Plane crash IL-18E in the Voronezh region. 1976
Plane crash IL-18E in the Voronezh region. 1976

Plane crash IL-18E Armenian CAA in Voronezh area

Date of the crash: November 06.03.1976, XNUMX

Time of the crash: 00:58

Country of the crash: the USSR

Location of the crash: Voronezh region, near the village of Upper Hawa

aircraft Brand: IL-18E

Registration of aircraft: CCCP75408

Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

Subdivision: Armenian CAA of Yerevan

Chronology of events:

The collision with the ground took a dive angle of approximately 70 degrees, with a roll 5-10 150 degrees m from the outskirts of the village in a field. The spread of the wreckage was 120h390 m with an azimuth 220 degrees. The main structural weight of the aircraft was at a depth of 2-14 m right on the site of the crash. Actual weather was as follows: Clear height 240-270 m, 10 points, blizzard, snow, visibility 1500-2000 m, smoke, wind, 8-11 m / s, 90 degrees at flight level 7800 m wind 150 degrees, 45 km / h .

Data on victims:

Total on board were people 111: 11 100 crew members and passengers. Total killed 111 people: crew 11, 100 passengers.

Details of the crash:

Phase of flight: Horizontal (cruising) flight

Identified causes of the crash: crew error, equipment failure

Data on the plane:

Brand aircraft: IL-18E

Aircraft ID: CCCP75408

Country where registered aircraft: the USSR

Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 29.06.1966

The serial number of the aircraft: 186009201

Hours aircraft: 21587

The cycles of use of the aircraft: 9082

Engines: N2226029 N2246171 N2116076 N2236055

Flight data:

Tour type: Regular passenger

The aviation company Aeroflot (USSR)

Unit: Armenian CAA of Yerevan

The country, which was registered aviation company: USSR

I flew from Moscow (Vnukovo)

I flew to: Yerevan (Zvartnots)

Original item: Moscow (Vnukovo)

A final point: Yerevan (Zvartnots)

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

KBC Nikolai Ponomarev

flight instructor Vladimir 3 AE Mkrtichevich Soghomonyan

the co-pilot Sergey G. Kantarzhyan

navigator Albert Poghosyan Vardanovich

navigator trainee Rifat Zakiulovich Haliulin

Spartak Manukyan mechanic Ovakovich

radio operator Igor Ivanovich Abramchuk

flight attendants:

Susanna Tadevosyan Saakovna

Sergei Bagdasaryan Srapionovich

Tamara K. Timofeyev

Tatyana Arkhipova