Gulfstream G600
Gulfstream G600

Gulfstream G600


Model Gulfstream G600 - one of the latest business jet aircraft manufacturers US Gulfstream Aerospace. Jet airliner which passengers can feel the highest level of comfort on long flights, is one of the most expensive in the world of business aviation segment.

Gulfstream G600

In addition to comfortable seating, a lounge is also equipped with air recirculation system through which the fresh air flows through the cabin every few minutes.

Gulfstream G600 1

The control cabin is equipped with an advanced navigation system with the presence of a plurality of touch screens.

Gulfstream G600 2

The new generation aircraft Gulfstream G600 received a new airframe, a new wing and unique in its form the cockpit. All this is possible to increase the aerodynamic and flight performance business jet. The maximum range increased to 11 482 km (6200 nautical miles), long-term cruising speed - up to Mach 0,85. At the Gulfstream G650 and Gulfstream G650ER plane is the most fast jet business jet in its class, with a maximum speed of Mach 0,925. The machine is able to fly continuously 4800 nautical miles, holding airspeed at 0,90 Mach. Service ceiling - 15 545 m.


The capacity of the passenger compartment up to 18 people. Crew - 4 person.

Gulfstream G600 Salon

The use of advanced wing design and Canadian engines from Pratt & Whitney improved the efficiency of the power plant by 23%. The service life of these motors is 10 hours. The aircraft is made for the future and will keep within the environmental norms and standards for many years.


The width of the cockpit is 2,41 m, height - 1,93 m.


Designers Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. offer customers up to ten variants of the layout of the passenger compartment. The interior trim can be used bamboo flooring and carpets. The aircraft is ideally suited for the world's leading political and economic conference.

Gulfstream G600 cabin

Use of the cabin monitors high-definition satellite communications, additional high-speed data system will allow passengers to keep in touch with their colleagues.


Noise interior executed so flawlessly that passengers can talk to each other in normal tones of voice in the transonic speed flight. The aircraft has 14 zhalyuzirovannyh panoramic windows, allowing natural light to provide quality in the light period of the day.

Gulfstream G600 cabin 1

G600 equipped with the latest generation Enhanced Vision System company Gulfstream. New EVS increases the resolution of the IR sensor on the 400 percent and expands the field of view for better viewing in low visibility conditions. EVS associated with Head-Up Display. Artificial vision system modulates the artificial images of terrain, obstacles, runways and approaches at the primary flight display.

The control cabin is highly ergonomic. Pilot's seat made of perforated leather, very comfortable and do not cause fatigue and discomfort during long flights.


Gulfstream G600 Specifications:

  • Maximum range 6200

  • 8 passengers

  • 4 crew member

  • Takeoff distance 5700 feet

  • Planting distance 3100 feet

  • The initial cruise altitude 41000 feet

  • Maximum cruising height 51 000 feet

  • Maximum Takeoff Weight 91600 pounds

  • Maximum 57440 pounds without fuel

  • The maximum weight of the fuel 38760 pounds

  • 96 Length Feet 1 

  • Height 25 feet

  • Total length of the Interior 51 feet

  • Cabin length 45 2 feet inches

  • Cabin height 6 feet 

  • Cabin width 7 feet 

  • Cabin volume 1884 cubic feet

  • Luggage volume 175 cubic feet

  • Avionics Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck ™

  • Engines two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW815GA.

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