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Aerial and its characterization

Aerial and its characterization


Aerial photography exposed as separate entities (in addition to the visual exploration), and the whole band and the area of ​​the terrain; therefore divided into photographic reconnaissance shooting single shots, routing and area.

Shooting still images of individual objects is the simplest type of aerial photography in general.

The route survey is a complex view of the shooting. Routing removed band area separate photos with overlapping by about%.

Taking the square - the most difficult type of survey as a preparation for the task and to implement it. It consists of a number of parallel routes shooting lapped about 50%.

Take individual pictures can be both planned and perspective.

Shooting area - only planned.

Perspective photos give a view of the object in the form as it is to see the human eye; they serve

to the completion of the planned; extremely useful for troop and tank commander, as they give a visual representation of the terrain. Another advantage of the perspective of photography is that it can be made out of concentrated fire antiaircraft artillery (shooting from a distance of several kilometers, especially large objects), and sometimes flying into enemy positions. Prospective photographs made at an angle of 30-40 °.

Disadvantages looking images:

  • a) smaller scale in comparison with planned at the same height;
  • b) tall objects cover the terrain located behind them;
  • c) determining the size of objects and the distances between them is difficult.

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