Antonov An-714


Based on the well-known aircraft An-14, a new machine was developed, which was designated as An-714. This was a pilot project of Antonov's design bureau. A feature of this product was the use of a new chassis instead of a standard chassis, namely an air cushion chassis. This system was developed in the design office of Kuibyshev under the leadership of the chief designer IA. Careful. These pillows were planned to be installed both on airplanes and helicopters. We can say that this model was developed specifically for testing air cushions.

Brief History of the AN-714

First of all, it should be noted that attempts to establish the aircraft on an air cushion there have been many, but few of them have been successful. The first attempt dates back to 1939 year when designers have worked on the basis of a new model of aircraft UT-2. On this machine, rubber cylinders, which are placed in the middle of the fan system were installed.


The second attempt was made in 41 year. The design of the second prototype provided for the installation of cylinders under the aircraft nacelles. In the plans of the designers it was planned that these rubber cylinders during the flight descended and drawn into the design of the nacelles, after which these compartments were closed with manholes. But in the end, this aircraft with the designation Pe-2 never took off. But unlike its predecessors, the An-714 was able to fly in October 1970. It was created in just one instance, as further development of the project was unpromising.

Design features of the chassis AN-714

chassis system has been represented by three air cylinders toroidal structure of the scheme. They were equipped with rubberized cloth, which was attached to the place of standard rack mount chassis system. On top of each of the three cylinders was set by the hydraulic motor such as GM-36, which had a capacity of 22 horsepower. Data engines were mounted rotors, they rotate on the main engine through the rotor system. installation data were 28 weight in kilograms.

These machines made the machine rise due to the rotor speed, which created a high pressure area in the cylinders. It is due to the pressure difference between the atmosphere and the inside of the balloon that the aircraft rises to the point where the pressure stabilizes. When the pillow worked, an excessive amount of air flowed out between the pillow itself and the surface on which the machine was standing. The study of the designers showed that the pressure of these units on the surface from which the lifting is made becomes 0,07 kgf / cm², which is a hundred times less than using a conventional wheeled chassis.

For the operation of the aircraft of this design had two crew members. By plane AN-714 trapezoidal fenders were installed with the wing area almost 40 square meters. The machine had a relatively low weight when empty - 4,5 tons. The power plant of the aircraft AN-714 is a reciprocating engine design type star AI-14 RF. He provided the unit with a capacity of a thousand horsepower.

With all these characteristics of the aircraft could reach a top speed of 209 km / h, cruising speed - 165 km / h. The maximum flight range with a full tank refueling in 290 450 kilos was kilometers. The altitude at which the aircraft could climb as much as possible, - 4,2 kilometers. A special feature is the rather short distance of the takeoff roll - just 117 meters on concrete or on the ground. In addition, the aircraft could take off to produce snow cover in 30 centimeters thick. At the same time the car was enough just 130 meters.

An-714 characteristics:

Modification   An-14SH
Wingspan, m   21.99
Aircraft Length m   11.36
Height, m   4.63
Wing area, m2   39.72
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   2720
  maximum take-off   3420
  Fuel   290
engine's type   2 PD Progress (Ivchenko) AI-14РФ
Power, hp   X 2 300
Maximum speed km / h   209
Cruising speed, km / h   165
Practical range, km   450
Practical ceiling, m   4500
Crew   2


In the picture An-14SH and is already 80-ies. An-714 was obtained in 70-s Kuybysheve.I in two different modifications.

Not that the aircraft is not a boat, a strange machine which is.

Cool aircraft. I would like to fly on this)

Time and technology have placed everything in its place. In 40-ies just tried to implement various options, this is not just caught.

And in my crazy idea, this airbag. Seaplane sits better on skis. More practical to take off. This is not a boat, a plane no matter how how.

I think that in vain did not develop the concept of an aircraft on an air cushion. For polar expeditions, he would definitely become an indispensable device. Conduct aircraft landing gear with wheel type on the ice more dangerous. The area of ​​contact with the surface dozens of times would be greater, and the water neskolkotonnaya car certainly would not go away. Yes, this versatile tool will not name, but in the MOE, for ditching, evacuation of casualties from sinking ships would definitely come in handy. The idea is interesting, sorry Antonovites not found its further development.


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