Aviation US Video
Aviation US Video

Aviation US Video


For more than a century, the air forces of the United States of America represent the support and pride of the country's defense complex. Although, they practically did not have to defend their own airspace: the United States had not known serious conflicts on its territory for two hundred years. But the US Air Force is actively involved in participation in global conflicts.  

Today, the Americans are armed with more than 2000 combat aircraft of various classes. It is based on B-52H type bombers, which can carry up to twenty cruise missiles. The bombers of the previous generation B-52G have about the same meaning. Their production was stopped in the 1960 year, but, according to the strategic plans, B-52G will be in combat formation until the 2040 year.  

The pledge of power of the US Air Force - advanced technology, which can boast US aviation. The video about the secret developments of Americans tells how new vehicles are tested during the world wars. World War II is a time of rapid development of aircraft. The secret Allied design offices are working on designing weapons that can withstand the advanced technology of the Nazis. Vertical takeoff, rocket thrust, invisible flying wings and ... a brave test pilot who voluntarily sets out on a dangerous flight. This was how the formation of modern aviation looked. In peacetime, designers and engineers used their knowledge in the design of civil aviation aircraft.


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The US military defense complex, which invests heavily, has always been a magnet for innovation. The second, in terms of its strategic importance, the bomber of the US Air Force is B-2A. During its creation, new “stealth” technologies were used. 

True, the fleet of aircraft is constantly becoming obsolete and requires modernization, before the need of which the country stands today. If the US wants to continue to dominate the air, then for this, they will soon require significant funds.