Plane crash of Tu-154 25 2016 December of the year in Krasnodar region
Plane crash of Tu-154 25 2016 December of the year in Krasnodar region

Plane crash of Tu-154 25 2016 December of the year in the Krasnodar region.



8:52 30/12/2016 Experts involved in the investigation of the plane crash operate with seven main versions, moreover, the version of a terrorist act is completely ruled out;

20:16 29/12/2016 The main phase of the search and rescue operation in the crash of Tu-154 area is completed;

8:40 28/12/2016 The last words of the pilots before the crash were "Flaps with ... ka! Commander, fall!". This fact indicates a high probability that a tragedy could happen due to human factors.

22:13 27/12/2016 At the crash site found three "black box". According to experts, their interpretation can take 2-3 weeks.

9:22 27/12/2016 Detected one of the "black box" of the crashed Tu-154, decoding of data which can begin before the end of the week;

8:15 27/12/2016 An eyewitness to the Tu-154 crash claims that the aircraft pilots attempted an emergency landing on the water;

22:04 26/12/2016 From the bottom of the Black Sea were able to raise part of the fuselage of the crashed aircraft;

8:25 26/12/2016 videonablyudaniya external cameras recorded the flash at the time of the plane crash, which may indicate a previous explosion;

21:00 25/12/2016 Defense Ministry announced the full serviceability off from Chkalovsky Tu-154;

20:38 25/12/2016 At the crash site the rescuers found the bodies of the crash victims 11;

19:57 25/12/2016 There is evidence that the search for the "black box" of the crashed aircraft may take a long time. since they are not equipped with radio beacons.

12:28 25/12/2016 In the ongoing search and rescue bodies of four victims of the crash were found.

10:15 25/12/2016 Rescuers have found the wreckage of the crashed Tu-154 and the first victims of the crash. According to official data. aircraft crashed in 6 kilometers from the coast;

9:42 25/12/2016 Named the preliminary version of the crash of the aircraft, among which appears a technical failure of the aircraft, and piloting error;

8:51 25/12/2016 To the place of the alleged plane crash sent squads of rescuers, however, due to unfavorable weather conditions, the operation is seriously complicated;

8:45 25/12/2016 The area of ​​the Krasnodar Mountains was named as the alleged crash site of the Tu-154;

8:21 25/12/2016 Tu-154 off from Sochi in the direction of the Syrian Latakia disappeared from controllers' radar;



This morning, sad news came from the Krasnodar Territory, where a Tu-154 aircraft belonging to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which was flying to Syria, crashed. There were 92 people on board - 8 crew members and 84 passengers, most of whom were musicians and artists who were supposed to give a festive concert in Syria.


Chronicle of the crash


According to the data available to the resource Tu-154 plane flying from Chkalovsky airport in the Syrian province of Latakia, through the Sochi airport. The process of flight from Chkalovsky in Sochi was carried out without problems, however, after the plane left the Sochi airport, within 20 minutes he disappeared from controllers' radar. Attempts to communicate with the crew members disappeared liner failed, in this connection, to the alleged crash site area rescue teams were sent.



At the moment, rescuers have managed to find the wreckage of the crashed plane - according to official data, the plane crashed into the 6 kilometers from the coast, however, given the adverse weather conditions, the search and rescue operation can be greatly hampered.



Preliminary versions of the crash


Experts working in the law enforcement agencies have been able to name the two most viewed version of the catastrophe, however, none of them found no official confirmation of that is due primarily to the need to conduct a special investigation.


Technical fault plane



At the moment, technical failure version of the Tu-154, which crashed in the Krasnodar Territory, is a major, thus, experts can not explain all the details, because at the time of departure and Sochi Chkalovsky airport, the aircraft was fully serviceable. Moreover, given the fact that the technical fault could not cause an instant crash, pilots probably would have reported about it to dispatchers that puts similar version called into question.


Error while piloting



Despite the fact that the crash investigation involving Tu-154 VKS Russia has just begun, and the aircraft crash site is not found, experts suggest that the plane could crash due to an error made by pilots. Call it the character of representatives of law enforcement agencies is that they refuse to, and therefore, more specific information on this fact absent.


The victims of the crash of Tu-154 in the Krasnodar Territory


Rescuers who discovered the place the plane crash, managed to find the body of one of the victims of the disaster, that person is currently set. Given the fact that in the region of Sochi currently prevail adverse weather conditions, the chances of survival for those on board the aircraft of people are minimal, however, experts still hope to find survivors.

The cause of the Tu-154 in Adler airport (Sochi), may be a failure of automatic stabilizer permutation system when cleaning flaps on takeoff. When the position of zero degrees of flaps and stabilizer in the takeoff position arises not compensated elevator, pitching moment.

To resolve this emergency, you must release the flaps in the takeoff position. Spent fuel to normal landing weight of the aircraft. Perform approach and landing.

Former PIC TU-154, is now retired, Nicholas.

Nicholas is quite possible. But it is possible and aircraft overload + short runway = stall. Sincerely, the former Tu-154 b-2 pilot, now KBC on b-777-300ER, Dmitry.

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