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In the computer game «WarBirds» you will become a pilot of one of the aircraft involved 120 submitted once the battles of World War II. Through perfectly crafted game developers chart, you can not only feel in the seat of the legendary aircraft, but also to feel the full control of the physics, or any other aerial vehicle.



As mentioned earlier, a computer game «WarBirds» features excellent graphics, with perfectly traced not only all around player virtual world, but also the inside of the cockpit of each aircraft, which creates an incredible sense of realism.

Air battles in aviaigre «WarBirds» also striking in their realism and naturalness, and depend mainly on the manner of the player to control the aircraft. Shoot the enemy from different guns, evade the response of fire, making a dizzying maneuvers and try to get out of the battle victorious.



The Game «WarBirds» is based primarily on the performance of different kinds of missions, related, as a rule, with the attack on the enemy planes. In each of the missions of the game you can delegate it to the various types of aircraft, which allows much better to join the gaming reality, to test their strength in various models.



An important aspect of the game "WarBirds" is that you can undergo special training in which you can not only learn all the basic aspects of flying on an airplane and combat tactics, but also get the opportunity to test each of the aircraft presented in the game.

Stunning graphics flight simulator will certainly give you a lot of perfectly spent hours in the game, and the game will certainly appeal to gamers who love active steps with his hand, and shooting.


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