienna, Havana, Vilnius, Hanover, Hamburg, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Delhi, Damascus, Dubai , Jeddah, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Zagreb, Geneva, Cancun, Cairo, Colombo, Karlovy Vary, Krakow, Copenhagen, London, Larnaca, Ljubljana, Los Angeles, Malaga, Madrid, Mumbai, Milan, Nice, Munich, Oslo, New York , Beijing, Paris, Riga, Prague, Thessaloniki, Rome, Sofia, Seoul, Stockholm, Istanbul, Tehran, Tallinn, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Ulaanbaatar, Toronto, Hanoi, Frankfurt, Ho Chi Minh City, Helsinki, Zurich, Hurghada, Stuttgart, Shanghai.

The fleet aircraft are airlines: Airbus A320, Airbus A319, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A321, Boeing 737-800, Airbus A330-300, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 767-300, Sukhoi Superjet-100, Ilyushin Il-96.

Uniforms stewardess: Aeroflot Russian Airlines. Russia.

Уniforma flight attendants: Aeroflot Russian Airlines. Russia.

Airlines of the World and Russian ...

In order for the plane to land, who must perform, living things or autopilot?

I wish I did not know the company Aeroflot at all! It's a shame and a shame! Just flew to Istanbul. Without baggage. Further I treat not Aeroflot. As there is luggage - I do not know. A transplant in Moscow cost me so much health that I don’t undertake to describe. I asked in advance to resolve the issue of moving from Terminal B to Terminal D - I was reassured, everything is convenient, I will have time. And when the flight was delayed from Tyumen on 4 hours it was just fun! Thanks to the staff, who realized that with a cane, I just can not run. Of course, I will write a complaint upon arrival home. And now I want one thing - to find luggage!

Hello, I ask you to consider my candidacy for the flight attendant.

Vacancy flight attendant

Graduated educational institutions, courses, skills
- Manager (non-productive spheres). Modern Humanitarian Academy (the branch of Moscow in Sterlitamak of the Republic of Bashkortostan), the faculty of management in non-production spheres (management of advertising, personnel, international tourism and hotel business, restaurant business and public catering, food and non-food trade) , baccalaureate, (2006g., diploma);
- Guard 4-th level. Courses of a private security guard of the 4 category and courses on the safe handling of weapons (2011, 2016, certificate, svidelstva, licenses)
- The driver of the car of category ВС (2003г., Certificate);
- PC user (2001, certificate).
- Pancake cook (2015.)

additional information
There is work experience in private security (guarding shopping centers, industrial facilities, private construction, residential complexes), in the service sector (waiter, barman, cleaner), trade (sales consultant), construction (ancillary worker), driving l / a ( taxi), as well as a freight forwarder, a pancake cook, a cashier, a storekeeper, a car washer, a stoker.

Responsible, executive, disciplined, respectable, trustworthy. All the documents are in order, do not judge, the health is good, the age is 33, the height is 183cm, the weight is 60kg, the clothing size is 48, the state of health is good, I'm leading a healthy lifestyle (from bad tobacco smoking habits). Service in the RF Armed Forces: 15.11.2006. - 15.11.2007., Position operator / shooter, rank junior sergeant of the Navy (in reserve). English at the basic level (I study, I can not explain much), an experienced PC user. Citizenship of the Russian Federation, I live and is registered in the Rep. Bashkortostan, I am in Moscow. Ready for business trips. Slavic appearance, Russian nationality, single, no children, religion orthodoxy. As an employee I will not disappoint.

Khazov Denis Viktorovich (06.02.1985 of the river)
тел.: 8-985-093-00-43, 8-987-101-56-78,

Aucune information sur le transfert des bagages. En arrivant à Moscou depuis ROSTOV est-ce que mes bagages sont transférés automatiquement dans l'autre avion. Pour l'aller on m'avait donner une mauvaise information

How to organize a family flight from 16 people (14 children) from Rostov-on-Don to Moscow 23.11.2017 and back 25.11.2017

I need a reference to the accounting department that the flight I had was not direct from Komsomolsk on Cupid to Gelendzhik. We do not have your office in Komsomolsk, I'll send you a form. At the address komsomolsk on the cupid index 681000 ul Soviet 3 square 16 pogosyan natalie vasilevne. Flight was 12 July Komsomol on Cupid Vladivostok MOSCOW 13 July Gelendzhik. Back 23 July Gelendzhik Moscow 24 Vladivostok 26 Komsomol on Cupid. My email is electronic

Good afternoon! Are there any vacancies for the stewardess? My height 170sm, weight 60 kg, 27year. Education is specialized. mail

Most drip kompaniya.pozor aviatsii.Samoe terrible attitude to lyudyam.Koz .... ly.

I have a ticket travelling to Egypt from orenburg to Moscow then from Moscow to Milan Malpensa then from Milan Malpensa to Cairo I need to the cost of an additional bag for all trip thank you.

Hello, is it possible to get the copilot girl after Sasovo Flight School. Tarana you need for this?

Good afternoon, interested in the vacancy flight attendant years 27, 160 growth experience net.Obrazovanie secondary special aviation 89154119507

On the question below. Aeroflot to take 26 (if there is no work experience flight attendant) and from 165 cm

Hello! Interested vacancy flight attendant. Education Graduate study.
Age - 28
Height and weight - 160, 47 weight
City - St. Petersburg
A great desire to try his hand in the air.
Tel.- 89117367507
I will be glad feedback.
Best regards, Olga

Sent from iPad

Aeroflot to take 26 (if you have no experience steward)

I always buy tickets for 4-6 months to vyleta.Pochemu I can not book a seat? I bought a ticket on the internet in Svyaznoy.Travel.Vpervye agency for many years in the ticket is not specified terminals prilёta.Oni departure and, in my opinion, constant.
Nowhere on the internet I can not find a contact Aeroflot in New Yorke.Nadeyus, it's not a state secret? I wanted to reserve a place as soon as the partition by typing the website that I was given in one agenstve.Otvet site Aeroflot does not work

Today the tickets ordered and paid for me and my wife Moscow-Yerevan-Moscow ticket and his wife made a typo instead GALINA wrote GSLINA, instead of the letter A written letter S. Please correct my mistake on the ticket code wife ZGUDIW booking

Consult pozhalusta: Flying from Krasnodar 25.08.16g. SU 1285 flight at Sheremetyevo. On the same day from Sheremetyevo flight SU 1700 fly to Vladivostok, tickets for both of the route purchased. I plan to check in for 24 hours h / s Internet. Will you need to get the luggage to Sheremetyevo, if registration Krasnodar I brought boarding passes for both flights?

I bought a ticket to Simferopol in February 2016g on 6.08.16g, tincture registration inform me that I was transferred to another flight, which was detained for five chasov.Otvratitelnaya airline.

We lost the coupon you need to provide the accounting department if you can recover it?

I bought a ticket in 2 of Rostov-on-Don to Novy Urengoy on July 5 2016g SMS payment of phone reservation but came 2258319652, 2255236583 and sms to and I did not realize we have no tickets or tickets Valery Levin and Levin Antonina

Why not exchange tickets for which they write that they are irrecoverable? I get sick I can not fly, I mean the money has to give the campaign? Is not that cool?

I'm shocked .... today 10.04.2016 flight SU-1185, which was supposed to depart at 6: 05, moved (it is not clear for what reason) at 17: 45, from my Sheremetyevo flight to NY at 14: 25, I have a birthday tomorrow, my daughter, was preparing a surprise, a "surprise" I did Aeroflot, in the end, I'm flying in 10.04.2016 17: 45 and 11.04.2016 just fly away in New York, and will fly the whole day in your d.r.tak even told that the hotel I did not put on the night, I do not understand why .... Aeroflot and then on New tozhe.Po arrival in Moscow, I will complain.

Tickets Karaganda-Moscow-London: December to 7, 9 back in January. When registering in London for the return flight I was very unpleasantly surprised: it turns out, it is necessary to take luggage in transit in Moscow! As a result, we have: because of the blizzard in Moscow got late, the luggage was detained on a flight to Karaganda late. BUT! What is positive: the girl Anna from Operations Division (?) Was very friendly, attentive, currently renewed my boarding the next flight, has defined the hotel to the airport, where I spent the night with excellent service and flew the next day.
Question: Why is the decision not to overload the luggage in transit?

I stand to thank all the staff of the crew of the aircraft AIRBUS A320, CBO Flight CO 1547, Anapa-Sheremetyevo, 11ch.40min. - 24.12.15g. In flight, the pressure rose 180 / 100, flight attendants had a professional help!
Once again I want to express my gratitude to you!

Today, trying to buy a ticket for a disabled 1gruppy from Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg (in surgery). It may only be transported lying down for health reasons. Aeroflot twisted 57tys rubles per flight! And he has a pension 9tys! Lord of "Aeroflot" ashamed preying on the sick and the poor! Be humane!

I like that there is no need to defend the huge queues at the cashier, you can buy yourself a ticket in the usual terminal at any convenient time for you.

In this airline just a sea planes, with all of them in perfect condition. Very happy with the quality of service is always on top! Aeroflot is the best!

Transported with her husband a sea of ​​shopping, check it turned out that luggage weight exceeds the figure in 35 kg, but we were not warned that it is necessary to pre-negotiate with the carrier about to be brought in. As a result, the sea of ​​lost time and nerves, although the bags we did and moved.

If your luggage on the number of pieces, weight or the sum of three dimensions exceeded the rate required to pay for it extra money, which although not impressive sum, but must you be to luggage allowed on board.

Good afternoon! I can not get through to baggage tracing department, because they do not take the phone. Yesterday, t.e.30 May 2015 I flew flight SU1713 /

SU1130 message from Khabarovsk to Sochi through the airport
Sheremetyevo Moscow, Aeroflot. However, en route to me -2 luggage space, weight 37 kg arrived in Sochi. Employees Sochi airport were compiled information about neprebytii baggage on the basis of my claim. NO LUGGAGE SU987246 (247). So far I have not been informed of the fate of luggage, as well as specified in the certificate phones 2497774, 89882336118 not respond. Since this luggage are my personal belongings and my family things without which we can not even go out, nothing to wear, please immediately inform the KDE our luggage and when it will be delivered to us. Email thanks for the help

08.01.2015 flew in the direction of Vladivostok Khabarovka. Tickets cost about 4 thousand. Rubles, but for a mistake at registration had yet to pay more than 2 thousand. Rubles. In general, the flight passed without incident. Delays were not (even arrived earlier). Landing and takeoff invisible. From food: tea + sandwich. Quiet and fast flight. I recommend.

Flew from Simferopol, reys1625, was delayed for an hour, met in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport employees, hurried landing on 1762 flight to Omsk, in a hurry to leave the scarf examination, the employee asked when otrvali boarding pass at the point of call screening to properly peredali.Otvetila .Pritom there were searches omichi.S them could peredat.Sotrudniki showed complete bezrazlichie.Sharf roads (a gift from his daughter) has departed without nego.Esli have the opportunity to return, I will be so impressed blagodarna.Byla otnosheniem.Ostalsya unpleasant aftertaste.

I want to thank the senior board-conductor Dmitri and his team 03.12.14.Reys 1233 UVA MOSKVA.Za help and understanding.

Surely in the business class to the hot alcohol do not offer ???

Flying along the route Arkhangelsk - Pulkovo - Krasnoyarsk
SU 6404 04 20 00 NOV
SU 6573 05 19 50 NOV

In Arkhangelsk airport for 350 rubles packed bag yellow film pasted protective label
The reception offered to pick up the bag in Krasnoyarsk, I agreed

Upon receipt of luggage on the color of the film did not pay vnimaniyaTak a green bag, the light in the hall getting gloomy luggage, on a dark street. Safety labels on the spot. Add another some stickers.

House parsing things in the documents handed to me did not find 02.11.2014 on anniversary
State Central landfill Maritime Medal "Brotherhood artelleristov missile and the Navy."
Certificate to medals and other things like on the ground, a little not so stacked
On closer inspection in daylight color film packaging proved GREEN !!!
Pulkovo Airport website to a complaint said that we should wait for a response. I wonder how much? But the money I paid for the air tickets to Aeroflot. I believe that Aeroflot and should understand with their counterparts. My case - good publicity for Aeroflot

I flew the airline "Aeroflot". I liked it all very much. On board was clean, stewardesses clever, kind, sociable. Everything was just a bang. We give out blankets, newspapers, drinks and food, as needed. Seats are very comfortable, comfortable to sit, soft. Stewardesses interisovalsya well-being of each passenger. All liked it. The landing was successful, peaceful and quiet. Thanks to the airline "Aeroflot" for a successful flight.

Fly with family airline "Aeroflot" flight we had SU270 Moscow-Bangkok. We flew an airplane A-330, very pleased that the new plane, and therefore more quiet than Boeing. Also on the plane was a lot of space. The toilets are clean and odorless. Flight attendants were very dobrodelatelnymi and sociable. Tickets are inexpensive. Takeoff and landing were quiet. There are only good impressions.

My husband and I flew to Greece for another vacation and took advantage of the airline Aeroflot. My husband is afraid to fly, and I am very worried for him as he will take flight. To our happiness everything turned out, the staff were experienced, the masters of their business, the takeoff and landing were perfect, without shaking and noise, the husband did not even notice the landing, he slept and did not even wake up, no squeak and no noise. I do not even have ears laid, as it usually happens during the flight, all passengers feel fine, no one was sick and do not remove. Flight attendants are very nice, friendly and helpful, trying to help and responded to any request of passengers. The plane was clean and well maintained, everything was neat and nice to be. Fed well, hot dish to choose from, salad, coffee or tea to choose from, offering drinks. All the food was delicious, hot, fresh, and looked appetizing. From the flight my husband and I had the most pleasant impressions, if possible, we will always choose this airline. In my personal experience, I recommend that you fly by airplanes of Russia-it is reliable, fast and safe. And most importantly, economically and comfortably compared to other airlines.

Aeroflot flew on the route Moscow-Kazan-Moscow.
There was a well-320, back - Sukhoi Superjet. All very much! Take-off and landing - all was great! Flight attendants are friendly!
Back flew SuperJet))) conventional aircraft, and only a small seat with one hand 2, and on the other 3) no squeak and roar did not notice him, as many times it was written in a review. quite good)) For short flights)
Later gladly use the services of Aeroflot.